What if your family members condemn you?

What if your family members condemn you?

How to respond to criticism correctly

You began your spiritual development. You try to attend Zhannabelle’s seminars and go to retreats, but your family members condemn you. They say a lot of unpleasant things and practically call Zhannabelle a swindler. How to respond to criticism and condemnation? Let’s sort it our together.

Ancient Knowledge

Who is criticized and condemned most often? The spiritual teachers. It is because they are very different from other people. Their teachings and Knowledge, which they share with other people, cannot be understood by the mind. It can only be accepted by the heart. And when an ordinary person encounters some kind of teaching, he or she may not perceive it immediately. The mind of such person will resist for some time. There is nothing surprising about it.

Lineage of Zhannabelle goes back to the origins of the very ancient times; her ancestors have been helping people for more than 10,000 years. Shamans were being persecuted in various historical times. They were generally disliked and feared, even killed and burned at the stake.

But halting the spread of this wise teaching was impossible.

Indeed, it wasn’t given to the random people, but was the highest purpose of the soul. People who spread the teachings of shamanism have amazing Power and exceptional abilities. They came to this world with the sincere purpose to help other people.

Love is the ultimate weapon against Evil

After the beginning of studies with Zhannabelle, many of you can face misunderstanding of your family and relatives. This is not because they mean you harm. They just got used to the fact that before you had lived with other values. And now you begin to change, and it is troubling for your relatives and friends.

So, what should we do? Under no circumstances should you conflict with your loved ones! Be kind to them and do not be offended by their reaction.

Zhannabelle has a secret, thanks to which she is always in a good mood and well-being. Even if someone thinks badly of her or condemns shamanism (and there are many people like this in our world, trust me), Zhannabelle simply prays for them. After all, the soul of these people pfaffs around and suffers, because it has succumbed to the Powers of Darkness and evil spirits.

Therefore, if you face the criticism and negativity, do not show the negativity in return! Pray for people who do not share your spiritual values yet. Pray that the Evil forces let their souls go and they can open their hearts to the forces of Good.

Remember that any prayer is much stronger if many like-minded people participate in it. That is why nowadays, in the period that is difficult for all mankind, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the online Field of Love prayers are of such importance. Join us! Ask the Universe for the protection of your Lineage and our entire planet!

Olivia, Nantes:

“I started attending Zhannabelle’s classes about 8 years ago. Then, before meeting her, I had a regular life with neither significant failures, nor successes. Everything was smooth, calm and … very sad …

I have always been impressed by the stories of great scientists who were advancing towards their goal, even if the whole world was against it. They were condemned; terrible and dirty gossips were spread about them; they had obstacles put in their way. But these people managed to make the scientific breakthroughs. And then their work could, for example, save millions of lives.

It had always seemed that this was not about me. That there were two types of people in our world: special superhumans and ordinary people. And I just belonged to the second (numerous) type. I really believed so before my first seminar with Zhannabelle.

This amazing woman opened my eyes to the world order! The fact is that each of us has a spark of God inside. All of us are superhumans, we simply don’t know this, and we don’t know how to reveal our abilities and talents. Of course, it is not easy to believe this. But I met the students of Zhannabelle, who told their (real!) stories, and it was incredible!

I passed the diagnosis of life purpose and began my spiritual development. I attended the group lessons in my city and tried to get into retreats at the Places of Power. And the knowledge obtained from Zhannabelle changed my life!

I devoted all my time and energy to helping other people. I began to help in organizing events of Zhannabelle. And that made me happy! My life finally got meaning, it did not seem dull to me. And I didn’t feel to be ordinary person for myself any more.

I began to look better, I felt great, I never even got a cold for a year. I glowed from within, emitting love and joy. But then I suddenly faced a problem …

My family consisting of my parents and sisters did not approve my new occupation bluntly. They believed that I got under the influence of the charlatan. My sisters kept sending me links to articles describing some scammers who called themselves spiritual teachers. Mom insisted that I stopped attending lessons (“You can help other peoples in chary founds,” she said). They pressed and condemned me.

I got scared and asked Zhannabelle what to do. And she said that I should not argue and fight with my family. I had to pray for them. And I began to pray with all my heart! My prayers were heard by the Universe! Good changes came to the life of my family – my father’s business began to flourish, one of my mother’s diagnoses appeared to be negative and my sisters made good careers.

Now, years later, it’s even hard to believe that my family’s reaction to my lessons at Zhannabelle was so negative. At present my sisters and I go to retreats together, and our parents do not part with the amulets picked up by Zhannabelle specially for them.

I know for sure, that if your family members do not accept your choice, you should pray for them and the Universe will help you!”

If you face misunderstanding on the part of your the nearest and dearest people or you have a difficult life situation, seek help from Zhannabelle! Write to her, come to her online lessons, tell your acquaintances and friends about her! You deserve a better life!