7 Simple Ways to Get Filled with Your Feminine Energy

7 Simple Ways to Get Filled with Your Feminine Energy

Why you need to be filled with energy and how to do it

Hello, my dears. In this article we are going to talk about female energy, which is meant to make the world a better place. Where do we get our energy from? Where do we find the power and what are the ways to replenish energy for women? Read carefully, I will tell you 7 tricks to get filled with energy regularly.

Female energy can be replenished by different methods. There are about 100 of the basic ones. In this article I will describe only 7. You can use them in your everyday life relatively easy.

Take care of yourself and your body

You’ll say, “This is ridiculous! How can you generate energy through taking care of your body?” But you didn’t think that any treatments, even the simple ones you do every day, give you power and energy. Thanks to these simple manipulations, we change not only our external appearance, but the internal one as well. If one says the right words when applying a cream or any other product (I teach this at my webinars), the energy will be even stronger.

Do not forget about massage. This procedure is not only useful to the body, but also helps to reveal your inner power. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to have a massage session at least a couple of times a month. Believe me, you will be full of power and energy.

Any physical exercise: yoga, fitness, dance, and healthy lifestyle in general – all of it helps to fill with feminine energy. Even the use of your favorite fragrance, whether it’s toilet water, deodorant or perfume, also helps to get filled with energy. 

Ask for help and offer help

It is not always easy for us to ask someone for help, we are often shy and don’t do it following the “I’ll do it myself” principle. My dear, you should sometimes ask your partner, your son or daughter, even a stranger for help to be filled with energy all the time. By doing so, you will stress your femininity and vulnerability, and your feminine energy will definitely increase.

On the other hand, it is necessary to offer help to others – help your parents, your husband, your colleague, and your child, even if it’s a small thing, but it’s also help. Helping others you give a part of yourself, but at the same time you replenish your power and energy.

Express your love as often as possible

At our classes you learnt that there is no such thing as too much love. Show your love to the people you care for, hug and kiss them oftener and say good, kind words to them constantly, so that your energy can be replenished.

Human life is unpredictable, and the worst thing is to regret the missed opportunity, that you didn’t say the main thing, didn’t confess your love when you had time. This doesn’t just apply to your beloved men and children, but to your parents, too. Call them right now and tell them how much you love them and how grateful you are for everything they have done for you. Believe me, your energy will be filled to the brim after the conversation.

7 Simple Ways to Get Filled with Your Feminine Energy

Engage yourself in art 

We use creativity here in a broad sense: music (if you can’t play and sing – listen and dance), reading (and if you write yourself, it is wonderful), travel (yes, this is also creativity, because when you travel, you discover new places). So being creative isn’t just about doing something yourself, it’s enough to take part in something beautiful and spiritualizing.

Don’t forget about meditation. It’s also creativity. And most importantly, you relax being engaged in something creative, stop the eternal rush of business and worries, disconnect from the hustle and bustle, just rest. Believe me, the energy is replenished enormously in the moment of complete relaxation and meditation. Therefore, do not forget to rest and relax.

Take care of your home and family

You’ll say, ‘Come on, I do it all the time!’ Sure you do. But did you know that when you clean your house, it gives you energy? Yes, you get energized even when you mop floors, vacuum, or dust. Now when you know about it, you will clean your house and create comfort in your home oftener and better.

And now I will say a very important thing! Always bless the food you cook. It is done simply: cook food only in a clean kitchen, with good thoughts, with love, try not to taste it while cooking. Place the first portion near an image of any saint you have in your house. You can pray, or you can simply say from your heart, “Lord, please accept this food.” 5-10 minutes after that, feel free to feed your family. All the food you cook will be sanctified if the very first portion is offered to God. Then, this portion must be evenly distributed on the plates of all family members. 

One of the sources of energy replenishment, and quite a powerful one, is bringing up and teaching children. When you are with your little ones (whether they are your own or those of other people), then you are filled with energy. If you actively participate in their games or studies, you get even more female power. 

Don’t forget about personal development

I’m not talking about your career right now. It’s about your growth as a person, a woman, as a mother, a wife, a daughter. A housewife can be a more developed person than an office lady. This requires planning. It is important not only for work, but also for ordinary everyday life.

By planning your time, you respect it and don’t waste it over nothing. It’s important! You can plan everything from shopping to the kids’ performances and a long-awaited vacation. Write down your plans, buy a day planner, and your mind will feel much easier.

Never give up on your desires! No matter how silly and unnecessary they may seem at the moment, let them exist. With her desires a woman not only expands the horizons, but also inspires her man to develop and do good things. You just need to learn how to express your desires properly, accept the possibility of rejection, and most importantly – always be grateful for what you get. 

7 Simple Ways to Get Filled with Your Feminine Energy

Do charity

My wonderful ladies, charity is not only donating money, but also any other kind of non-repayable aid. For example, you can feed someone who is hungry, because everything associated with feeding increases a woman’s energy greatly. You also get filled with energy when you feed stray cats or dogs, even birds. They all have a very difficult life in our big world.

I have recently received a letter from one of my students, Ingrid from Dresden. 

She writes: “At the end of the summer of 2020 I found myself in a difficult situation: my husband left me and my teenage son with almost no means of livelihood. I hadn’t worked since my son was born because my husband provided for us. And although after he left he transferred small amounts each month, I spent them all on food and bills. And I still had to buy clothes and shoes, pay my son’s tuition fees.

Being totally frustrated, I accidentally came across Zhannabelle’s website and read several articles in her blog. I believed that this incredible woman would help me and I registered for an individual consultation. I barely had to say anything, it was like she saw right through me and immediately understood what I was oppressed with. She said that I had very little feminine energy and it was not replenished, and that energy replenishment was a very important part of every woman’s life.

Dear Zhannabelle, you gave me practices for energy filling and protective amulets, which helped me and keep helping. I started attending your classes and webinars, became a regular student of your online school, and my life changed, even if not immediately. Within a month of meeting you I found a great job as a remote sales manager. I work from home, which allows me not to miss anything from my son’s life and receive a good salary. Recently I met a man, by chance, in a store, he spoke to me and I had the feeling that we had known each other for a hundred years. He asked me to date him and I believe this relationship has a future.

Zhannabelle, thank you so much for everything you have done! I continue attending your online school and look forward to your offline classes’.

Ingrid, thank you for the warm review. It is always a pleasure to read the words of women who have changed their lives by learning something new from me. My dear ladies, I look forward to seeing you all at online and offline classes. I am always happy to help you, because that is my mission.

It takes strength and energy to solve any problem. I have told you only 7 ways you can use to get filled with energy. To learn more, attend my online school for a class called “The Source of Feminine Power. Meditation of Inner Light.” I look forward to seeing you with love and faith in the best, your Zhannabelle.