Female beauty

Inner charm and beauty are the source of a woman's rejuvenation and longevity

Zhannabelle speaks about the secret of female beauty

Every woman dreams to be young and beautiful. But age begins to tell, and you see your reflection in the mirror that is not pleasing to your eye. What can you do to avoid this? Is there a solution to this problem, besides the intervention of plastic surgery? Of course there is! My dear, in this article I will tell you how the inner charm can be a source of eternal youth for each of you.

Beauty within 

We often hear ‘inner beauty, inner charm, evasive charm, incredible charisma’ and other similar expressions when they speak about a person who does not have a very attractive appearance, but still is terribly attractive. Beauty comes in many forms. Let’s think of Hollywood celebrities. Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe – recognized beauties, they were really very beautiful and conquered everyone by their magnificence. But Barbra Streisand and Meryl Streep are not the standard of beauty, but there is something in these actresses that makes them favorites with the public. And it is the inner charm and beauty.

A person with ordinary and unremarkable appearance can become a ‘star’ if she has an inner understanding of her power and attractiveness, no matter what. Think how we look at our reflection in the mirror? Most often we see something negative – a wrinkle, gray hair, extra weight. We criticize our appearance all the time, we are not happy with it. But there are other women, strong and confident, who, every time they see their reflection, smile and think: “What a beautiful and smart girl! Keep it up.”

My magical ladies, I want to tell that it is not the most outwardly attractive women who think and say so, but simple ladies who are, however, confident in their power and charisma. Even a beauty queen can be dissatisfied with something and see a lot of flaws. And a nice average girl who believes in herself will conquer anyone with one sweet smile.

When we say that someone has inner charm, we do not want to offend this person. On the contrary, a woman who has inner charm and beauty, is even more beautiful than the one that is beautiful only externally. After all, it’s not the shell that’s important so much, but what’s inside it. And, it’s true that you can’t judge the book by its cover. We know all these commandments since childhood, but not always use them in life. And how wrong it is! Because if you chase after a purely external appeal, you can miss something more important and meaningful.

Inner beauty and rejuvenation of the body

I have already written and spoken many times about the strong force that lies in each of us, and how this force should be used and replenished. Female energy is the most powerful; it helps in everything, including the rejuvenation of the body. Doing special practices and exercises, we can adjust our bodies so that we can slow down, if not stop the aging process. It’s in our power.

Without using the services of plastic surgeons, any woman can look much younger than her physical age, and not only look, but feel young, which is extremely important. I have gathered the most simple and long-known truths about keeping young for you in this article.

I also want to invite you to the online ritual ‘Beauty and youth forever! Secrets of ancestors and ritual of rejuvenation for 9 minutes’ on March 7. During this meeting we will not only perform the most powerful ritual of rejuvenation in 9 minutes, but also awaken your inner source of charm and beauty. I will tell you about the power of herbs and spices for female and family happiness. We will talk about the ancient secrets of our ancestors, among which the most important were longevity and purity (not only external, but also internal and spiritual).

Female beauty

In our classes, we talk a lot about spirituality, and I want to remind everyone once again that it’s not just inside us, but also outside. If a woman is spiritual, she shines from within, and that light shines on everyone around her, and makes such a woman beautiful. You don’t have to be a deep believer and spend all your time praying. Sometimes being aware that you believe and the simple words to heaven, “Thank you, Lord!” are worth more than many prayers uttered thoughtlessly. A woman’s word, same as her thoughts, has great energy and power. So, my dear, always think before you say something, and let all your thoughts be pure, good and joyful.

Don’t allow negativity inside you, be very careful in communication with people from whom you feel bad energy. Love yourself, believe in yourself, energize yourself by helping and encouraging your relatives and friends, or even strangers. Rejuvenation of the body always occurs when there is a lot of feminine energy inside. Your inner charm and feminine beauty help keep you young and rejuvenated.

Never skimp on yourself! This is detrimental to a woman’s energy. Indulge yourself and buy good and beautiful things, your favorite fragrances. Such purchases also feed female power and energy, multiply it, making you more beautiful and happier. I’m not talking about mindless money spending on whatever you want, no. But you should never deny yourself the little feminine pleasures. All of you are very wise and know exactly what I mean.

You are what you eat

Speaking of such concepts as feminine beauty and rejuvenation of the body, it is impossible not to think about the food we consume every day. Only it seems that everyone has written about the rules of a healthy and wholesome diet. Even a child can tell you what, when and in what quantities you should eat So I couldn’t get past this topic and I want to say the following.

Whatever you cook and eat, you must always do it with good and joyful thoughts, with love for the people to whom this food is intended. This way you will charge the food with your positive mood, and it will only make good to everyone. Do the same when you cook for yourself.

 While making tea or coffee, slicing a sandwich or frying eggs, always think about the fact that it will be good for you, it will support and strengthen your power and energy and, of course, contribute to the rejuvenation of your body. No matter what kind of products you use, be sure to charge them with good and love, joy and happiness. Believe me, very soon you will notice positive changes in your body and even in your life.

Female beauty

Let me give you one of the many thousands of reviews from my students, which I constantly receive. Elisa from Stockholm wrote to me.

“Last summer I turned 49. When I looked in the mirror I noticed more and more wrinkles and a changed face. I could easily fight gray hair with hair dye, I had no idea what to do with my face. And though my husband always said he loved me, and that age only makes me prettier, I realized that he was just calming me. I started noticing him looking at younger women oftener, and I really did not like it.

I have already made an appointment for a plastic surgeon, but suddenly, quite by chance in the cosmetics department of the drugstore I ran into a pretty young lady – we both reached for the same jar of cream. We got to talking feminine, and she stunned me by the fact that she was 58, almost 10 years older than me. She looked about 20 years younger. I couldn’t help but ask what her secret was. Dear Zhannabelle, she turned out to be a student of your online school, and according to her, it was her classes with you that helped her look so beautiful.

When I got home, I immediately made an appointment for an individual consultation. You inspired me so much and convinced me of your power that I immediately became your student. Thanks to you, Zhannabelle, already a couple of months of classes and webinars later I did not recognize myself in the mirror – I looked like a younger, happy woman, full of power and energy. I now recommend your school and classes to everyone!”

Thank you so much, beautiful Elisa! I am always happy to receive feedbacks. They help many women believe in themselves and start working on themselves, changing their lives for the better. This is what I live for – to help women around the world become happy, healthy, and stay young forever.

I would like to remind you of the online ritual ‘Beauty and youth forever! Secrets of ancestors and ritual of rejuvenation for 9 minutes’ which will take place on March 7. You can register for it via this link.

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