Fear or intuition

Fear or intuition: what's the difference?

Zhannabelle reveals how to develop intuition 

At least once in your life, but you have definitely encountered a situation where the voice in your head sort of told you what to do. We call it an inner voice or intuition. Some people boast that they have been living intuitively most of their lives, and they are quite happy about it. Others, on the contrary, do not trust intuition or do not hear it. How can you develop this quality? How to understand: it is the intuition that leads you or is it fear? Look for answers in this article – and get a unique practice from Zhannabelle!

What is intuition?

In the dictionaries, intuition is interpreted as ‘a gut feeling, a subtle knowledge, gaining an insight into something’. In our everyday speech we use this word to refer to almost all difficult things that happen to us that are hard to explain. If we do not know why we acted this way or that way, the most common answer is ‘it was intuitively’. It means something like this: ‘I do not know why, I just did it this way, and that’s it’.

Intuition in women is more developed than in men: it is a well-known fact, which rarely anyone will try to challenge. Remember how often partners, friends, acquaintances of men ask us, women, for advice: “What would you advise? What would you do in this situation? What do you think I should do?” We were asked, we are asked and will be asked all of these and many similar questions every time there is a problem or it is not clear what to do.  

Dear! Our intuition lives inside of us, because we perceive the world around us with our womb. For example, a woman needs only 3 seconds to understand what kind of person is standing before her. During this time, we read out the entire information. But most often we say to ourselves: “I must have made a mistake, I must have read something wrong, I must have paid attention to something different”. That is, we begin to doubt and sometimes do not believe ourselves. And this is fundamentally wrong, because our intuition knows everything, and it should be trusted 100%.

How to differentiate: fear or intuition?

It’s actually quite easy to tell the difference. Think of the verbs you use together with the word “fear”: fear hangs upon me, I am paralyzed with fear, fear pierced me. That is, there is something sudden and unnatural. Fear is always a state of inner anxiety, lack of understanding of what is going on, uneasiness. With fear, your imagination begins to come up with terrible scenes of what can happen to you or your loved ones. The feeling of panic prevents you from acting constructively, you can’t do anything yourself.

Zhannabelle says that if intuition is the voice of God and angels, then fear is the voice of the spirits of the lower world, who are trying to frighten you and throw you off the path. So you have to distinguish between these voices. Intuition tells you all the time, suggests you what to do, how to act to change your situation. And fear, on the contrary, paralyzes, leaving only thoughts how terrible everything is, that it is impossible to do anything, that the situation is hopeless…

This is how you can distinguish fear from intuition. When something (or someone) tells us possible options, how to act in one situation or another, it is undoubtedly an intuition, and you should listen to it. If you are completely at loss, like a rabbit in front of a boa constrictor, with only horror in your head and no possibility of doing anything, it is obviously fear. You have to get rid of it as quickly as possible, take control of yourself in every way possible.

Fear or intuition

Patricia (Lyon) 

“I’ve been attending classes at Zhannabelle’s online school for six months, and during this time I learned a lot of new things for myself. I want to tell you what happened to me just the other day.

I always take the same road to go to work. It takes me exactly 15 minutes, and I can walk it almost with my eyes closed. It’s been like this for almost 10 years, and no natural phenomena such as weather elements and winds could make me turn off the beaten path. It has become practically a ritual for me. In the back of my mind I was always sure that I make my day successful when I take this road to the office.

A couple of days ago, I left my house and took the usual way. Suddenly I felt some kind of discomfort, a little obsession, and as if a voice inside me was saying, “Get to the other side of the road right away. I turned my head in all directions, but everything was as usual, no one was standing next to me or whispering in my ear. But I couldn’t get rid of the strange feeling and desire. As I took a couple of steps, some unknown force pulled me to the opposite side again.

I remembered the article about women’s skills I had read recently, and decided to listen to my inner voice. As soon as I crossed to the other side of the road, in the place where I was supposed to walk, a large tree fell down suddenly and almost flattened the car standing next to it. I could have been walking right by it. What would have happened to me? 

Having mentally thanked my spiritual mentor for the knowledge I had gained about feminine power, I promised myself to always listen to and trust my intuition. Now I understood why Zhannabelle said that intuition was the voice of a guardian angel, telling us what to do. And at that moment, I didn’t feel completely at loss. I felt no fear. It was as if I heard a voice telling me what I should have done. I’m glad I trusted it.

Awaken your intuition!

Your girlfriends or acquaintances have probably told you that they do not trust their intuition because it is weak. However, it is possible to awaken your intuition if it is asleep, and develop it if it is not very strong. There is a very simple ancient practice for awakening intuition.

Put a candle at an arm’s length in such a way that the reflection of its flame was right at the level of the space between your eyebrows. Keep looking at the flame of the candle for about 10 minutes, feeling how it reflects in the space between your eyebrows. You should do this meditation every evening, regardless of whether you are tired or full of energy.

As a result of daily performance of this practice not only your intuition will open but also the gift of prophecy. You will also get a very pleasant bonus – your aura will be gradually cleared from the negative influence of other people with whom you have been in contact during the day.

Develop your intuition, feel what angels want to say, do not give in to what dark evil spirits are whispering, trying to lead you astray. Join Zhannabelle’s online school. Here you will learn to open and develop your intuition, to distinguish between good and evil spirits by their deeds and manifestations. Register for an individual consultation, and the mentor will be happy to answer all your questions. She will help solve any of your problems. Know that there is she – a woman with sacred knowledge who is passing this knowledge to all dreaming of making their lives better.

Dear ladies, you have read the new knowledge. Now it’s time for you to join and invite new women to group classes in your city and also to seminars in the online school. Then all your problems will be solved very quickly: you will become healthy, beautiful, rich, and find your love!

Fear or intuition

Martha (Potsdam) 

“My friend took me to the mentor. It was a hard time for me: my husband died in a car accident and I was left alone with my 5-year-old daughter. The individual sessions and then the group meetings and trainings helped and supported me at that time, and I felt more confident, I was able to find a job and go on living for myself and my little girl.

Yes, it took me a long time to get behind the wheel, even though I had been driving for a long time before the tragedy and I was pretty good. A year and a half later, I was driving again (thanks again to Zhannabelle!). It was much more convenient to go to work and pick up my daughter from school this way.

On New Year’s Eve, 2020, on my way back from the office, I decided to stop by the store and then pick up my girl. I had enough time. The traffic on the road was quiet and I was driving slowly, when suddenly I heard a voice: “Now! Get off the road, pull over to the side of the road and stay there.” Not seeing any danger around, I continued moving slowly in the same direction, thinking over the menu for the New Year table. But the wheel felt like it was being pulled to the side of the road. Remembering my mentor’s words about intuition and inner voice, I made a sharp turn, went off the track and stood to calm down. 

At the same moment a minibus flew out of the oncoming lane and crashed with a screech into a passing car. If I hadn’t stepped aside, it would have been my car, there was no doubt. It wasn’t a miracle that saved my life; it was my intuition that told me what I needed to do immediately. I say “thank you” to Zhannabelle every minute of my life, because only thanks to the knowledge she gave me, I learned to listen to my intuition and react in time.

Ladies, join the online school or communicate with your mentor in any way you want. You may not believe it, but later you will see for yourself how your life will take on new meaning. You will discover the skills you’ve never dreamed you had!