House purification

How do you purify your home from any kind of negative energy and protect it from negative effects

The three most important things for the purification of your home

Our home is our castle, the place of our power. However, some of us have no idea why it sometimes becomes unbearable to be there. You come home, and it feels like your vital energy is pumped out of you. You deflate like a balloon. But there is an explanation for all this. And, most importantly, there is an opportunity to get rid of the problem forever. Zhannabelle, a tutor with extensive experience, inexhaustible skills, who is ready to come to the aid and share important knowledge, will help you.

What do you need to know about your home?

Home is a place where a lot of energy is accumulated. However, it can be different: quarrels, conflicts, different points of view are usually formed into negative energy bundles, comparable to the dust flying around, we breathe it. When petty litter that someone brought into your house settles and accumulates there, it turns into dirt. Same as you clean your apartment with a broom or a vacuum cleaner from dirt, it must be cleaned energetically. It should be done with the help of other tools. In shamanism negative emotions are defined as evil spirits.

Do you know what was in the place where your house is standing now? What was before has an impact on you now and will in the future. It happens sometimes that construction is carried out where there used to be a cemetery. And this is very bad. The spirits of people once buried on this burial ground begin to affect the lives of those who live in the house today. Zhannabelle warns: most often such effect is extremely negative – it causes your illness, conflicts, depression. Or, for example, the house stands where there used to be a swamp. Dark entities that inhabited it, will also definitely find an opportunity to enter the house to irritate its residents.

Make sure you find out what was on this land before the house was built before buying the house. Ideally, you should ask those who lived there before you. If it is a happy and healthy family, which has improved its position and bought a bigger house, everything is fine. The spirits of the house, which protect and help them, will be also helping you. Living in such a place promises to be joyful and happy.

If you suddenly found out that the house was not built on a very favorable area or that there were poor and sick people living in it, it is better to refuse buying it! Even if you liked the house, think a hundred times before buying it. It is better to consider other options.

Do you live in your own house? Then you are luckier than those who settled in multi-storey buildings. Apartment blocks are people’s hives. There are a lot of people and spirits around the apartment dwellers. All of them have an impact on residents, especially on women. After all, women are most sensitive to any influence from the outside. They are primarily the defenders of their family hearth. Female magic is the strongest one. It is not about practicing witchcraft, brewing potions and casting spells. It is about love and purity. It is in the heart of each of us. “What can happen then?”, you ask. Here’s what.

Hannah (Graz)

“My husband and I bought a small wooden house in the provincial area of Wildon. It was cozy and nice, but strange things started to happen there. My husband and I had very severe migraines, which had never happened before. We both felt the presence of someone else in the house, but nobody lived there but us. Then things began to disappear and appear in other places, but neither I nor my husband moved them. We thought it was definitely poltergeist. We tried not to pay attention to it, but it got worse every day. Then I told myself: “Pull yourself together. Something should be done urgently!” I learned about Zhannabelle and her power from my friends. So I contacted her through her website.

She helped me a lot! She told me there were negative entities in our house that have lived here for a long time. Once there was a young girl who committed suicide on this place. Before this happened, her suffering attracted the spirits of the Lower World who still live in the house and try to find new food. But Zhannabelle performed a strong ritual of house purification. Our life started improving. I also bought several amulets to protect myself and my parents from evil spirits. The amulets still help us in everything”.

It was the story of a resident of a private house. What is happening in apartment blocks? One of Zhannabelle’s students will speaks about it in her feedback. 

House purification

Clara R. (Leipzig)

“I was waiting for my husband to return from work. He was a little late. I tried to call him, but he did not answer my calls. And suddenly a huge wave of jealousy rolled on me that even my head started spinning. I clearly imagined that at that very moment my husband was cheating on me with a young woman. I couldn’t understand where these thoughts and hatred came from in me. But I could clearly see our forthcoming divorce and sharing our children. I was just shaking with anger and resentment.

When my husband (being only 25 minutes late) came, it turned out that he had some problems with the car on the way home. He left his phone inside the car, and he was fixing the breakage, and, of course, he could neither hear nor see my calls. That’s all! So what happened to me then and where did this feeling of terrible jealousy and anger come from?  

I asked Zhannabelle for help, and through her magic channels she found out that the fault of the attack was a young girl from the next apartment. It was at the very moment when I was attacked by jealousy she was packing up and leaving her husband because of cheating. These emotions were reflected on me with such terrible and incomprehensible power in the form of empathy. A week later I learned that the neighboring apartment was for sale, and the previous tenants, a young couple, were getting divorced.

I could not even imagine that the condition of the person, who is behind the wall, could have such an impact on me personally! But now I know that living in the apartment, we take on the experiences of even the people who live nearby. If your neighbors are alcoholics, then do not be surprised if someone from your family suddenly reaches for the bottle. The walls of the house will not protect you from negative energy. You need energy armor. So when you hear your neighbors ruffling, arguing loudly, or even fighting, be sure to consult an energy specialist and protect your family. I thank Zhannabelle. She performed the ritual of apartment purification and helped me get rid of obsessions that were destroying me from the inside! Now my husband and I are expecting the second child, a girl, and I know for sure that our family is safe.

What you need for house purification

First of all, it is important to perform a certain ritual. You can do it on your own or with Zhannabelle. If you decide to do it yourself, strictly follow the recommendations from the video. The main thing is that you must have an amulet of power to protect your home while you are away. It will protect your home from any negative interference. There exist different amulets. You can put them in all corners to strengthen your protection. You can buy them by contacting Zhannabelle. She will find you an individual amulet, created just for your home, for its purification and protection.

There is also one more secret that Zhannabelle shared with us. This is black salt. It is interesting that black salt is prepared by Women of Power only on one certain day of the year. It has powerful cleansing and protective properties.

House purification

To purify your house, put some black salt in each corner and wait a few days. Salt will collect all the negative energy accumulated in the corners. You will see that the black salt has become a little lighter and has acquired an oily shade. Then you should collect it and put on the soil near your house saying the words of gratitude for cleaning your house.

If you do not want some evil people to cross the threshold of your home, the black salt will also help you with it. For this, put the salt in a thin line before the threshold when no one sees you. Trust us none of your enemies will cross this line! Try it and see for yourself!

Zhannabelle shares another method with us. Music possesses the great purifying power. Not any music though. It is the music of transformation. When you put it on in your home, you cleanse the space from the negativity. Music of transformation charges everything around with the energy of love and life force. It is quite possible that your relatives may not understand this sound. No problem! Turn it on when you are alone. With the help of the music you will not only clean your house, but also give yourself power. Your relatives, when they return, will feel that something has changed for the better in the house. It has become warmer, quieter, cleaner and cozier. But they will not understand why. Let it be your little secret!

Zhannabelle is ready to share the music of transformation with you any moment. Attend her for seminars or individual sessions, bring also your friends who have faced problems and difficulties in life.

You must admit that it is very difficult to cope with any problems alone. To solve them, you just need to attend our training sessions, and, in between, to attend group sessions. Only together and under the careful guidance of Zhannabelle you will cope with everything. By taking part in the events, you will be able to find not only new knowledge and new friends, but most importantly – great power, faith in yourself and your wonderful future.