Zhannabelle speaks on the laws of universal happiness

Zhannabelle speaks on the laws of universal happiness

Help others, and the universe will reward you with true happiness!

What is the law of universal happiness, and what is it based on? Mankind has been asking this question since ancient times. Everyday kindness and responsiveness, ordinary good deeds, which people normally do without even thinking about their value, return to them as well-being, happiness, health, success and prosperity. Zhannabelle will tell you how this wonderful mechanism for preserving happiness works and what the miraculous power of the circular prayer “Field of Love” depends on. 

– Zhannabelle, please, tell us if it is possible to make all people on our planet happy?

Zhannabelle: Every person percepts true happiness individually. Farmers living in dryland countries such as Australia, South America happiness are the lifesaving rainstorms that feed the land with the heaven-sent moisture and extinguish the forests that burn because of drought. 

The hungry see happiness as abundance of available food. Millions of people in countries with underdeveloped economies are constantly short of water and food. And worst of all, children are starving. Many die from dehydration and exhaustion. 

Homeless people, who have no place to stay for night and are forced to live outdoors freezing in the cold, believe that happiness is a warm home and a soft bed. 

Women and girls who once faced the horrors of domestic violence believe that happiness is the opportunity to live in peace, without shudder from any sound, confidence in their future. Finding a real home and a caring owner is happiness for stray animals. 

– So, it is true then that happiness mainly depends on the reality a person lives in at the moment?

Zhannabelle: That’s right. Today, during the pandemic, I think all the people of our planet are sure that happiness is healing and health. It is especially important for people from the USA, Italy and Spain… After all, in the conditions of coronavirus pandemic, health becomes the highest value for each of us. 

Everybody sees happiness differently. A thousand Euros is not the money for some people. And for some, a glass of water and a bowl of soup will bring unearthly enjoyment. 

We would very much like to make all people on Earth truly happy. After all, when we help those in need it, we find our own happiness!  

– We know that you and your students help people all over the world. You buy food for them, give opportunity to fine a new job and change their life completely. How do you do it, Zhannabelle?

Zhannabelle: The circle of our students is expanding every year. We help all those in need: the abandoned elderly people, orphans, the homeless, the hungry, the victims of violence, the sick and the lonely. And right now, when people lose their jobs and income because of the Coronavirus epidemic, we invite them to become part of our tight-knit team. We offer real work for professionals of all levels and backgrounds.  

In addition, we help people and entire countries to defeat environmental incidents and various disasters. Many volunteers and assistants of our movement helped extinguish fires in the Siberian taiga last year. 

Also, many students being in various corners of our planet, have united the energy messages in a powerful stream of sincere prayer “Field of love” and managed to stop fires in Amazon forests together.  

The circular prayer for Australia conducted by my students some time ago became a real miracle! There was a life-giving rainstorm over a continent suffering from drought and fires for the first time in a long time. The ordinary rain, which irritates many of us, has made the whole continent happy! Can you believe it? 

– Your charity activities turn out to increase the happiness rate on our planet.

Zhannabelle: And the most important thing is that we make more and more people happy each time. And this feeling of boundless happiness radically changes people’s destinies. There appears more and more love, kindness, compassion, care, protection. 

Happiness is the most miraculous condition that can happen to any of us! Many people all over the world are giving their kindness to those who really need it selflessly. 

Even a small good deed enhances the general energy of happiness on our planet. 

Every person has an opportunity to help elderly neighbors with groceries, homeless people, shelter for abandoned animals, orphans, and lonely sick old people. Kind words, positive and good mood can fill people with a powerful positive charge of energy. So do not be surprised when your kindness and responsiveness will return to you as boundless happiness!   

– Can every person find true happiness by providing selfless help to other people?

Zhannabelle: As I said before, every person has their own concept of happiness. The universe feels what we need in an amazing way. And our energy directed to help others return exactly as we need it. It may be healing from a serious illness, love, luck, well-being and prosperity. 

Let me tell you the story of my student Magda as an example. She came to me for help when her life was literally a black stripe. The doctors diagnosed her serious disease. She had problems at work, and her partner cheated on her. She felt like a real old lady being 38.

I carried out a special diagnostics for Magda and made a rehabilitation plan. My main recommendation was to help those who needed help. And it turned out that that’s what Magda had been subconsciously seeking for a long time. She gave herself wholeheartedly to helping her elderly neighbors, a family with many children in need, a shelter for homeless animals. 

She could find a kind word for everyone, a candy for the child, a bag of food for the dog. And no one even knew that this wonderful woman sometimes stayed without dinner to feed the animals in the pet shelter. 

And when she came for another examination a few months later, the doctors were surprised – Magda was absolutely healthy. They did tests and scans twice to eliminate an error. But the fact remains! 

The woman is perfectly healthy now. Her career has gone up, and most importantly, she has found the meaning of life in helping homeless animals. Magda is very happy and sure that it was love that healed her and sent her happiness as an award for the warmth and support that she shared with others. 

– Zhannabelle, is it possible to participate in your activities now when many countries have imposed restrictive conditions because of the pandemic?

Zhannabelle: Of course, it is. We hold online classes in our online school all the time. You can sign up even today! I will gladly help new students, because the more people I will help to become happier, the happier I will become myself. 

If you would like to join our Field of Love prayers and charity events, send me an email. Your kindness and responsiveness can change the world for the better! 

Help those in need, and the universe will not leave you unanswered. It will certainly help you. This amazing cosmic law works without interruptions. 

–  Is it possible to help people without leaving home?

Zhannabelle: You even have to. Anyone can make a prayer. And when prayer comes from people who are bound by one idea, it gains an unprecedented power. So sign up for online prayers that we do on Sundays at 14-00 GMT. It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, or what your social status is. 

Together we will sincerely pray for the life, health and well-being of our relatives and friends, acquaintances and strangers, for those who are sick, for doctors who save lives without rest. For a place to stay for the homeless, for food for the hungry, for the old people, for orphans, for the rains in arid regions, for faith in a better future. And for this terrible pandemic to end as soon as possible. 

Open your heart to the universe and ask for the help of the Higher Powers. Let us pray for our wonderful diverse world! 

I know for sure: a sincere prayer for the boundless cosmic love that fills our world, will make a true miracle! Amazing threads of goodness and energy of universal love will give a miracle to those you care for!