Coronavirus is the time to unite!

Coronavirus is the time to unite!

Pandemic’s plans to separate us resulted in exactly the opposite!

Zhannabelle warns that the forces of Evil are trying to put us in conditions in which we would feel our loneliness and uselessness. That is why we must do our best to prevent this from happening. How can we unite our forces if the borders are closed now, movement is forbidden, and we can’t go out our house? Keep reading to know all about it.

Stop panicking!

The Coronavirus has divided humanity into two opposite categories. And as surprising as it sounds, not into the sick and healthy. But those who panic and those who stay sober-minded.  It is those who panic buy carts full of food, infecting people not with the coronavirus, but a completely uncontrolled panic. 

But there is no shortage of food at the moment. There is lack of love everywhere!

It was always love that united people, helped them survive the most difficult historical periods. Current situation is no exception. Something that unites us will definitely make us stronger. 

The old sayings say that we could only survive by uniting, and we will die if we were apart. This wise truth is more relevant than ever these days. 

All the measures taken by the countries to contain the pandemic have in fact clearly separated us. We are locked in four walls of our apartment. Our loneliness and fears are pressing us and traumatizing our psyche. 

We are very afraid of getting infected, forgetting that coronavirus is just one of the varieties of ARVI. 

This is just ARVI which every person gets infected with every year, and sometimes several times a year. Doctors and scientists predict that 70% of the population of our planet will be infected with the coronavirus in the near future. 

And for many, the disease will pass almost unnoticed. Few people pay attention to a slight rise in temperature and a slight cough. But if we get sick, we will all have a strong immunity to the disease, and the coronavirus will be something like a common cold for our descendants.

Evil during quarantine

Separation of people is the most dangerous thing right now. Remember, Lucifer was once one of God’s favorite disciples, too. But by placing himself above and departing from his Master, he brought terrible consequences upon himself. In the end, he received hell and hellfire, pain and fear, grief and death. And God remained the owner of the fragrant Paradise, of universal love, kindness and mercy.

Any isolation presupposes an increase of problems, Evil and sorrow. By dividing us, they make us more manageable, easier to contain, and easier to manipulate. They try to scare us by closing borders, cancelling flights and rail traffic, postponing cultural and sporting events. And even when we are in isolation or strict quarantine, we can join forces to fight the pandemic! It’s a must!

Look at how well the world countries are now working together to help and assist each other. Different nations have come together in the face of a real catastrophe. 

Evil is trying to do everything possible to divide and alienate us. But it will not work! 

People in Spain and Italy hold concerts on balconies and rooftops. And every day, at the same time, they applaud the doctors who save other people’s lives. Every day, these cheers sound louder and louder. Medical workers have united their forces, selflessly helping people. People have united their hearts in return. They sincerely appreciate their hard work and heroism!

Online cinemas opened free access for everyone who wants to watch interesting movies in quarantine. Musicians and theatre artists give virtual concerts and performances. And there is no need to pay for it! Now we can attend the unique performances of world-class stars absolutely free, without getting up from the couch!

The most famous fashion houses stopped making luxury outfits and produce thousands of medical masks per day during quarantine. Enterprises specializing in the production of luxury cosmetics started producing sanitation and antiseptics. The largest hotel chains across the planet are re-equipping their facilities for new patients, as there is a catastrophic shortage of hospital beds. Legendary car dealers have launched production of artificial ventilation devices. 

Millions of caring people are helping their elderly neighbors and buy them medicine and food. After all, it’s the old people who are at risk most of all. 

A lot of people have joined together in operational volunteer organizations at charities and hospitals. 

This also gives people the opportunity to expand their circle of communication and meet new friends and like-minded people! This is the first time ever we participate in online parties and take yoga or dance classes. 

Some people learn foreign languages online, some take vocal lessons, and still others learn the basics of architecture. 

Pay attention to the changes that our reality is undergoing!

It’s time to help the world!

Do you remember that this article began with the words that  that only love can stop the coronavirus epidemic? That’s why, on special astrological dates, Zhannabelle holds the world Field of Love prayer in different languages. She is waiting for each of you to join very much! Zhannabelle invites you to join the great sacrament of the most powerful prayer in the world. You can become a part of that amazing Power that will help save our world!

Zhannabelle and her students held a uniquely powerful prayer session Field of Love in different parts of the world on 22 February. A real miracle happened that day. It confirmed by WHO data! The number of people who recovered from coronavirus that day was the maximum! 

Remember that the more people join this prayer, the more lives will be saved!

Naturally, Zhannabelle is always happy to see you.  She is waiting for you not only on astrological dates! You can take part in our joint online prayers every Sunday at 14:00 UTC. And of course, you can continue your self-improvement in real time mode. 

Yes, Zhannabelle conducts seminars and training sessions remotely. Video courses and webinars will help you find yourself, your predestination, find success and happiness, and most importantly – good health. 

The pandemic will come to its end sooner or later. But the sense of unity will certainly remain. And so, put off hesitation. Share a link to this article with your friends or colleagues at work, call them to join in prayers and classes with Zhannabelle. 

And also do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly and be sure to clean the timeline in your social networks – its toxicity is much worse than any virus))).