Zhannabelle does good to people and tells why doing it is so important

Zhannabelle does good to people and tells why doing it is so important

How does charity help a person change their life? 

What deeds have a great impact on our lives? How to become a truly happy woman, to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you? People have been asking these questions since ancient times. But many of us do not even know how simple the answer is! In this article Zhannabelle will talk about the mechanisms to preserve happiness, the importance of doing good and how charity changes people. 

We are going to reveal a very important secret. The universe has an amazing ability: it has a fine appreciation of what a person needs to be happy. And it is the first thing it gives us if our energy is aimed at helping other people. The common responsiveness and kindness, simple good deeds that you do will surely return to you as pleasant news and events, improvement of health, financial prosperity and spiritual wealth. See for yourself!

Agnet, Hannover

“My life was not that happy. In April, I was diagnosed with a serious disease – vascular thrombosis. I could not cope with the work anymore and my boss suggested that I take a vacation. Despite promises, my husband soon left me for another woman. I completely closed down, staying at home and feeling that nobody needed me. I did not understand what was wrong. What is wrong with me? Trying to find a way out, I came to Zhannabelle for a consultation. My new mentor conducted diagnostics. She told me at once that to stop the black stripe in my life I had to cleanse my female karma, because I had a bad relative who polluted the karma of my entire lineage. Zhannabelle carried out an individual practice with me and recommended me to start doing something good for others.

I couldn’t take care of myself, and I had to do charity! But eventually I remembered that I have been dreaming of creating a shelter for animals for a long time. I still had no money for it, but I found a local shelter and offered my help to the kind volunteers. It was the second month since then. I could still feel the symptoms of the disease, but I forgot about everything when I went into the cage, where I had the devoted eyes looking at me and tails wagging at me. After a while the disease disappeared completely, which surprised all the doctors. My things were pickin up. I returned to work. I found a sponsor for the shelter thanks to the knowledge I received from Zhannabelle. My life has completely changed, now I am even ready to build new relationships and start a strong family. I’m sure a lot is waiting for me ahead!

What does happiness depend on?

Each of us has our own perception of happiness. Someone dreams of having a child, someone else dreams of buying a car, still other dreams of having a warm home and a bowl of soup. Happiness also depends on the environment that surrounds the person. Now, during pandemics, humanity dreams of being healthy and healing the planet. That is why Zhannabelle’s main task is to help each of us, to heal the world and make it better. 

Zhannabelle does good to people and tells why doing it is so important

Remember that when a person gives a part of their positive energy, they find their true happiness! Charity changes people a lot. We remember that one day our student Isabella, always unsocial, often dissatisfied and moody businesswoman, suddenly blossomed, got prettier, there was a smile on her face and she became easier to communicate with at meetings. Later she confessed to everyone that she felt absolutely unhappy because of her inability to have a child. It continued until the woman started helping orphans by sending toys to orphanages. It was this love and care that changed her. They also cured her: Isabella is now 7 months pregnant. She and her husband are waiting for their long-awaited first child. 

If you regularly do charity or just help someone,  you are internally transformed. You start noticing that everything around you is changing – you have more resources and desire to do good deeds, as if the universe itself guides you. You radiate goodness, which is transmitted to all your loved ones. You change yourself, you become self-confident, because you understand that you carry an important life purpose and you deserve to be happy. 

Adele, Salzburg

“I lost the orders I had at work during the pandemic. I was very scared, didn’t know what to do and how to earn a living. At the consultation Zhannabelle told me: “The more help you need, the stronger support you should give people who need it even more. I asked: “How can I help others if I do not have a penny in my pocket? Zhannabelle found a solution immediately – she offered me to join the “Field of Love” prayers. I was determined to help other students and began to pray with them for the happiness of our planet. Soon, the universe heard my personal requests: I finally signed a contract with a large French company. Now I even hire assistants, increasing my own production of clay figurines!  

Zhannabelle’s charity events make the world more beautiful. She teaches us to find true happiness by sharing warmth, kindness and love. We cannot rule out the law of the Universe that energy, aimed at helping others, returns to us. Sometimes even manifold. It can be healing from a dragging illness, establishing relationships with men, offer of profitable business deals, and even new addition to the family.

When you see an old lady in need at the cash desk, offer to pay her a loaf of bread and milk. Do not pass by, it does not cost you anything, and it may become an opportunity to have food until the next retirement benefit for the person. Do a good deed and it will return to you!

How do you start doing good deeds?

Where do you start? Take a look around. There may already be people who need help. It could be a girlfriend who broke up with her husband and needs support, or a sick single neighbor lady who can’t buy her own food. Help, because it is so easy! Believe us, helping someone out at the right time will make you feel better, too. You will feel a burst of strength, pride. You will enjoy helping others, and the number of your good deeds will gradually grow.

Do not be indifferent. Do not remain blind to someone else’s misfortune. Take advantage of any opportunity to help and thus give yourself a chance to change yourself.

Zhannabelle does good to people and tells why doing it is so important

Emma, Stockholm

“I was in a relationship with an abuser for a long time. I could not get out of it. I was always scared, afraid of every rustle and reacted with hysterics to everything that happened around me. I dreamed of finding the long-awaited peace and tranquility. But my dreams remained a dream for a long time. 

My life changed after Anastasia, Zhannabelle’s student, appeared in it. She gave me a helping hand – every day and even night she was in touch listening to me. She was very supportive when I finally decided to divorce. Once Anastasia invited me to join her to the hospital to visit sick children – to bring them some pajamas and thus take part in charity. Honestly, I had more important things to care about, but I decided to take my mind off these things. When I arrived I experienced incredible emotions – at first heavy and then beautiful. I caught a smile of every child and felt the world around me changing. The next day I felt a huge burst of energy, which ripped off my victim’s chains forever. I felt incredible joy from moving to another city, far away from the tyrant. Soon I met a truly loving person, also a volunteer. I found peace and harmony with him. Now our young family is engaged in charity. We believe that the most important goal is to help those who are not in good health.

True Universe happiness comes to those who are sincerely ready to give their positive energy. Zhannabelle says that the vocation of a woman is to bring love and care to this world. By doing charity, we become happier, we feel our desires come true.

Dear, let us do good deeds! Now, since there are restrictions to travel, you can sign up for distance learning at Zhannabelle’s online school. You will pray for the well-being, health and happiness of your loved ones at the classes. 

The “Field of Love” prayer in the circle of women with its powerful positive energy was able to stop the fires in the forests of the Amazonia region, and soon gave Australia a life-giving rain. Sign up and participate in prayer for our home planet! 

It is often difficult for us to cope with life situations on our own. And it is so important to be in a circle of understanding people… Zhannabelle creates the Field of Love, Understanding and Friendship at her classes and seminars, where everyone feels free and safe. So become a part of it at our training sessions and retreats!