purify the lineage karma

Bad karma is not a verdict: 3 ways to purify the lineage karma

Zhannabelle talks about effective methods of karma purification

We all know one old saying: you reap as you sow. This phrase, like no other, perfectly describes the principle of karma. The lives of parents, grandparents on the mother’s and father’s line influence the karma of the lineage. The burden of a bad act or a serious crime falls on the shoulders of children, grandchildren and all representatives of the lineage. Unfortunately, none of us is immune to a difficult karmic situation. Is it worth living with bad karma? Is it possible to fix it? Zhannabelle will tell you how to cleanse the karma of the lineage.

René, France 

“I’ve never thought about the karmic situation of my lineage. Like other people, I worked passionately, spent time with my family. I considered myself an ordinary woman who is unable to influence my own destiny. Trouble often happened to me: I lost my keys to the apartment or my wallet with money, I was late for important meetings, and I spilled tea on my documents. I never had enough time to deal with the reason, because each of us is always in a hurry. But in the fall of 2018, serious troubles began to happen, one after another: I lost my job, my children started getting sick often, my husband withdrew from me. 

I tried to fix the situation with my own efforts, tried to get a new company and get my husband’s attention and children’s health back. But I was not able to do anything. By chance, I came across information about karma. I started studying the issue and understood that the reason for my failures is hidden deep in the history of my lineage. One day I came across Zhannabelle’s blog. She revealed wonderful news for me: a complicated karmic situation is not a verdict, but just a chance to correct the situation, to cleanse myself and relieve my children’s fate off the burden. It pushed me to have diagnostics, thanks to which I received individual recommendations from Zhannabelle. I started thinking positively and found a new calling (I opened my own children’s clothing store, which I had been dreaming about for many years). My husband became more attentive, he appreciates me, makes compliments and gives me presents. Life has gotten better!

According to ancient shamanic teachings, the past of our great-grandparents, our mom and dad affect our lives. Ill acts, feelings and negative thoughts are a burden on the karma of the lineage, which eventually accompanies the lives of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The negativity comes back through one or two generations, leading to losses, financial losses and other karmic consequences. People do not even think how the karma of their lineage can affect the next generations.

But bad karma is not a verdict. It is a message from the Universe that it is important to take a step towards purification, positive energy and power of the lineage. It is a “reference book”, where every person can find answers to questions why their life develops in this way. Yes, and you too can disentangle the karmic knot! And all thanks to the three methods that will help cleansing the karma of the lineage,  find inner energy and positive power to change your life for the better!

Apologize to those you’ve hurt!

Each of us has its own unique karmic code. It has been developed by us for all previous incarnations, by our parents during their life path. Karma is influenced by experiences, actions, which our soul has faced.

Unfortunately, we often say words that offend people around us, our relatives and loved ones. Sometimes we do not even notice it! Negativity grows and develops inside, which leads to diseases, weighting of our karma. 

Stop, cease blaming and offending yourself and your environment. Do not torment yourself with unnecessary worries! If you have hurt someone, the best remedy will be the words of apology. 

An apology will help you move on, overcome the negative energy that has arisen between you. Try to do it – and you will notice that you start feeling easier and better immediately.

Start doing good things for others

All of us, the people who have faced troubles, think of the way to pass all the trials of life and overcome difficulties properly. Sometimes we let things slide, but do you think is it the right decision? No matter how hard it is for you, Zhannabelle recommends looking around. There are people who are many times harder next to each of us. 

Do you dream to cleanse your karma? Do a good deed! Smile in response to the harsh face of a passerby, support a friend in a moment of trouble or a quarrel with their spouse, look through the things in your wardrobe and give unnecessary things to someone who needs them., Recommend your close friends and relatives, who are looking for answers, listening to Zhannabelle: they can find answers to all their questions. It will be the best way to solve life situations. It is not difficult for you to do such a thing, but it has a positive effect on your karma and the karma of your lineage. The good deeds are rewarded! Tested in practice by Zhannabelle’s students.

Zhannabelle speaks on the laws of universal happiness

Helen, London

“I had a very long period of failures and losses in my life. I lost my father a year ago. And only six months after the loss my mother got ill. I had a feeling that a black cloud fell on me. I had everything falling out of my hands, could not work normally: I made mistakes in reports, forgot about meetings, birthdays of relatives. My friend advised me to attend a seminar and listen to what Zhannabelle said. I was skeptical about the proposal, but still decided not to reject it. One evening, sitting in the kitchen for a cup of tea, I made up my mind. I had no opportunity to meet Zhannabelle in person, so I chose the online school. After the first lesson I realized that this is close to me! 

I listened and absorbed her advice and guidance for the next 3 days. I realized that the root of my problems is karma. So it was time for a personal acquaintance. I made an appointment for an individual consultation, where Zhannabelle run a diagnostics for me, and gave me recommendations on the next steps to take. And so, 2 months after our acquaintance, I can say that my life is getting better. I think before doing something and ask myself a question – how it will affect me and my relatives in the future. This approach helps. I try to remove all the negativity from my life.

Many people are afraid to act, writing off all their failures and troubles to bad karma. Ask yourself a question: are you ready to stop fighting for your fate and the lives of your children and grandchildren? Is your answer a “No”? That’s right, never despair: you deserve the best. We come to this world to live in the blessing of nature and the universe.

Today you have a great opportunity to become happier, not to depend on the karma of your lineage, to change everything once and for all. At the same time, you can help future descendants not to bear the burden of our ancestors’ mistakes. Are you interested in knowing yourself, your power and energy? Then attend spiritual trainings, seminars, wear the amulets that Zhannabelle makes especially for you and your relatives. Such unique things have their own special energy, directing it to help you. 

You can contact Zhannabelle directly, for example, at individual meetings, to perform a purification ritual. The fastest way to purify the karma of your lineage is to perform a shamanic ritual of purification. Zhannabelle will run a diagnostics, find the root of all problems and choose an individual way to correct your karma. As a result of these practices, you will feel better, start everything with a clean sheet, because now you do not have to bear the sins of your ancestors.

It is difficult to cope with the problems alone. Meetings with Zhannabelle, with like-minded people, at trainings, group sessions will help to solve all your problems. Attend Zhannabelle’s seminars, online classes and individual consultations. She will help you cleanse the karma of your lineage, develop spiritually and energetically, find answers to all your questions! 

We are all worthy of spiritual development, prosperity of our lineage, and karma is not a verdict in such situation! Everything is in our hands. Your good deeds, positive emotions will be heard by the Universe, and changes will not be long in coming.