How Not Spending Money on Yourself Kills Your Feminine Energy

In a world full of constant worries and daily chores, we, my dear women, often forget about our true calling. Each woman has come into the world in order to fill the surrounding environment with love and beauty. When we push our own personal needs to the side, we are essentially going against ourselves and this causes us to lose our true selves. This type of relationship with ourselves gives everyone the message that we don’t demand respect and that our needs can be ignored.

I address how to avoid these types of situations and what are the root causes behind them in my lectures and seminars. In this article, I will give you the main points of why we shouldn’t try to save money on ourselves.

Why Trying to Save Money Will Only Ruin Our Happiness

If a woman is happy, she looks a certain way. She will look beautiful and well-groomed. However, often women try to give everything to their family and as a result, on a subconscious level, they put their own needs and desires to the side. In our daily routine, we find time and money to grocery-shop as well as trying to meet our husband’s and children’s needs, all the meanwhile, forgetting about ourselves.

By taking this position on a regular basis, we show people that our needs are not important and don’t need to be realized. The result is that your husband won’t feel like he needs to give you gifts, spoil you, surprise you and make you happy.

If you constantly put your needs to the side and are not trying to realize your personal desires, this is lead to:

  1. Losing your man, because you will lose your female power.
  2. On an energetic level you will portray emptiness and negativity, instead of love and joy.
  3. You will lose your youthfulness and beauty.
  4. You are letting your surroundings know that you don’t deserve to be financially spoiled.

Only when you learn to love yourself, will you be able to fill your surroundings with love and affection and your loved ones will be grateful. So don’t feel embarrassed to tell your man how you feel. You just need to do it in the right manner. I teach my students how to do this harmoniously and successfully in my seminars and private consultations.

The first step to your happiness is to respect yourself and your desires. Allow yourself to be weak!

And I will share with your all of my family’s female secrets to how to overcome and difficult situation in life.

Your Zhannabelle!