How to Be Beautiful

How to Be Beautiful

Exploring Beauty Energy Laws

They say that youthfulness and beauty are not eternal. Is this true? Can you remain attractive in any age? Let’s look at ways you can be beautiful.

How to Be BeautifulHow to Be Beautiful

Fashion Against Beauty

How do you know what’s beautiful and what isn’t? Do you look for answers in fashion magazines or follow Instagram trends? Do you read fashion bloggers? What is one thing they all have in common? They equate beauty with fashion and for some reason they are the ones who decide what is fashionable this season.

Maybe you’re not a fashionista and you have your own style. You say that trends don’t interest you. But this is only partially true. Whether we like it or not, fashion trends influence us very strongly. The 90s are in fashion again and you can’t find any classic jeans. There are only high-waist pants and jumpsuits in stores. Or being tan isn’t in fashion any more and now your sun-soaked skin from your summer at the beach stands out like a sore thumb. And you’re trying to figure out how to be beautiful, while keeping your individuality in tact, and not looking like a country bumpkin.

The answer is simple! Fashion and beauty are not synonymous! Usually the first people to look worse as they age are the people who are chasing after the latest trends. These types of women are constantly stressed out and this causes wrinkles. Should she do shellac, or is this last season? Should the skirt be above or below the knee? Should she keep her hair up in a bun or dye it purple? So many questions!

In the time that a fashionista stands in front of her closet making difficult decision, Julius Caesar would have already conquered an empire…

Now think about the great women of the past, Cleopatra, for example. What would she answer to the question “how can I become beautiful?” Do you think she would chase after trends? No, of course not. She was a trendsetter herself. She made confidence and sexuality fashionable. She knew how to make a man fall in love with her. She couldn’t get rid of all of her suitors! Some of them had to be thrown to the crocodiles! You can learn the secrets of the great empress if you enter #навыки_великих_женщин in our social media. Maybe your crocodile is hungry for some protein…

How to Be Beautiful

1000-Year Old Recipes

Cleopatra wasn’t the only woman who knew how to become beautiful. All of the women represented in our “Secrets of 10 Great Women” course, used these ancient methods to make their skin smooth and radiant, their hair thick and their eyes happy. Aphrodite knew the most secrets. She used the beauty energy laws. Are you ready to discover her secrets and find out how you can stay young? Then follow our social network sites and watch the schedule. The “Aphrodite: Beauty, Love, Wealth” course will start very soon! In the meantime, start to research these methods independently.

Beauty Energy Law 1: Smile

How can you become beautiful? Smile! A smile can significantly transform us. An unhappy frown and angry eyebrows can make even the most beautiful woman invisible. Men don’t look at these types of women. A happy, positive, energetic woman always attracts attention. And it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing or what kind of figure she has.

So take care of your teeth! That’s what people see when you smile. No more wine, chocolate, strong tea or coffee. All of these things destroy your enamel and make your teeth yellow.

Even if you visit the dentist regularly, but don’t take care of your teeth, you will have a hard time impressing someone showing your cavities.

How to Be Beautiful

Beauty Energy Law 2: Hourglass Figure and Correct Posture

Both, subtle women with a small chest and flat stomach as well as full-bodied women with large forms, will attract admirers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, for serious relationships, men 100% of the time instinctively choose a women with an feminine hourglass-figure. This type of figure signals to a man, that a woman is healthy, which means he can make her a mother for his children.

Beauty Energy Law 3: Red Lips and a Healthy Blush

Nude cosmetics might be in style, but a man wants to kiss full sexy lips.

How can you be beautiful if your natural lips are not particularly big? You can put lipstick on them! Remember, the color red can only stop a man if it’s a stop light. On the contrary, if a man sees red lips he will want to conquer the woman, give her presents and marry her…

Red lipstick does wonders if you use it correctly. Tamara Ra shares her secrets in the online-marathon #навыки_великих_женщин. Watch the video clips, you won’t regret it!