You must admit that everyone has faced such questions or similar ones more than once. Work seems ok, and the salary is decent, but the money is never enough.

Many start thinking that apparently the problem is not the lack of money, but excessive demands, and try to cut their costs. At first it will seem a good solution to the problem, but over time you will realize that cutting your costs does not increase your income. After all, you still receive exactly as much as before, but you have reduced shopping and began practicing self-denial. This is not the solution.


In December 2020, the Earth has entered a new era, the Age of Aquarius. This is not only an era of spirituality, but also the time when attracting money into one’s life can happen quickly and money will stay for a long time.

However, everything has a reason. You have to know what and when to do and what to say for gaining and increasing material prosperity.

Today, many people try to find extra income, get one or two more jobs, and work so hard that they don’t have time for anything else. A couple of months of such exhausting race for riches, and you will feel like a squeezed orange. Do you need it?

In this Age of Aquarius, the cosmos itself is doing everything to help you become richer and happier. You only need to know how, when and with what words to address the Universe. I will help you with it.

I speak about the rituals to attract money and how to use them during my webinars.

These webinars have helped many people around the world. They will help you too, do not doubt it.

I have received an email from my student Helga from Germany recently. She wrote that she started working as a student. She was always short of money, so she took on any part-time work: as a waitress, a cleaner, a call center operator.

“I didn’t refuse any job as long as I was paid. When I graduated from college and obtained an education, I got a job in my specialty – Manager of HR-department in a large company. I had worked there for almost 15 years, reached the position of senior manager, and then six months ago I was selected for redundancy.

Yes, they warned me in advance, and I started looking for a new job immediately. But it was terribly difficult because of the pandemic. In a panic, I called all my friends with a request to help in the search, and then one friend recommended me visiting your website, dear Zhannabelle.

I neglected it because I needed a job, not browsing a website. But my friend strongly recommended reading your blog and feedback from women who you have already helped.

After reading that you help me not only with women’s issues only but also with financial problems, I made an appointment for an individual consultation. And I have never regretted it because you really helped me to solve my problem.

During the first session we did the money attraction ritual and in a couple of days I started receiving job offers.  

Encouraged, I began to attend your online school regularly, and within a month I felt tremendous changes: I got a job as a senior HR manager, got a good salary, I was able to save money for holidays, for a new apartment and help my mother financially. She is retired, so she really needed it. And recently I started a relationship with a colleague at work, a very interesting man. I believe this is the beginning of something more serious and good.

Thank you, dear Zhannabelle, for your help in a difficult life situation. I recommend the online school and webinars of the mentor to everyone! Believe me, it really works.


You inspired me to write this article and tell others about it just before an online money attraction ritual.


Many people think that attracting financial well-being is something far-fetched or magical. You have to understand that we do not have a goldfish, a silver antelope or a magic wand. Everything is a little more complicated, and at the same time, much simpler.

I present rituals and practices with which you and your whole family can be assured of a prosperous life for decades to come.

By participating in my video marathon ‘3 Types of Love: Female practices for self-acceptance, relaxation, rest, and anti-stress,’ you’ll learn how important it is to love yourself and how to do it so that those around you (and you yourself) love and accept you, how to establish and improve relationships with your partner, and much more.

I invite everyone to attend the webinar ‘Wealth of the Age of Aquarius. How to make friends with the spirit of money’ on the eve of the holiday, on February 13. 

 During the webinar I will conduct the ritual of opening the flow of wealth in the Age of Aquarius, and I will tell you about the cosmic rhythms for good luck and new beginnings. You will learn how to make friends with the spirit of money and obtain its patronage.

Attraction of financial well-being is not magic, but rituals, practices and skills that have been working for many centuries and known only to the chosen ones.

Many people often ask me to help them improve their wellbeing. Therefore, just before St. Valentine’s Day, you and I will meet and talk about the relationship of Love and Prosperity.


With Love, Zhannabelle.