The Magic of the Spring Equinox

Zhannabelle speaks on what will happen on March 21 this year 

Every year there are 4 main days, 4 starting points, during which we can change our destiny and future dramatically, get what we really want, what we have always wished for. These are the days of the winter/summer solstice and the spring/autumn equinox. Very soon, on March 21, we will celebrate one of these days. What does it bring to everyone and how should we spend it? I will tell you the most important things in this article.

My dear, you must admit that we all worry more and more often not about ourselves, but about our relatives and friends, about our lineage. Our children, parents, husbands, sisters and brothers – we all wish them only health and happiness and we really care about them. But there is a day in the year when we can stop worrying and direct our energy to praying for the benefit of our loved ones, and the higher powers will surely help us.

The Day of the vernal equinox – what does it bring to us?

This year the day of vernal equinox falls on March 21. Day and night will become equally long on March 21, which means that the dark and light forces, evil and good spirits will find harmony between each other for the first time this year. It will depend on each of you alone which side to choose, what side you will spend the next three months of your life on. And I can help you make the only right choice.

That is why I will hold a charged online ritual for you, my beautiful ladies, on March 21, dedicated to the day of the vernal equinox. This ritual is open to all who are concerned about their lineage, their loved ones. It is, above all, the ritual of awakening. Same as flowers and plants rise to the sun from under snow in spring, wake up, grow, reach to warmth and light, so each of you can put your face to the sun. This ritual will lay a very strong program for your whole lineage.

During the ritual, your feminine energy will awaken from winter sleep, you will be able to become even more feminine, i.e. there will be sort of feminine awakening. In addition, all your internal resources of health will be activated for strengthening of your immunity and resistance to any diseases. All this and much more will become possible only because our ritual will be aimed at obtaining blessing of all shamanic deities, without which it is difficult for a man to live and make decisions by himself.


The Power of Prayer on the Day of Vernal Equinox

You probably remember that the power of a woman’s word is very great. It is possible to change one’s fate with just a few necessary words. Words often help us cope with difficulties. But sometimes words only are not enough. We need special strong and powerful prayers. In our classes we often pray, saying our words to the heavens and the light forces, tuning in to the positivity and goodness. Such prayers help us to unite and become stronger together.

There will be a feminine awakening on the day of the vernal equinox. On this day you will be able to become many times stronger, change your destiny and cope with difficulties. You will be able to stop worrying about your lineage all the time, because thanks to our ritual, it will be reliably protected. I will give you practices and prayers that will always support your lineage.

There is no way we can protect our lineage except through prayers and spiritual practices, through our devotion and purification of karma. Saying prayers to the higher powers, we protect ourselves and our lineage, empower it and help it to cope with difficulties. 

The magic of the vernal equinox is that the effect of any prayer and spiritual practice amplifies many times this day. The words spoken on this day are amplified by the magic of the day itself, this is why they allow you to change your fate and cope with difficulties.

Women’s awakening, which occurs on the day of the vernal equinox, is similar to the awakening of nature and the whole creation around. It is so strong and beautiful that it gives everyone the opportunity to change their destiny the way they want to. If you choose the right side of the power this day, it will guide you not only during the next three months, but in general further in life. This will allow you to stop worrying about your lineage all the time and finally make all your dreams come true.

The Magic of the Spring Equinox

Every year on the day of the vernal equinox I hold rituals and classes for you, telling you how to spend this day correctly and what to do, so that further life would only be better and more successful. I receive a lot of emails with feedback from my students, who confirm the effectiveness of all the rituals every time. In order to prove my point, I will add a feedback from one of my student below. 

Martha (Munich)

‘The end of winter 2020 was a disaster for me. It started with me getting very ill at the beginning of February. I could recover completely only a month later. But it turned out that my husband, with whom we had been together for over 20 years, had met another woman while I was in hospital and then at rehabilitation. More precisely, it happened, as he admitted, a long time ago, and me being away for 1 month just pushed him to leave for his mistress for good.

I tried to hurl myself into work not to think about the divorce, but it did not help much. Depression hit like a snowball and did not want to let go. A chance meeting with an old acquaintance helped me. Seeing me, she immediately understood something was wrong, and I was so exhausted that I did not hide anything. I just needed to talk to someone. After listening to me, she suggested we go with her to the Place of Power to meet the day of the vernal equinox, which was on March 20. She said that I would definitely not lose anything, and that only there I can get help. 

I really had nothing to lose. The night before March 20, I browsed the website of Zhannabelle, whom my friend had told me about. I read some of the articles from the blog. I got interested and read about who Zhannabelle was and believed that this woman could really solve my problems and help me cope with difficulties. I went on the trip encouraged and returned home inspired. I can call a true reload something I experienced during this trip. I had had an incredible spiritual experience, all thanks to my mentor!

Already on my way home, I knew exactly that I could change my destiny and cope with difficulties. Dear Zhannabelle, the spiritual practices and amulets that I received from you helped me to look at myself and my life in a new way and make it better, more eventful and richer in every way. In just two weeks after the trip, I changed my long-bored job to the one I had dreamed of for a long time. And not only did I enjoy working with people as an HR-specialist, my salary is much higher and I have better career opportunities. I have also met several interesting men at work, so I believe that my personal life will soon improve too.

Zhannabelle, thank you for everything that you have done and still doing for me, because I remain your faithful student to this day! I attend all classes and webinars and recommend them to my girlfriends and relatives. You really help women’. 

Dear Martha, thank you very much, it’s always nice to read such words and to know that I have provided the necessary help. My mission, my whole life is dedicated to this very thing – to help women, to lead them to a better life and destiny.

You can learn how to properly prepare for the day of the vernal equinox from this article. I look forward to seeing you at online ritual on March 21. It’s hard to deal with problems on your own, you really need to attend our training sessions, attend group classes between trainings. Then all your problems will be solved instantly. You can check the current schedule of my events here.