International female trainer Zhannabelle’s program gives you immediate results. Just 30 minutes of Zhannabelle’s mentorship and experiencing her extremely powerful energy field will be enough to reform 10 years of your life. All the participants of the course are working on regaining their female power.

It is not only external change that matters. Last but not least, Zhannabelle’s activities rewrite the matrix of the destiny at the cellular level. The point is that Zhannabelle herself is an accelerator of processes: her energy field is a source of instant rejuvenation for women. 10 years of previous negative experience are rewritten.

What does that mean? Try to remember all the difficulties, failures and disappointments of the last 10 years of your life. Do you remember them? Perhaps those were career problems, financial one or those related to self-realization. Maybe you grew apart with your partner or family. Or you have been diagnosed a serious disease. Or there was simply a prolonged depression, a breakdown, bad mood or period problems.

Some of this must have happened in your life in 10 years. Well, you can live on dragging along this negative experience. But you can get rid of it quickly and efficiently.

But to reach that aim you need to reunite with your female power and interact with it! Actually, the power itself has never gone away. It was always there inside of us. You just need to let it free.Zhannabelle’s program “WOMAN’S WORLD. INNER SOURCE OF POWER” will be ideal for that. But if for some reason you cannot complete the whole program, you can start with a short workshop “WORLD OF WOMAN. RETURN OF WOMEN’S POWER”.

In just 2 and a half hours you will:

  • take a shamanic journey to your inner world, go through a ritual of healing women’s fate (womb cleanse) and get to know the world of your inner woman;
  • undergo a health matrix rejuvenation process at the cellular level;
  • perform a ritual of self-sufficiency to increase your inner power, increase mindfulness and confidence;
  • learn the sacred temple dance of priests to open your heart for unconditional love.

Besides, you can attend free webinars of the course “World of Woman” or choose another master class within the program, as well as go to a 2-day retreat with Zhannabelle and other participants of the course in your city.

But what’s more important is that you will learn what the Return of women’s power is.

Women’s power lies in energy, not lipstick))) When you reunite with your power, you become its source yourself. It means you can change not only your life, but also the surrounding world!

We are waiting for you at our workshop “WORLD OF WOMAN. RETURN OF WOMEN’S POWER!”