Why are you always short of money?

What to do to become wealthy

Many things in our life depend on money. Let’s now talk about common mistakes resulting in their lack.


Mistake No. 1: a wrong purpose

First of all, decide why you need money, because the purpose affects inflow (and outflow) of money to your life. If you need them only for yourself, you have a weak purpose.

Money must help other people. You will have as many powers, ideas and chances and finally as much money as many people you are ready to help. How does it work?

A bad example: I need money to go on holiday. I want the time off.

A good example: I need money to go on holiday. I want to show unexplored corners of the world to my Instagram/FB/VK/OK subscribers.

Another one good example: I need money to go on vacations. I want to help others to build an eco-farm/to take care of animals/to pick up olives as a volunteer.

The worst example: I need money to cover the credit/to repay my debts.

Remember, plugging financial holes is not the purpose. It is a stage on your way to have the funds!


Mistake No. 2: blocking ways and chances of money inflow

There are certain anti-money attitudes that scare off the wealth. What are these attitudes? You probably use many of them and you have certainly heard them all. It’s too expensive; we have no money for that; I need money, I’m always short of them; you cannot earn anything in an honest way; money spoil you; money cannot buy happiness.

All these phrases block inflow of money into your life! Never ever utter them! Moreover, you should see that people around you don’t say these phrases (of course, you’ll need to retell this article for them).

How to cope without them! Replace them to others!

A bad example: I don’t have any money

A good example: I don’t have any money now, so I’ll buy it later.

A bad example: I am not going on holiday this summer because I don’t have any money.

A good example: I cannot afford vacations this summer, I go on holiday at fall when the high season will end – it’s even better: tickets and accommodation are cheaper and there are fewer tourists.


Mistake No. 3: a wrong filling of well-being volume 


Well-being volume is the personal power given to us at birth. It is not the volume of your wealth (love, success, health, beauty). It is your level of happiness.

Imagine that a balloon is your level of well-being. You can fill it with various things: evil, grudge, envy, deceit. Else, you can fill it with joy, kind deeds, a positive attitude towards the world and people.

In the second case you’ll have a big, for example, red balloon. It will be so huge that it will drag you up, to new steps of self-development and happiness. So, throw out trash from your balloon and fill it with really good things only. Then money will certainly come into your life!

Psychology of money is a very popular subject. Do you want to know more about money flow and workable practices? Come to my consultation! I will be happy to share the information!