Business consultation

How to become successful in career and business?

Learn to manage your financial flows 

What is the root of all financial failures? Is it possible to succeed in business and career? Why we always lack money? You will get answers to these questions at business consultation which Zhannabelle will hold for you.

Yolana, Ljubljana: 

“When our children grew up and started living separately, my husband and I decided to divorce. We already had a lot of complaints about each other by that time, and we kept up the façade of a normal relationship just for the sake of children.

After the divorce, my husband gave me a little allowance, but it wasn’t enough. And I had a hard time.

The situation was worsened by the fact that I hadn’t worked anywhere all my life. I mean, I worked as a wife and mother. I was a normal housewife.

It wasn’t easy to find a job with such resume. So I decided to do what I was used to doing all my life – cleaning. I got a job at a cleaning company and… I quit a month later. It turned out to be very difficult physically. My health worsened. 

I did not know what to do… And once on the Internet I saw a commercial about Zhannabelle’s seminars. I signed up right away as if my heart had told me to do it. The training impressed me! I told my story and Zhannabelle offered an individual business consultation. It was necessary to find out what goes wrong in my life, why cash flows bypass me. 

Zhannabelle had to fully immerse into my past incarnations to find the causes of financial problems in my present during the business consultation. She discovered that my lineage has a bright talent of working with animals. Yes, I myself felt drawn to animals, but while I was married, I could not get a pet because my husband was allergic. Zhannabelle created a special amulet for me and put a strong spirit in it so that I always have an energy boost and help from outside. 

When I returned home, I thought about the way to realize my new knowledge. What a surprise it was when everything happened by itself. A neighbor came to see me the next day. She had to urgently go to another city to see her parents, I think because of her father’s health problems. And she had no one to leave her beloved dog with. So I became a dog nanny. Not just a dog nanny, of course. They left cats and parrots and even fish with me!))

The number of clients increased. And my animal care became the most popular in town a year later.

This work not only brought me the desired income, but also filled my life with happiness and joy.

I get along with animals great! It’s just amazing to find my calling guided by the higher powers!

I now attend Zhannabelle’s classes regularly. They give me a powerful boost of energy and help me to overcome the small troubles of life. I have made many friends and met like-minded people with whom it is interesting and enjoyable to spend time. We visit the Places of Power once in a while. I have improved my health and I am noticeably younger. I have become a happy and successful woman. I help my children financially. I travel a lot and just enjoy life! If it weren’t for Zhannabelle, I wouldn’t have become so successful.

Whom will business consultation help? 

Accomplished businessmen often turn to Zhannabelle. They need business consultation to see what stage of development their business is at. Zhannabelle tells us why problems have arisen at this very moment in business life, why it is not possible to expand the business. 

And if you are an employee, business consultation can help solve problems related to career and income.

For example, to understand why you are underestimated by management, why you are demoted or denied a well-deserved bonus.  

Business consultation

And, of course, everyone who wants to learn how to manage the cash flow, to achieve prosperity and financial stability need business consultation. And this is probably what everyone wants)))).

Business consultation identifies the reasons that hinder financial success, achieve the highest goal in life and become a successful person. These reasons can be both external and internal. Zhannabelle analyzes human potential carefully, corrects Manipura chakra – the chakra of solar activity. 

Zhannabelle also looks at whether a person has found their true predestination or not.

After all, very often a person who is destined to be a great artist ruins their talent by working as an ordinary accountant, for example. And, let’s say, a great athlete will remain a musician with a mediocre repertoire forever. In such situations, business consultation is simply necessary. It will help to determine your real abilities and reveal your talents. 

How do you learn to manage cash flow? 

Business consultation is the most effective way to attract wealth into your life and solve all career issues. But you yourself, independently, can influence the level of your income. To do this, you need to know about 3 things that block the arrival of money in your life. Eliminate them, and you will be wealthy!

  1. Choose the right target

What’s the right target, you ask. It is the one that is directed at helping other people, not just for your personal pleasure. Any charitable action, volunteer project, feasible help to the poor or sick – all these are good deeds for which the universe will thank you with health, love and money too!

By the way, Zhannabelle and her students hold a lot of charitable activities. Join them!

  1. Do not scare the money! 

Yeah, you can scare it, you know? How? Phrases like: Money doesn’t bring happiness, money spoils people, money’s always missing. These phrases have to be changed to other phrases. For example, you could say, “I don’t have money for a new smartphone.” And that’s not right. The right phrase would be: “Now I can’t afford this smartphone, I’ll buy it in six months, it will become cheaper then”. Try it!

  1. Increase the amount of welfare 

What is this? It’s all the wealth that the universe has given us since birth: beauty, joy, love, health. The more positive, compassionate, kinder, honest you are, the greater the amount of well-being. And the more it, in turn, attracts money into your life.

Is it possible to increase this amount? Yes, by communicating with spiritual, bright, sympathetic people. You can meet them at Zhannabelle’s group sessions and seminars. Come!

Business consultation

It’s time to change everything!

If you suddenly notice that something in your life is going wrong and you feel unrealized, it is a good reason to think.

Maybe you’re not living your life and you’ve chosen a different path of predestination. And the talents given to you by the Higher Powers are simply wasted. 

Zhannabelle studies all your past lives, unique talents that came with you from there in considerable detail at the business consultation. And based on this, she gives recommendations on what social role you should implement in this life. Only Zhannabelle can truly know your real predestination, the realization of your soul. 

Zhannabelle will tell you what your soul came into this world for, with what message and task from God. She will teach you how to make happy not only you, but also your loved ones. After all, the task of each person is to realize the path that is destined in the great book of fates. Zhannabelle will teach you how to read this book correctly and make your life happy, rich and successful. Sign up for seminars!