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How to live in a new reality? Zhannabelle explains

If you think that now is not the best of times, you are wrong

Familiar holidays and events, financial stability, dreams and expectations – all these have changed quickly.  We do not like these changes and it is quite natural. But if we stop thinking about how we could have lived if it were not for COVID-19, we can take a clear look at reality and see new opportunities in it.  If you look at the situation from another perspective, you will perceive today’s difficulties as great luck and an opportunity to grow. Zhannabelle will help you find inspiration and support in the changed environment.  Her most important message carries the main idea – there is no place for old attitudes in your new life. Take a fresh look at yourself, your environment, your beliefs and your value system!

Festive events that we failed to celebrate

We are used to celebrating important dates according to the official state calendar.  If you do so, it is not surprising that all your life is devoted to a constant search for luck.  Zhannabelle is sure that this is what prevents you from receiving help from the Higher Powers.

By celebrating your birthday, New Year’s Eve or another holiday according to the calendar, you mark important dates in your life at the wrong time and in the wrong place.  That’s why you lose the ability control your life and change it the way you want.

Every holiday is not just an occasion to have fun but a special ritual connected with important points in the astrological calendar. It is a Day of Power which determines your abilities and luck for many months to come.  If you look at the main holidays, you will notice that they are the same in different cultures and religions.

Ancient people knew better than us that on such days the special station and position of the planets provide for the powerful energy of the universe which can be used for your success and prosperity.  Such dates are not found in calendars, rather, they are calculated individually.

Each year the planets slightly change their cycle and direction.  They do not obey human laws. That’s why all calendars are only approximate.  Even your birthday shouldn’t be celebrated on the date written in your passport.  If you know that exact date every year (there will be a small but important shift), you can get the maximum power from the Sun and other guardian planets.

On such days they are exactly in the same position as they were at your birth (this is called the Solar).

Zhannabelle would like to remind you that everyone can use this day to change their lives.  The master knows exactly what needs to be done to get rid of illnesses and problems in a wide range of areas.  You can get rid of your love addiction and toxic relationships, find a well-deserved partner or a job, gain wisdom and influence in society, achieve success in your business and get a stable income.

There are important dates and rituals for each area which will certainly help you if you know how to work with them.  Stop dreaming! Learn from Zhannabelle and make your dreams come true.

The needed money we have not managed to earn 

If you see money only as a means to acquire material goods as a status symbol, you are on the wrong path.  All these goods are killing the planet.

Take a closer look at the ads – billboards are seducing you to buy junk food and iconic gadgets 90% of whose functions nobody ever uses. However, the planet’s resources are wasted on them.  You throw away your gadget before the end of its life cycle, clothes or other things thus polluting the environment.

Beautiful forests and clean basins are turned into stinking dumps and your children suffer from allergies and asthma from birth.

Zhannabelle knows that material well-being and money is also a form of living matter.  It’s in your power to direct it to creation or destruction.  If you use the energy of money wisely, wealth and material stability will not leave you no matter of the changes of the world economy.

Start analyzing your expenses.  The following questions will help you – What do I use my life energy for?  Who gets it?  What do I get in return?  What are the consequences of my new purchase for the planet?  How will the money I spent help me achieve success and develop my abilities?  What new qualities can I discover in myself and how will it help me to improve?  Will my life become fuller and richer with this purchase?  Only then should you make a decision.

Zhannabelle recommends that in any way you should invest at least 25% of your income in your further development.

You should not only improve your mind and body but also your spirituality.  Then you’ll be able to live a full life free from need and suffering.  The best way to invest in yourself is through Zhannabelle’s seminars and group classes.  Each of these event boosts your personal well-being and attracts luck and success.

The hopes that inspire you every day

Do you still have a certain idea and purpose that makes you get up in the morning and remove mountains?  Perfect!  However, it would be wrong to think that this idea is your brainchild.  In fact, it’s not us who generates ideas. They’re the ones that are our rulers and they choose the place that’s best for them. The sooner humanity understands the supremacy of global ideas, the more chances each of us will have to survive.

An idea is a real living being with amazing energy.  It is much stronger than each of us individually and even stronger than the most powerful and brilliant person.

An idea is a subtle creature that wants to fulfill itself in the material world we are used to.  It chooses certain personalities and acts through them.

Zhannabelle reminds us that ideas (like people) can also be different.  There are high ideas.  They are above the usual material goods and the struggle for resources. A person with such an idea rises above the crowd.  The doors magically begin to open for them and they meet the right people meet in their life.  They realize all their potential and meet like-minded people, students and powerful patrons.

There are also low ideas.  As the essence of the Lower World, they do not create anything but only parasitize taking away energy from a person.  These are condemnations, dogmas, outdated stereotypes and judgments that contribute to human estrangement.

Thus, a person with low energy cannot build his team. That’s why he starts condemning successful people.  He gets engaged in trolling in the Internet, slanders others and becomes a religious bigot, etc.  Low ideas have always existed.  Their proponents were condemning Buddha, Jesus Christ and Osho.

The idea of condemning and parasitizing on the success of others devours and destroys the person.  He sees and hears no one around and carries nothing but denial and destruction.

Thus, the idea itself chooses a particular person.  That depends on the type of energy the person emits, what his thoughts and actions bring into the world on a subtle level.  Zhannabelle’s knowledge helps thousands of people on Earth who are ready to change their lives.  Each of us can consciously change our aura to attract the ideas of the highest level.  This is how you can join the ranks of successful and financially independent people, realize your predestination and make any dream come true.

Zhannabelle and her students have been bringing the ideas of development and success to the world for more than a quarter of a century thanks to harmonious cooperation with the energy of Cosmos. Their examples show how to live in a new environment without illnesses and premature aging, without conflicts and in love and harmony with nature, other people and themselves.

Do you want to join the happy and the successful people?  Then join our workshops.  It will be perfect if you can visit the Places of Power with Zhannabelle.  She conducts her energy-rich rituals and programs against all odds.

She does it because the planet itself and the forces of nature help her as they need more people with high ideas who are kind, creative and happy.

Share this article with those who need positive changes.  Give yourself and others opportunities and hope for life that you have only dreamed of before.