Why is plastic surgery dangerous? Zhannabelle answers the question

How not to become a victim of the beauty industry

Plump lips, small nose, firm bottom – a few centuries ago such appearance was considered vulgar. And some tribes still prefer a ring in the nose over big bust. So what is really beautiful? Let’s figure it out.

Japanese Mermaid 

Is there a woman who does not dream of being beautiful? The first beauties of the Paleolithic era gracefully wrapped their bodies in the skin of a mammoth (the oldest analogue of a fur coat). They decorated their hairstyles with bones of animals and feathers of birds.

The courtly ladies of the Middle Ages had a very vague idea of ​​personal hygiene. They had huge wigs (where mice lived because of insanitary conditions, they say) and covered their faces with a thick layer of whitewash. They “masked” unpleasant odors of unwashed bodies with strong perfume fragrances. And they did not even hide the nits living on their bodies and in the hair. On the contrary, they exchanged the nits with their newly-made spouse during the marriage. How romantic…

Sometimes women had to use incredible tricks that could lead to self-harm. All just to be in demand in the brides market. For example, in ancient China, small legs were in fashion. A tiny foot no longer than 10 cm was an ideal. This is about half of the size 9, the most popular women’s size. Moreover, the foot had to be “elegantly” arched and resemble a lotus bud. Such “beauty” was form when girls were still young: girls’ feet were bandaged in a special way to stop the growth of their feet.

Terrible pain for what?

When walking, Japanese women of fashion experienced the same pain as the Little Mermaid, having exchanged a luxurious fishtail for human legs. But Japanese men are completely satisfied with these standards of beauty. The lame bride did not frighten anyone, but on the contrary, was considered incredibly attractive and sexy.

Do you think there are no such things today? You bet. Some women of fashion cut off their little fingers to be able to get into narrow shoe. And how different are they from the Japanese beauties of the past?

The little mermaid, by the way, lives in many contemporary women. They choose shoes on the principle of “the higher the heel, the better.” Of course, the hairpin is sexy, who argues, but within the bounds of reason.


On a silver platter

The members of an Ethiopian tribe believe that the most beautiful part of the female body is the lower lip. And it must be gigantic. First, they cut girls’ lip and insert the stick therein. As they grow older, the stick is replaced with a small plate. And then – with a bigger plate. When the plate no longer fits the mouth, part of the teeth is simply removed. Nothing wrong – beauty requires sacrifice, everyone knows that. The most beautiful women of the tribe wear plate-like lips with a diameter of 15 cm!

So the next time you think why not make your lips chubby like Angelina Jolie’s, remember the poor Ethiopian women. The pursuit of an ideal body can lead too far.

By the way, beauty standards are not a reason to go under the knife (do not do this!). If you really want to boost your lips, my course of energy plastic surgery will help you.

Bigger does not mean better

Ethiopian beauty is not the most terrible one. In another tribe, girls are put metal rings around their necks from early childhood. And their number is increased from time to time. The neck is gradually extended, and some ladies have their necks as long as 25-30 cm. However, their head rests not on the neck, but on these rings. If you remove them, the head will simply fall to the ground …

“It’s good we don’t have the same here,” you say. “After all, we live in a civilized society, and our standards of beauty are far from barbarian ideals.” Are you serious! But what about women who increase their breasts to the size of over-ripe watermelons? What about those who lengthen their legs? Have you not heard about that? Very popular surgery today.

First, the leg bones are broken in several places. Then special pins are inserted. And after that the woman of fashion is stretched for several months. If everything went well (and from the first time it is rarely possible to achieve the desired result), then the woman becomes three centimeters higher.

And stops dreaming to wear the Labutenes ever again – you can not wear the pin and the heel after such surgery…

Beauty standards that ruin life

Our student Kelly told us about the consequences of pursuing the ideals of beauty:

“I had a prolonged depression. I underwent therapy, took tranquilizers. Although my life looked quite good. I had a husband, two children, and nice house in the suburbs. But I did not want to live. What was the reason? The psychotherapist did not find it. And I found it! In the shape of my nose. For some reason, I thought that if I did rhinoplasty, then my life would improve. After the operation, everything healed for a very long time, but I could not stop. I read in a magazine that today, one of the modern beauty standards was skin smooth like baby’s. I began fighting with wrinkles; I did a lot of botulin injection. I took a loan to do liposuction (insurance does not cover such surgery). Nothing helped. And then I increased my bust. My husband left me, he said he did not want to live with a Barbie doll … My depression intensified …

Yet I was lucky – a friend invited me to visit Zhannabelle’s seminar. There they were just discussing how to become beautiful. They talked a lot about the beauty energy laws. It is good that I stopped doing plastic surgeries. I started attending sessions, I joined the on-site event, and, what is most important, I started self-development, read a lot, communicate with interesting people (there are many of them among Zhannabelle’s students), and finally went for sports. And I realized that I got depressed because of slack of self-confidence and boredom! Zhannabelle helped me find spiritual harmony. I started business that inspires me (I make jewelry – earrings, brooches, rings). Now, two years later, I am married a second time.

Absolutely happy. My husband completely accepts me for who I am. And supports in everything, helps to develop my small business. “.

The laws of real beauty

Many of the so-called beauty standards are designed only to pump as much money out of you as possible. They only want you to get addicted to the race for the ideal. Many procedures must be done regularly, otherwise your chest will be deflated, your face will petrify from Botox injections. Semi-permanent hair will start to fall out in clumps.

Do not become a victim of advertising and fashion magazines! Do not destroy your energy by surgical interventions! Learn the true laws of beauty, which are more than one thousand years old.

I speak about them during my classes. And I invite all of you to join my classes 🙂 See the schedule in your city here.