Is it possible to disarm the coronavirus?

Is it possible to disarm the coronavirus?

How do we stop the plague of the 21st century?

All the news is about it only. Everybody speaks and argues about it only. All our fears and hopes are related to it. Since last December, when the coronavirus outbreak began in China, it has taken over the entire planet. Authorities from different countries and medical professionals give the alert. The doctors, having united, are trying to create a vaccine. But there’s no result yet. Will the coronavirus really kill humanity? Zhannabelle says that deadly danger can be defeated.

Our world will not be the same anymore

The virus is spreading at an alarming rate. More than 300 000 people around the world have already been infected. Nearly 15 000 have died (according to official figures). News bulletins and videos from different countries remind a film about the apocalypse. Deserted parks, streets, offices, schools look frightening. The most important ceremonies and mass events have been canceled. It wasn’t even like this during the last world war…

Having knocked down the Chinese population, the coronavirus went for a walk in Europe. The Italians were the hardest hit. 

Neither oceans nor continents became a barrier to the disease. 

There was is corner of the globe left untouched by the virus: Africa and Australia, America and Eurasia.

The virus doesn’t care about wealth and doesn’t distinguish between officials. Even the first people of governments fall sick. Communication between countries has stopped. A special state of martial law has been declared in many countries. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs.

But the worst thing is that the vaccine hasn’t been invented yet.

Our future depends only on us

The worst predictions of the well-informed people about the fate of humanity seem to  true. 

We will all face serious challenges in 2020. 

Our world is under the domain of Evil, fierce and indomitable dark forces. They devour people’s souls, feed on our suffering.

Zhannabelle calls on everyone to unite to fight the spirit of evil. It’s time to stop it now before it’s too late. Everyone is capable of performing a miracle! Zhannabelle and her students cannot stand aside. They have gathered a powerful force to fight the Coronavirus in dozens of cities around the world. 

Despite restrictions and prohibitions, they managed to conduct ceremonies and special strong rituals even remotely.

So, we used an important astrological day on February 22nd. It is the date one month before the real astrological and energetic New Year’ (Spring Equinox Day). Zhannabelle conducted a special Field of Love prayer. People from all over the world participated, gathering their energy and directing it towards one goal. This is how the planet received a powerful protective field. The virus began to retreat! 

It was on this day that reports from all countries recorded a record number of recoveries!

That means the power of special rituals and prayers is working. You too can protect yourself and your loved ones, whichever country in the world you are. Join in the remote group prayers. Use photos of those you care about, who you want to help, protect, and heal. And the insatiable life-eating spirit of Coronavirus will retreat!

Lost Souls

The evil spirit of the virus, like all spirits of the Lower World, feeds on human suffering, panic, horror, anger, and despair. It manifests itself clearer through bad people, its supporters. This is how it gains the most power. 

Only peace on the planet, universal Love and Good can stop the epidemic.

Zhannabelle notes that there are more and more henchmen of Evil. Sometimes they even break into our rituals, try to interfere, make ridiculous accusations. To the point where they’re looking for witch potions and brooms.

And they’re not just weird people. They’re dangerously obsessed with the spirits of the Lower World. But they can’t stop us from fighting the coronavirus. We pray and ask for protection ten times stronger. We also pray for these deluded people. They cannot even assess the extent of the terrible tragedy and soberly analyze their actions.

Only universal efforts and boundless Love can stop the pandemic. Join in the rituals and prayers! Can’t leave your house because of the quarantine? Let’s communicate online! 

Do not get overcome with panic, keep a positive mood, be wise. Together we will defeat the coronavirus!