The practice of using salt bandages

The practice of using salt bandages

Dissolving salt in water no more than 10 percent – active sorbent. It pulls all the impurities out of the harmed body part organ. Important to remember that therapeutic effect can be achieved if the bandage is breathable (hygroscopic), which is determined by the quality of the material used for the bandage.

The salt bandage acts locally – only on the harmed body organ or body area. As the liquid is absorbed from the subcutaneous layer, the tissue fluid rises from the deeper layers, captivating all the pathogenic onsets: microbes, viruses and organic matter. Thus, during this procedure in the harmed body tissues activates revitalization of fluid, cleansing of the pathogenic factor and the elimination of the pathological process. The bandage with a hypertensive solution of table salt acts gradually. The therapeutic result is achieved within 7-10 days, and sometimes more.

If you face a runny nose and headaches to apply a circular bandage on the forehead and the back of the head at night. After an hour and a half, the runny nose passes, and by morning the headache disappears. In any colds, bandages are used at the first sign. If you still missed the time and the infection managed to penetrate the throat and bronchi, it is necessary to do together a full bandage on the head and neck (from 3-4 layers of soft thin cloth) and on the back (from 2 layers of wet and 2 layers of dry towels) usually for the whole night. Recovery is achieved after 4-5 procedures.

How to cook 10% medical saline solution:

– 1 liter of boiled, snowy or rain or distilled warm water.

– 90 g table salt (i.e. 3 tablespoons without top). Stir thoroughly. It turned out to be a 9 percent medical saline solution. Pour part of the solution into the bowl and place 8 layers of cotton and paper cheesecloth and hold in it 1 minute. Squeeze it slightly so it would not leak.

Put 8 layers of cheesecloth on a sore body part and a piece of pure lamb wool on top. Do it before going to bed. Combine everything with cotton and paper cloth bandage, without applying plastic pads and take it off in the morning only. Next night repeat all procedure again. This amazingly simple recipe cures from many diseases, pulls out all toxins from the spine to the skin, kills all infections.

This recipe helps from:

– internal hemorrhage

– severe bruise on the lungs

– inflammatory processes in the knee joint

– blood infections

– fatality caused by hemorrhage in the leg after stab wound

– inflammation of the neck muscles