Winter solstice

Winter solstice: how to celebrate this day?

The time when your wishes can come true

You and I are used to celebrating the beginning of the year on January 1, it is already a tradition. However, our ancestors knew and respected the laws of nature, which do not always coincide with calendar holidays. Therefore, they considered the day of winter solstice to be the most important event in the annual cycle. This is a special energy date, and it has been well said: “A good year beginning makes the whole year good”. Zhannabelle will help you figure out how to celebrate The Winter Solstice Day to make the whole year successful.

The day that can be a turning point in your destiny 

The winter solstice marks the longest night, after which the day starts to better. This year, on December 21, the sun reaches its lowest position. In astrology, the sun passes from Sagittarius to Capricorn, and the astrological winter begins.

Our ancestors heralded the day of winter solstice with the collision of forces of Light and Darkness. As the forces of Light win the battle, this time symbolizes the rebirth, the emergence of hope and the joyful beginning of the journey to solar abundance. It is imbued with the most powerful energy to the extent that innermost and most incredible human dreams can become true, one can get rid of all unnecessary things, attract happiness and prosperity.

Just in this period it is important to follow the recommendations that Zhannabelle gives us. She urges to pay maximum attention to doing personal practices and rethinking one’s life path.

How should one prepare?

Do the house bottoming a few days before the holiday.

• Dispose of things in cabinets, storage rooms and under-the-ceiling storage bins, throw away the trash.

• Give the rest of the unnecessary things to the needy (orphanages or shelters). 

• Wash the nooks and crannies in your home.

• Put all the things where they should be 

Why do I need house bottoming? It will help you clear a place in your life for something new and good in the coming year. It may be a promotion at work or even new addition to your family. When you get rid of unnecessary things, you also throw away problems and failures from your life. 

Winter solstice

Additionally, Zhannabelle recommends doing any good thing before the Winter Solstice Day.

You can help a friend, become a volunteer, or even organize a charity event. The spirit of the Sun will certainly appreciate it and help you do good. 

After that analyze your life and write down all your goals and dreams. By performing special rituals on this magical day, you can start the process of fulfilling your desires.

Determine what is really important for you, and what you want to get rid of. After that, start the rituals, in which the forces of light will help you.

Ritual to fulfill your dreams

Zhannabelle recommends cooking a special wish cake to make even the most seemingly impossible dreams come true on the Winter Solstice Day. It is better to cook it the day before, on December 20. If possible, bring your whole family together. Everyone should participate, including grandparents and children. Try to find a task for everyone.

Cook only in a joyful atmosphere, with a smile on your face, and imagine a happy future for your family. Enjoy the unity of your family, because when you are making a cake, you are not only making a gift to the spirit of the Sun, but also connecting the generations – the elder and younger. Let your cake be rouge, round, like the sun. Put as much positive energy as you can in your cake. 

At dawn, December 21, start making wishes. To do this, stand up facing east, take the cake. Let the elder of the family hold it or put it before you. Mentally greet the spirit of the Sun. Say it out loud: “Accept this sacrifice as a token of respect and esteem for you, be gracious to us”. 

Thank the Sun for all the good things that happened to you the previous year. Remember different moments, scroll through the events in your head again. Again feel those emotions that you felt then. Let every member of your family remember their pleasant memories and welcome the Sun too. 

Now make a wish. Close your eyes and visualize your dream in detail. If this is a thing, for example, a beautiful new watch, then imagine that it is already on your wrist, you feel it, taking it all around. Well, if your goal is not a material thing, for example,  promotion at work or recovery of your relative, then live this moment. Try to feel the emotions that you will have when the desired thing happens. 

On Winter Solstice Day, it is best to make wishes that involve changes in life and the appearance of something positive in it. If you wish for the appearance of a pet or moving to a more comfortable apartment, the spirit of the Sun will be only glad to help you realize this dream. 

Once it is done, cut out the middle part of the pie and put it on the most beautiful plate you can find at home. Make sure that this part is not eaten by any of your family members. You should put the plate with the middle part outside or on the window sill so that the birds and squirrels can help themselves. These forest guests are the helpers of the spirit of the Sun. They are the ones who will pass on your positive message to it. 

If no one has ever touched the cake, it means that the spirit of the Sun did not accept your offering and will not help fulfilling your wish. In this case turn to Zhannabelle the mentor immediately. This behavior of birds and forest animals means that there is something wrong in your lineage, and you need to fix it. The main thing is not to worry, the seminars of the mentor will certainly help you! 

Split the rest of the cake among all family members. Eat it as if you were a child: sincerely rejoicing, praising, smiling and perhaps even smacking with pleasure. 

Winter solstice

For everything to go well in the coming year, to lay the foundation for the Happy Year program, attend a special seminar dedicated to this day. During the next training sessions you will learn how to prepare for this day, you will be able to make an amulet for good luck and strengthen the defense of your lineage.

Amalia, Koper

“For the first time I came to Zhannabelle for help, and this meeting completely changed my life. At that time I was at the peak of despair: I did not have a boyfriend, although all my friends have long been married. I was afraid to stay completely alone, and because of constant depression I looked tired and aged beyond my years. Zhannabelle understood where the root of the problem lies already at the first consultation. It turned out that I fell under the negative influence of my own sister. Not realizing it, she sent evil thoughts and energy in my direction, which broke our relationship and destroyed my faith in myself. This made me and her unhappy, but once we went together like salt and pepper. 

My mentor gave me a protective amulet and also told me about the approaching winter solstice. I learned that it was the best time for forgiveness and fulfillment of desires. Therefore, I was preparing especially for the holiday. I called my mother to make a wish cake together. Also, on Zhannabelle’s advice, I invited my sister. While cooking, we had a heart-to-heart talk, and she admitted that she was very jealous of me. She was also afraid that I would forget about her if I started my own family. And she added: “We won’t have any more sister parties over a cup of tea!” Her words touched me. I wasn’t angry with her at all and I promised her that I would always be there for her.

The rest of the evening was in a very joyful atmosphere. My mother told stories from our childhood, we remembered the happy moments. At dawn, the three of us went out to the winter gazebo in front of our house, and made the most cherished wishes. I sincerely wished to find my love and be happily married.

Simply inconceivable events started happening in my life from this day on! My sister and I are best friends again. I blossomed and started looking younger, about five years younger. It’s been less than a month since I got acquainted with a man in the gym. I left my wallet at the reception, and he noticed in time and handed it to me, saying that in return he needs my phone number. Soon we started a relationship. He is ideal both externally and internally. There was not a single day he left me without his attention and care. And once during a date, he made a prank, which went into an offer to get married! We have been together for a year already, and every day with him is filled with real happiness! 

The winter solstice is a truly magical day. It is able to fulfill even the most intimate and seemingly impossible desires. Zhannabelle will teach you how to make the most of this day for yourself and your family at her seminars

It is important not only to study, but also to practice the knowledge gained in a circle of like-minded people. We invite you to join the company of happy, open and loving people in our classes and retreats!