How to forget your ex

How to forget your ex-partner?

Take 4 steps to a new life 

A dizzying romance or a long marriage… But now you are like thrown overboard, and the shining with lights ship sailed on. You torment yourself with thoughts of how to forget the ex. But while you think about him/her, this certainly will not happen. What should we do?

With mind and heart: Zhannabelle tells how to forget your ex 

Men are much easier to get over their ex-partners. Why does it happen? It’s all about the difference in the nature of man and woman. When the relationship begins, a special sans-contact arises between partners at a subtle energy level. At the same time, a man receives energy from a woman, and she gives this energy away then.

Zhannabelle explains at an elementary level why the task to forget the ex lasts for many girls for years. Men need more energy, so they seek to enter into new relations (this is how they get power from their ex-partners and already new ones). Therefore, guys are essentially polygamous. And a woman cannot give her energy unlimitedly, she is monogamous.

The break-up provides opportunities for new recharge for a man, but it destroys a woman morally and physically. A woman in her pursuit to forget the ex goes through all circles of torment from comfort eating to nervous breakdowns.

You understand mentally that he is not the best and not the only one in the world. But even so, there is nothing you can do about it. And it’s not about your own stupidity and weakness. Zhannabelle explains that an unbroken sans-contact with the ex is the reason.

He already builds new relationships, but he still continues to draw power and energy from you: every time you think about him, you are taking his belongings in your hands or scrolling his page on social networks.

What should we do?

First of all, you should undergo a session of breaking the sans-contact. This can be done at an individual session with Zhannabelle. Get on with it, sign up now!

Step 1: no social contacts

Out of sight, out of mind is not just a proverb, but the remnants of an ancient spell. Nothing should remind you of the ex. Erase not only his phone number and email, but also his friends’ ones. Try also to minimize contacts with people from a common network of acquaintances.

Do you still think how to forget the ex?

Then it’s definitely worthwhile to stop following his social networks, like the photos and reply to SMS in the form of emoticons.

And especially stop to get taped his new girlfriends.

Here is a typical story from one of Zhannabelle’s students: 

“What did I do the year after the divorce? Like many others, I watched tearful romantic films, tried to understand why it has happened. Of course, I ate too much goodies. As a result, I gained 20 kilograms.

And I became a real detective. I followed the social networks of the ex and his new girlfriend actively. I knew everything about her: from her favorite color of nail polish to her favorite places where she was with her friends. I understood that it was the right time to stop this, but simply could not do this!

The fact that he periodically put likes on social networks also stopped me. And what has started when I finally pulled myself together and became slimmer! He just showered me with compliments. He even offered a date. Then I thought that he repents, wants to get the relationship back on track. Everything was like in a beautiful film.

Then a night of love, and he disappears. On his own. It was not me, who wipe him from of my head and from all contacts. He did it!

I became even more depressed. How to forget the ex? The only way out for me was the help of Zhannabelle. I started with an individual session. We had a practice of breaking the sans-contact. I followed all the recommendations of Zhannabelle. This is incredible, but after a few months I felt better. I forgot about him and started new relations”.

How to forget your ex

Step 2: break up at the physical level

Do you know why men can not take their things for months after leaving you? The point is not laziness, carelessness or fear of upsetting you with a meeting. The man keeps a sans-contact between you in such a way.

You constantly stumble upon his discs or T-shirts here and there.  You remember him involuntarily and give him a piece of your energy.

It is not surprising that the problem to forget your ex is unsolvable.

Urgently throw all your photos together away. You can send all his belongings by delivery services. And decide for yourself what to do with cute teddy bears and hearts: give it to a child, give it to a charity or just throw it away.

One thing is important! A new man will not appear in the house until the energy of your ex dwells there in the form of his belongings.

Step 3: purify the mind 

Our brain is so arranged that after a while, it begins to idealize relations, even if it ended in a breakup or adultery. The way in which the ex-partner actually acted, becomes already unimportant.

Stop tormenting yourself with thoughts and empty hopes. There are many interesting things in the world that are worth considering. For example, about your health, appearance and physical condition, which have been badly damaged while you shared energy with your ex.

Use any methods that help to block your dreary thoughts.

Not sure where to start? Visit seminars of Zhannabelle or sign up for a group in your city.

Step 4: the way from a hobby to yourself

You have saved a lot of free time. Spend it on what you have long dreamed of: from photography courses to dances.

It’s great if the new activity will benefit other people as well.

Not sure how to do this? When you think about how to forget the ex, think about other the same women.

You can help women who find themselves in a similar situation. And at the same time you can expand the circle of acquaintances and get support from those who have already successfully dealt with the problem of forgetting the ex. To do this, become a volunteer of charity movements of Zhannabelle or her representative in your city.

How to forget your exUse every opportunity for personal growth and self-development! Engage in a group, attend outdoor events at the Places of Power, use the power of magic objects. And your life will sparkle with new colors!