Why are Zhannabelle’s seminars so expensive?

Why Zhannabelle’s seminars are priceless

What is the true cost of success and health?

We all want to be healthy, happy and successful. But not all of us are capable of achieving that. Today we are talking to Zhannabelle about ways to do it and the cost of individual practices or  a magical protective talisman.

– They probably often tell you that the price of your practice is too high?

Zhannabelle: Yes, I hear that quite often. But you have to assess properly what to compare it with. As a rule, people simply do not understand the real price of such trainings. They have never faced this kind of energy. They have never used this kind of service in their life. At the same time, air tickets are also very expensive, and this fact does not seem surprising to anyone. After all, there is no other way to get to another continent quickly. 

If you need to get to an island on the other side of the planet, it will cost you more than one thousand Euros. And you don’t argue about it.

– And yet, they don’t travel to distant lands often and your classes are regular…

Zhannabelle: Sure. Still, many people drink coffee every day, spending the same amount of money on coffee a week as paying for one group session. Going to the movies costs almost as much. People will gladly spend money and time to visit the premiere of a film. That’s what everyone does, so it is customary. New movies in the film industry usually have extensive advertising campaigns. But when people are invited to seminars, they wonder about benefits they get from it.  

The problem is that they are unaware of the true value of the knowledge that we give. Some people are sure they’re buying a pig in a poke)). What’s the point, for example, of purifying karma? A person has no idea what the result of this ritual will be. 

Gadgets, clothes, cars are material and obvious purchases which are advertised all the time.

– In fact, there is advertising everywhere. It’s hard to imagine how we lived without it before, without knowing which yogurt is the most useful one and which cream is the most effective one…

Zhannabelle: Indeed. For example, they show us photo models in the cream advertising: beautiful, well-groomed, with good skin. All women try to buy the same cream, not paying attention to its high price. After all, they expect to have the same posh skin as in the ad using this cream. Almost always their expectations so not materialize.  

Still hoping, people keep spending money on what they see in advertising. 

It happens because they have an idea of what the result can be. But they don’t know what result to expect from karma purification. It is difficult for them to realize that this procedure can change their lives dramatically. They will be healed. They will solve their problems in relationship with their partners, help all members of their family become healthy, happy and successful.

– Is karma purification really that expensive?

Zhannabelle: If they ask you a question about the price of your health, can you name it? No. Because it’s priceless! When a person comes to my seminars and starts regular classes, his health is greatly improved. 

Many people had big health problems and have been unsuccessfully treated in different clinics for many years, spending a lot of money on drugs and medical care before joining our classes. No one has guessed to advise them to cleanse their karma! On the contrary, they recommended new drugs and surgeries. 

The person was totally sure that expensive treatment will certainly be effective. Maybe such treatment helped someone else, but not him. 

The treatment was ineffective; the money was wasted in his case. But the person still hopes for the best, and everything starts over again. Reminds of Samsara wheel…

Tantric diagnostics

– Why it happens this way?

Zhannabelle: It’s no surprising. There are three industries at the heart of our lives. 

First of all, it’s food. Buying food, culinary delicacies eats up most of our money. There is a supermarket in every building. We eat too much. Sometimes we get lost in our desires, and we don’t know what tasty dish we want treat ourselves with. We don’t even eat the food we have but we fill the fridge with another serving again. Excess eating and lack of mobility cause weight problems and various diseases. 

If we get sick, we use help of another industry – pharmaceuticals. As well as grocery stores, there is a pharmacy in every street. We buy numerous drugs trying to cure diseases caused by malnutrition.

We turn to the next industry – the beauty industry – right after that. It allows us to hide all our problems and diseases under a layer of cosmetics or with the help of plastic surgeries.

Nails, skin, eyebrows, eyelashes, expensive balms for wrinkles and bruises under eyes – all these products only create a false image of a beautiful and healthy person. 

Hiding our defects s under the mask of expensive cosmetics, we lose time that could be used to heal. 

– People just don’t know another way to live.

Zhannabelle: But it’s in our power to change the situation! No, you can’t buy energy for money, nor can you buy happiness or health. But you can really get energy from the universe, from nature, from the Place of Power. To learn how to use this power, you must regularly attend our classes, which are currently held online and are available to everyone! 

You can gain a unique experience of individual practice and experience the protective properties of talismans, learn how it works at my seminars. 

And then you will realize that the cost of seminars is not really that high, because in return you will receive invaluable knowledge and skills that will change you dramatically, make you healthy, successful and happy.

At the seminars you will meet other students of mine, hear their wonderful stories about my classes that have turned their lives upside down. 

You will see with your own eyes what an ordinary person can achieve by improving the energy abilities that nature itself has put in you. 

You’ll never see it in commercials or on television. That is why you must make your choice with your heart. Choose the path of spiritual development to make your life and that of your family better, more successful, happier. 

The Higher Powers will help you do that. It is important to open your heart to these changes, to let this energy transmitted by your mentor into your heart. You will be able to buy protective talismans that will strengthen your energy. The result will surprise you a lot.  

When choosing between a vacation on Hawaiian beaches or a retreat at the Place of Power, make the right decision! 

It probably won’t be much different in value, but what you get at the retreat is simply disproportionate in price. It is well-being, happiness, wonderful changes in life, health and beauty from nature! 

Divine power has chosen me to be your guide, and I can help you find the right path!