How Zhannabelle’s consultations help to correct the mistakes of the past

We all are not sinless and, of course, we make many mistakes.  And what if the mistakes of the past don’t let you sleep at night?

How to fix the mistakes of the past?

Let’s look at how to turn the negative experience into the grain of growth and prosperity.


  1.     Every mistake is an engine of growth. Thanks to mistakes, you can see the true state of things. Every time we stumble we see the essence of the problem and how it can be solved in a different way. It becomes clear which of our qualities have led to the undesirable outcome.
  2.     Character training is the main way to adulthood and the accumulation of wisdom. We learn to understand people, to build the right relationships. Our heart becomes softer and our character stronger. Thus, we learn to accept ourselves and other people without illusions and discontent.
  3.     Your intelligence develops. Making mistakes in any situation, we find other ways out of it. Mistakes activate the brain helping to find new solutions.
  4.     Mistakes are part of the experience. As a rule, we learn the world by “trial and error”. Forgetting unpleasant emotions, we still have invaluable knowledge.
  5.     Mistakes help to develop flexibility of thinking. So you can learn to look at the situation from different angles, to switch from one way to another. This skill is very important in a career.

 We are not taught at school how to live, raise children, or build a family. That is why mistakes are inevitable. But that’s no reason to worry. We need to accept this fact and constantly engage in self-development. Certain events shape our personality, influence decisions and choices. There are benefits to be gained. All the great people made mistakes while they were developing theories and making discoveries.

It happens that the mistakes of the past greatly disturb the soul and prevent from living a full life. We cannot let some situations go on our own, especially when I realized that I had chosen a wrong profession and for many years had been doing a wrong thing.

Adele, Toulouse:

Since childhood I have dreamed of becoming an actress, of playing in the theatre. But I have been working as an economist for almost 20 years. How did this happen? In high school I enjoyed going to the drama club! I was happy with every school play in which I played!

It’s simple! I didn’t have enough confidence, and also in the career choice my mother said that in life I needed stability, which the theatre unfortunately didn’t have. I didn’t dare argue. I regret it very much now.

One thing my mother was right about is that stability has always accompanied me. But all these years I have felt out of place, as if I have been taking someone else’s place, living somebody else’s life.

One day I shared my doubts with my best friend, and she told me to go to Zhannabelle, saying that she had helped many people to find their place in life.

To be honest, I did not really believe in it, but went for a consultation. Zhannabelle welcomed me very warmly, listened carefully, and then explained everything in detail. And in the end I was told that it was never late to cardinally change my life. I had been thinking about her words for a long time and decided to enroll in acting classes. 

It’s been a long time. I’ve been doing charity work for a long while. In my spare time I play in an amateur theatre. Our troupe gives performances for orphans, sick children and old people. I really like my job: I can make someone a little happier. I clearly know that I have found my place in the world, which I am making a little better! And for that I am immensely grateful to Zhannabelle!

Even if you are already quite desperate – do not give up! I will help you find your calling! If you have any questions or problems, I will be happy to answer them and help you to understand yourself, to cope with the difficulties. Remember, there is a way out of any situation!