Types of effective work with a spiritual tutor

Types of effective work with a spiritual tutor

Are you dreaming about recovering your inner energy and solving all life problems? Learn about ways of interaction with Zhannabelle!

Conflicts with relatives, problems at work, relatives’ diseases, or relationship failure stress you out? Each of you is familiar with a situation when you have no power or desire to move on. The biggest mistake will be to give up and shrink into oneself. However, any situation can be improved, and the most important thing is to act. Ask  Zhannabelle for help and discover peace of mind! You can read about all types of work with a tutor below.

We come to this world full of strength, energy, and with important predestination that will be revealed a little bit later by fate and the Universe. Throughout life, we face various circumstances and obstacles influencing our health, relationships, self-confidence. Betrayal of a friend, disease of a relative, another financial problem – and our vital energy fades away. You feel depressed, nervous, and you have insomnia. However, it is important not to be blind to troubles but take measures to achieve harmony and happiness.

Today, you have an excellent opportunity to solve issues that bother you, to recover your inner self, and reveal your predestination. Experience of our students shows that work with spiritual tutor Zhannabelle helped them recover after experiencing problems, believe in themselves, and returned their desire to live more than once. Individual and group programs allow finding your source of energy and changing your life completely. Let’s see what forms of work with the master that will fit you! 

Individual consultations (practices)

Every woman is unique. She is an unrepeatable personality with her skills and talents. Therefore, we require an individual approach to solving problems and troubles. This is the purpose of individual consultations.

5 minutes are enough for Zhannabelle to carry out karma diagnosis, replenish chakras with energy, and look at past incarnations. This information will help you understand which karmic situations prevent you from moving on, give joy to your relatives, support your spouse, and raise children. During an individual consultation, the tutor will give you detailed answers and find a solution to problems bothering you.

The universe allowed Zhannabelle to see signs of Power that change the lives of people and work directly with our problems. The sacred experience of predecessors and her superpowers allow her to find the correct way out and solution to any, even the most difficult problems. She will teach you how to protect your energy. Individual practices will help you find your own goal, reveal your talent and energy potential.

Think well, perhaps, something you are doing now is not your predestination! For instance, you are a journalist, but you don’t feel feedback from your work, you are not satisfied and even get tired often. What if your true predestination lies in another sphere? For instance, you can write novels for women (you thought about this earlier but didn’t dare to do this). How can you find out what needs to be changed for the sake of your well-being?

Only 15 minutes of interaction with Zhannabelle are enough for revealing female personality. After several sessions, you will discover the superpowers that were given to you by the Universe, master the art of self-healing, and the skill to stop biological aging.

Elsa, Great Britain

“I have always had problems in my life: in childhood, I was often ill, got injured, lost house keys. I didn’t do well at school and university since I couldn’t focus on studying. Despite these adversities, I found a good husband, gave birth to three excellent boys. Surrounded by relatives, I even joked with them that the wedding day became a turning point since my bad streak ended.

However, all my luck ended when I turned 35. Several weeks after my birthday, I got sick: severe prostration, depressing thoughts, lack of desire to get out of bed. At the back of my mind, I understood that something had to be done with it. The most horrible thing was that my children could feel my state… I told myself: “Pull yourself together! Act! There is a whole life to live on“. Suddenly, fate gave me a signal that I am on the right path: I saw the news in the chat room with my colleagues about Zhannabelle coming to the town and conducting her retreat. I got interested.

I found Zhannabelle’s blog, started studying it, absorbed each letter, each word… and decided to meet her in person. I signed up for an individual consultation. During the first 10 minutes, Zhannabelle saw my problems – the spirit of the lineage that had been haunting my family for many generations. This being drained strength from me and my relatives. But Zhannabelle helped me. She performed a cleansing ritual, advised me to attend her retreat. I followed her advice. Everything changed: the blues disappeared, and I felt a fit of strength and energy, found my goal. Now I even have my private kindergarten at home, and I am very happy about it!”


Group workshops – another form of interaction with the spiritual master. Someone thinks that this way doesn’t fit them, and for no reason! Zhannabelle pays as much attention as possible to the individual needs of each participant.

Workshops bring stunning results as many like-minded people gather in one place. All participants direct their energy to achieve goals, and it transforms into a big impulse from the Universe.

Group practices change people, their thoughts, and outlook on life. They will help you reveal your predestination, recover your life energy, open your karmic memory, and untie the knot preventing you from achieving set goals.

Types of effective work with a spiritual tutor


Zhannabelle uses all the sacred experience of her ancestors, her unique abilities to help people. For this, she conducts group practices in the nature, in a special space of power. Zhannabelle arranges a retreat in the best astrological time since it is important to consider the special impact of planets and stars on people.

Group practices, rituals, communication with elements of fire and water help establish the relationship with the roots of the lineage, reveal life potential, cure diseases.

Once, Gloria signed up for Zhannabelle’s retreat. She had a very successful medical equipment business, but she couldn’t find her soul mate. During interaction with nature under the strict guidance of Zhannabelle, during meditations, dance therapy, Gloria managed to reveal her inner strength, recover, and direct it to find her loved one. She didn’t stop and continued attending group workshops, conducting individual practices. What do you think happened? Work with Zhannabelle gave a result – during one business trip, Gloria met a man. They married 2 years later and had a beautiful daughter whom they named after Zhannabelle. Isn’t it the happiness worth acting?

Types of effective work with a spiritual tutor

Online school

Zhannabelle’s students do not always have an opportunity to attend individual practices and group training. The online school for women can help you get assistance, understand reasons for troubles, strengthen the power of your lineage. During the workshops, webinars, Zhannabelle shares her wisdom and knowledge acquired for several generations. Together with meditations and other types of group an individual practices, the online school helps recover female power, attract success, improve health.

Every woman has a powerful energy that must be developed and directed at positive things. It is the predestination of a hearth keeper, keeper of the lineage. The powerful female energy can ruin all obstacles and adversities, overcome problems, attract love and rapport.

Are you dreaming about meeting every day with a smile? Do you want to get the ability to rejoice even for the smallest reasons? All this can be easily done – sign up for individual practice, a workshop, or attend a retreat. You can do even better – do some good to your sister, friend, and new acquaintance: take their hand and bring them to the classes with the tutor. Help your close one solve their problems – and you will get a double reward!

You deserve prosperity, spiritual development,  strengthening of your lineage. The universe will hear you, and the sacred experience of Zhannabelle will help you in this.