Fate: can you change it?

Zhannabelle speaks on the most effective ways

All women at least once asked themselves the question: “Why am I so unhappy? Why do others live well, while I always face some kind of hardship? I wonder how to change my fate.” My dear, everything is in your hands. In this article, I will reveal the ancient secrets of wise men who had been collecting knowledge about the influence of a person on their life and fate for centuries.

Why are you unhappy?

Each of us has a unique karmic code. We received it during previous incarnations and passed down to us by our parents. Karma is also influenced by the actions and experiences of our soul. And this, in turn, influences our fate and determines what events will happen.

Sometimes you may offend people incidentally, without even noticing it and giving importance to it. You may reply rudely to your loved one in the heat of the moment or insult a stranger in a crowd because of a bad mood. The negativity from these actions and words grows and accumulates not only in them, but also in you, which eventually leads to serious illness and many other bad situations.

For example, if you make a bad joke at a colleague and spoil her mood for the day, you will soon feel it: the trouble is pursuing you. The unexpected car breakdown, a quarrel in the family or feeling ill – a sure signal: you are doing something wrong, it is time to stop and think. After all, negative energy affects the whole lineage, and your tricks may affect children and grandchildren in the future.

I strongly recommend you to stop, quit  hurting those around you, better take care of yourself and do as many good deeds as possible for other (those you know and those you don’t know) people.

We all make mistakes sometimes, but the losses and negative consequences from them can be minimized. If you have incidentally hurt someone, offended someone, be sure to apologize. A sincere (most honest, coming from your heart and soul) apology will neutralize all the negativity, and the unpleasant aftertaste of resentment will disappear.


And I, from my part, right now, based on your requests, am preparing several interconnected courses of classes, after which you will know exactly how to change your fate and what you should do for that. Subscribe to my Facebook and Instagram accounts and don’t miss any news about the events.

How do you change your fate? 

It is very important not to miss a certain astrological point. The so-called key dates of the year are the days of winter and summer solstice, as well as autumn and spring equinoxes. They are the four defining points, thanks to which and during which you can change your fate dramatically.  

These days have been sacred since ancient times, in all cultures, in all traditions, and for all peoples. It was customary to gather and unite the whole family. Great feasts were organized and people devoted themselves to prayer, charity and helping others. After all, it is the fate of not only one person, but of their entire lineage was determined during such astrological points.

As you know, the observance of ancient traditions for me is mandatory. It is on these most important days that I always hold special retreats and seminars, where the fates of all women, who come to gain new knowledge, change. An incredible power, that spreads to the whole world and helps it to become cleaner and better, is concentrated in our classes.

There were about 120 people at the big seminar last time. Women from fifteen different countries came and prayed not only for themselves and their loved ones, but also for their country. It is at times like these that major changes in fates occur.

However, there is another day of the year when you can change your fate, you should know about it too. It is your birthday. I speak about the practices that can affect your life and your fate during this time at my seminars. Here you can learn exactly how to change your fate.

The cosmic power is very powerful on significant days. Any ill-considered or wrong wish, as well as absolutely any thought is amplified. To make only positive changes in your fate, you need to listen to a wise mentor, who will prompt you what rituals should be performed on special days. I am happy to help you at individual consultations, which you can register for any specific convenient time for you.

If somebody offended you, and you still can not forget about it, you should know that your negative state is amplified many times. Why would you need that? You are a woman, so you are the guardian of your lineage. You should know how to change your fate. The life of your children, grandchildren and generations to come depends on your feelings and emotions.

There are also special places of power that influence fate. That is where we hold seminars on special days of the year. I choose the most sacred places where any energy is multiplied. The power of prayer increases 100, if not 200 times there!

Become a member of the mission of protecting the world!

There is no need to wait for life to get better on its own, it is better to take action. Time of power, a place of power, a person of power, rituals of power – all together will have a tremendous impact on your life and change your fate. Right now check for the nearest special important date and find out where the seminar will be held.

Allow yourself to believe that you can really change your fate. With the knowledge that I share with you, it is possible to do absolutely anything. At the seminars I will reveal to you valuable practices, thanks to which you will realize any, even the most innermost dreams.

As a proof of everything I have said, here is a letter from one of my students, Gerdy from Örebro.

“Things didn’t work out very well for me since I was a child. My parents were fighting all the time, they even beat each other. I didn’t feel their love, and this lack greatly affected my life in the future. I was an aloof, closed child. I felt lonely and unwanted by this world all the time, rarely anyone wanted to be friends with me. After graduating from university, I never met a young man, although some of my friends had already got married. I never got along with the opposite sex. At work, too, I had a run of bad luck: my boss began giving me more work than anyone else, but paid very little. I was nervous, I felt that I was beginning to burn out, and was about to have a breakdown.

I rushed to Zhannabelle for help. Dear mentor, you immediately told me that all these misfortunes were the result of bad things I had done in my past life. I was upset, but then I asked: “Is it possible to reduce this influence? I swear, I would do anything to live my life in peace and find happiness!” And you advised me to attend a seminar. Without any hesitation I agreed, of course.

At that meeting I felt the lightness that I had never felt in my life. I felt that all the negativity, all my problems and troubles just dissolved and let me go. After coming home, I realized my real purpose – to help others. I had a desire to volunteer at an animal shelter. I wanted to share my warmth, which I had received in large quantities at the seminar.

One Saturday morning I met a man who came to the shelter to take a dog. He asked for my phone number so I could advise him for the first time on how to deal with the puppy. We soon developed a liking for each other, our relationship quickly took off and 3 months later we were married. I also got along with my parents and realized that I had been doing the wrong thing all along. Instead of accepting my father, forgiving my mother, trying to improve my relationship with them, I stopped communicating with them and tried to avoid them. But they had always loved me, even though they couldn’t understand each other. Now everything is in its place and I feel so good. My life keeps getting better. Zhannabelle, thank you for that!’

Dear Gerdy, I thank you for your kind words. After all, that’s what I’m meant to do – help desperate and struggling women, and I’m happy to do it.

You have gained new knowledge, now it’s time for you to become a ray of light for other people. Share this article with them, invite them to become part of the Field of Love, come to our retreats and classes together, watch all my videos on my YouTube Channel. Help people and God will help you!