What is a female power?

A secret every woman should know

Energy of cosmic scale lives in each of us. However, not many of us know how to use it to help ourselves and our loved ones. The words spoken by each of us have a truly magical power and should be treated with utmost care. Zhannabelle will tell us what, when and how to say it not to harm anyone.

Think well before you say something

‘It’s obvious,’ you say, and you are right. But is that what we do every time? How many words, said in the heat of the moment, we want to take back! Alas, a spoken word takes its flight. Each phrase spoken by a woman, has a truly magical power, it can inspire and encourage, and can bring a lot of trouble to those to whom it is intended. An evil word of a woman is like a powerful curse.

In the morning, when your kids go to school, and your husband goes to work, tell them a few kind words, wish them luck from the bottom of your heart, embrace them tight. Trust us, this will make their day successful in all aspects, because, without realizing it, they will feel the power of your feminine magic. Speaking good, heartfelt words, supporting and blessing your relatives, you multiply all the best that they have inside, give them positive thinking, energize them with faith in themselves. And if you criticize and scold them all the time, you only strengthen the negative sides of character and attract misfortune and failures in their lives.

Always remember that a woman’s word has a great power. The positive quality in your loves one may not be so great,  but it will grow thanks to your kind words. And the strongest protection for your family and friends is the words of blessing spoken by you in a powerful energetic state.

Elenka (Poland)

‘Right after we got married, there appeared a tradition in our family – I always saw my husband off to work in the morning. Neither the many times we moved from one place to another, nor the birth of our children ever cancelled the ‘morning farewell’, as Kasimir jokingly called it.

One day my husband and I had a big fight, I don’t remember the reason, but we were shouting at each other and reproaching each other for a long time. I went to my children’s room and couldn’t sleep for a long time, turning from side to side, remembering the quarrel and all the hurtful words that Kasimir and I were telling each other. I only managed to fall asleep at dawn, and when I woke up I realized that my husband had already left for work. I hadn’t even come out to see him off! That had never happened in all the years we had been together. I texted my husband to apologize, but there was no reply. Calling while he was at work was useless, he never answered the phone.

It was 8 pm and Kasimir had not yet returned. Later I received a message that he had problems at work and he was late. At 10 pm I took everything from the table, put the untouched dinner in the fridge, and half an hour later my husband returned. He was so tired that he didn’t even look at me, just walked into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed, barely taking his clothes off.

In the morning, as usual, I went out to see my husband off. He left without giving me a return hug, only nodding goodbye. Sitting in the kitchen in tears after he left, I remembered a friend telling me about Zhannabelle’s online school. They helped her there in a difficult life situation. When I visited the website, I immediately made an appointment for an individual consultation. It was there that I learned about the magical secret of blessing, that I myself did the ritual every morning without realizing it. My mentor began to help me unlock my feminine power, and I started absorbing this knowledge so that I could apply it in my life.

Thanks to Zhannabelle, I realized many of my mistakes, and I sincerely apologized to Kasimir one night. He also apologized to me and said that he didn’t remember why he had gotten steamed up. And then he told me that on the day I did not see him off, there was a moment of crisis at work, and many of the employees were fired with a scandal. He miraculously managed to keep his job. 

I thank my mentor for her lessons; they help me be strong, smart and kind. I am slowly learning to make the most of my feminine power. And the tradition of ‘morning farewell’ has resumed and will never be broken again. I won’t allow it. 

Female power

How do you increase your blessing?

You can increase the effect of a woman’s words with the help of special rituals, which Zhannabelle teaches on her YouTube channel and at her seminars. Here’s one ritual that relates to blessing and enhances it. We’re sharing it right now.

Absolutely no matter how far and for how long your family and friends are going, you should see them off. You should inhale special magical oil that Zhannabelle will give you, before you give your blessing. You will immediately feel its energy giving you feminine power. Then apply this oil to your sacred points. Each woman has her own sacral points, the mentor reveals them during individual consultations. After inhaling and applying the oil, go out to bless those who leave. Believe us, it will multiply the power of your words and make your family’s day positive and beautiful.

There is a great feminine power in each of us, but not everyone knows how to use it. It requires special knowledge and practice. The ritual of blessing is quite simple and very important at the same time. It does not require any new knowledge or skills, you just need to make an appointment for a consultation with Zhannabelle, she will explain everything in detail. 

When you bless your family members every morning, you will soon notice that the family is becoming closer and stronger. After all the things they do outside the home, they rush home where they are always welcomed and loved. Your word is a good word and it is material, always remember this. Watch what you say, especially to someone who you care for. And may your every word carry only care, joy and love!

Claudia (Italy)

‘One day a friend invited me to join her at Zhannabelle’s retreat. Since I am interested in new things, I said yes and I have never regretted it for a second. I was deeply moved by the words of my mentor and decided that I would definitely have individual sessions with her. After three or four consultations, I really wanted to see if the obtained knowledge would work in reality. I decided to start with a blessing, since that was what we had talked about in the last two sessions.

In the morning, as always, I came to see off my daughter to her classes at university. It is a daily tradition of ours. That day, however, I first inhaled the special oil and applied it to my sacred points, as my mentor had taught me. After hugging my daughter tightly, I wished her a successful and joyful day from the bottom of my heart. She mumbled something in reply and ran off to do her affairs. She was going through a difficult period because of a break-up with her boyfriend, which had also affected our relationship. My daughter had been irritable and absentminded lately.

Just as Zhannabelle told me, I repeated this ritual all week, but even after the seventh day I did not notice any change, everything was as usual. At least that’s what I thought. At another meeting, I told my mentor that my daughter was not sensitive to my magic, because I did not see any change. The mentor just smiled and advised me not to bless the girl for one day.

The next morning I didn’t go to see my daughter off and I was surprised to hear her voice: ‘Mummy, where are you? I have to go now, hurry up’. And I realized that my daughter was already used to my blessing, waiting for it, as every day when I hugged her was going well for her. 

When I embraced her, she said: ‘I have a very difficult test today. I’m very nervous, but now I’m sure everything will go perfectly.’ She kissed me and waved goodbye, and took off for college. And I knew that my blessing was really working. And it was confirmed by a perfect score on the test in the evening.

Thanks to Zhannabelle, I am discovering my female energy more and more every day. Online school classes give me not only important knowledge, but also the energy and strength to go on living fully – in love and harmony with myself and my daughter’.

Female power

Dear ladies, these are not the only examples of how the knowledge gained in our online school has helped our students in life. Any family may face problems and difficulties, and if that happens to you, know that they will definitely help you at Zhannabelle’s online school. The classes have made thousands of women around the world happy, so they will surely help you too!