Become a member of the mission of protecting the world!

Become a member of the mission of protecting the world!

Zhannabelle and the charity movement Field of  Love unite all concerned people

Everyone understands that the coronavirus has affected the fate of every inhabitant of the Earth.  It is not only about those who are diseased. The virus has radically changed our reality. Many people lost their job and livelihoods, many live in strict quarantine mode, and some, like all doctors across the globe, are constantly risking their lives. That is why people really need material, psychological, physical help. Zhannabelle and the charity movement Field of Love offer each of you to participate in the great mission of saving humanity and helping those who need it.

Who needs help

Unfortunately, we do not know when and how this terrible coronavirus pandemic will end. But even the most optimistic predictions of financial experts suggest that the financial consequences of this situation will affect each of us.

Many of our students, their friends and relatives, colleagues and acquaintances do not have the opportunity to carry out their work in quarantine. Some of them were made redundant, and some had to go on unpaid leave. Small charitable foundations are in serious times now: borders are closed, and therefore it is impossible to buy and to deliver rare imported medicine. Medicine that can save many lives are not available. After all, apart from those who are sick with coronavirus, there are a lot of people all over the world with other serious diseases. Their life and health are in question now…

No, we are not going to remind you once again in our article that everything is bad.

On the contrary, we want to find out what kind of help you need or how you are ready to help other people, according to your abilities and capabilities. And even if you currently have to be cooped up indoors, this does not mean that you will not be able to benefit. Everything will work out!

We are looking for talents!

For beginning let’s help those who have lost their jobs and have no money. Surely you know such people. Be sure to send them a link to this article! Zhannabelle and the charity movement Field of Love will financially support everyone who would like to help our planet with their talents and abilities.

We are ready to offer places in our team to those who can:

  • Transcribe videos in different languages.
  • Type the contact information in different languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • Share links and recommendations on forums.
  • Create descriptions of YouTube videos in English, German, French.
  • Rewrite articles in English, German, Spanish, and French.
  • Make copywriting of articles in English, German, Spanish, and French.
  • Do researches on freelance sites and job search portals.
  • Edit videos.
  • Offer your skills and competence to help the charity movement Field of Love.

The charity movement Field of Love and Zhannabelle help and give hope to millions of people around the world. They help in the fight against fear and loneliness, illnesses and failures, complexes and underachievement. Only by combining common efforts, we can help the people of the Earth.

That is why, becoming a part of our charity movement, you can take part in the great mission of saving and protecting of all humankind!

Of course, we urge to join our great mission not only those who are now in dire need of money. If you have the opportunity to offer charitable help, be sure to describe this in your application. Or maybe you are in a difficult financial situation – indicate this fact too, Zhannabelle and the charity movement Field of Love will help everyone.

New Opportunities

At the very beginning of the article, we discussed the fact that psychological and energy support is very important for people in our difficult time. It seems to be okay to stay at home. On the other hand, many people feel discomfort and insecurity in their actions being in a non-standard situation.

So how to behave in such a situation? First of all, do not panic! There is no reason to invent terrible details for yourself – the epidemic will surely decline, and we will all return to the normal rhythm of life.

Secondly, take change positively. What did the quarantine and self-isolation regime bring us? A lot of free time!

There’s no need to spend it on reading news on social networks. Better spend it all for youself! You have excellent opportunities for self-improvement, taking good care of your health, and spiritual development.

Where the emergency situation regime has not yet been introduced or has already been canceled, the group practices continue. Zhannabelle will be very happy if you join these events! Especially if you and your relatives, friends, acquaintances come to group prayers Field of Love.

Your pure energy, mercy and compassion are much-needed to billions of people around the world now!

Let us all pray together for these people, for the future of our planet, and then the spirit of the coronavirus will be defeated! The pandemic will be stopped!

And if you don’t have the opportunity to leave the house, then do it online! Zhannabelle holds many webinars and online seminars, constantly answers your questions, and gives comprehensive consultations now.

What are your fears?

  • Do you worry so much about your family and friends, especially those over 60 and who are at risk?
  • Do you oppressed by the current situation and you experience constant depression, fears, panic attacks?
  • Do you worry so much about your financial situation and would like to make friends with the Spirit of Money?
  • You don’t understand how you can reveal your talents and abilities and use them for the public welfare?

Zhannabelle will help to solve any of these problems! Do not shut off yourself from the world and don’t be alone with your fears and anxieties – be sure to contact Zhannabelle!

If you want to help aged people living in the neighborhood, but you are not sure where to start, write us – assistants of Zhannabelle will definitely advise you. You are afraid that this tragic situation will leave you wiped out – start practicing special energy techniques and rituals of protection that Zhannabelle will gladly teach you!

Coronavirus will not kill us, it will help us to join forces and to become one.

In this difficult time for the whole world, we just need the unity with kindred people, communication with teachers and mentors, mutual help to all who need it!

Most of you have long been familiar with the name Zhannabelle, but some of your friends or colleagues are not yet aware. Do not put off until later, tell about it immediately to all those who need help now, send them links to social networks, articles and videos by e-mail. After all, changing someone else’s life for the better, you change the whole world radically! And then the Universe will certainly thank you, reward the health and prosperity of those you love!

Do not forget, this difficult period is not the rough patch of your life, but the takeoff strip!  Do not lose the unique opportunity to develop the most beautiful abilities of your soul!

And above all, be healthy!