How group activities change your life for the better

6 reasons to join the group


Successful in her career, with her predestination revealed, happy in her personal life. This is what the perfect picture of your life looks like. In the morning, when you open your eyes, you realize that you are still lonely just like before. It is frustrating and you want to feel sorry for yourself, but you have to act to change your life. To make it perfect, like in dreams. How? Start attending Zhannabelle’s group classes!


Reason one: to find your perfect partner


So, your perfect partner. You have a good idea of him, don’t you? What kind of soul mate do you think he dreams of? I’m sure he dreams of having a stunning, confident, sexy beauty with shining eyes, a charming smile and a kind heart.


He can perform any feat, to do any incredible thing for such a woman. 


“It’s very interesting,” you’ll agree, “but there is a small obstacle: this whole story is not about me. No man would perform a feat for me.”


You are very wrong about it! This story is about you! You just don’t know about it yet. You just have not yet been taught how to reveal the most important superpower of any woman – her femininity. Of course, it’s not taught at school or college.


There is good news for you: this is what you will learn at Zhannabelle’s group classes. She will teach you the most ancient sacred techniques and practices. Thousands of years ago, the greatest women in the world used them all the time and were happy. With the help of these exercises you can increase your self-confidence. They will save you from problems and activate your sexuality. 


These practices turn an ordinary woman into a woman of Power, to whom no worthy person can resist. 


What is so special about Zhannabelle’s group activities, because they bring great results very quickly? It all happens because people strengthen the energy. The more students participate in a ritual or practice, the greater the effect they give. Thousands of Zhannabelle’s students can prove that. Take your chance and see for yourself!


Reason two: to solve all financial issues


You think you’ll never have expensive things? You don’t even dare dreaming of a new spacious house in a prestigious area?


It’s not like that! You deserve so much more! Money is energy. You can learn to manage this energy. It’s really possible. Zhannabelle speaks about the issue of financial well-being in great detail at her group classes. 


How are the group classes unique? Imagine, the universe can see us. A lot of people attend group classes. And when they come together, they practice, for example, to open up a well-being channel. Everyone standing next to you increases the power of this request. 


The Universe sees this group not a small particle, but a rather noticeable spot. If you put maximum forces into your emotions, the group will be a luminous sphere, which will be visible from anywhere in the galaxy. 


And as a pattern, someone from this group gets a new car as a gift, someone receives a large sum of money unexpectedly, and someone gets a new position and a high income. 


If the universe pays attention to you, it will have an immediate and most positive impact on your financial well-being. 



Will a boundless substance like the universe be able to see one person? Of course, one universe may not even notice one person alone.


If you stay at home all alone and ask for something, the universe must be able to see and hear you with difficulty, or perhaps not at all. 


That means that your wish is unlikely to come true. Or you will have to wait so long for your request to be fulfilled that you will be able to forget what you asked for. That’s why group lessons are so effective.


Reason three: to be healthy


We used to get sick from time to time even before the coronavirus outbreak. Women’s diseases in general seriously violate the hormonal background, cause infertility, decorate the female face with wrinkles and leave a feeling as if you were run over by a truck. Back and forth.


Doctors prescribe a whole list of drugs and procedures, but they treat not the cause of the disease, but its consequence. Vaccine for exhaustion has not been invented yet. 


However, such a vaccine exists and has been known for a long time. It’s an amazingly powerful female energy. The higher its level, the stronger, more active and healthier you become. You can not increase this level with the help of sports. But Zhannabelle can. She’s not an ordinary person. She’s a guide of the Power. Zhannabelle has the highest level of energy and shares it generously with her students. 


That’s why group lessons have such an incredible effect – many students forget about all their diseases right in the class. 


For example, one of Zhannabelle’s students, Julia, returned home after another group session. It was only in the evening she noticed there was missing a thing she couldn’t do without for the last fifteen years. She left her glasses at the class and didn’t even notice that she could do without them until the evening! But Julia had very bad eyesight, which she had lost as a result of her injury many years ago. 


Blindness had progressed with each passing year. So the woman couldn’t do without her glasses. And besides that, she was constantly suffering from the worst headaches that she had right during the practice. Although post-traumatic migraine tormented her for years, and no drugs or doctors could help her. And, after only one session, the pains disappeared. Forever. 


Another Zhannabelle’s student, Nancy, Assistant District Attorney, has been taking pills for over eight years. Her collection included medication for all sorts of diseases. She didn’t have time for treatment. She wasn’t into a healthy lifestyle either. And the constant stress at work didn’t make her healthier. 


That’s why Nancy lived by the principle: if you get sick – take a pill – and keep going. 


After six months of group classes, Nancy found a bunch of drugs in her locker accidentally that she hadn’t taken for months. After all, lately she’s only been drinking freshly squeezed juice to keep her alive.


And such stories happen all the time!


Reason four: to find true friends


It was such a fun to have noisy parties with girlfriends when you were a student. Every day, some adventure, an explosion of emotion. Your whole group went to the movies, to a cafe together too. Then everyone did yoga together (and dumped together, but that’s not the point). And now all the girlfriends have families or make business. Nobody  has time. Finding time for fun together is a whole problem. 


You dream of finding your soul mate to be with a person on the same page. You want lively human support, sympathy. Don’t you? So no need to wait in vain for it. Zhannabelle’s group activities will be the best option for you to make friends and meet like-minded people. You’ll be accepted here for who you are. 


Here you will always get help and support, and your success will be enjoyed as if it were their own.


Become a member of the mission of protecting the world!


Reason five: to become happy


Everyone understands happiness in their own way. As a rule, we call happiness what we lack. When a child is sick, happiness is their health. When your efforts at work are not appreciated, happiness will be your career advancement. When you suffer from loneliness, happiness is the person you love next to you.


It doesn’t matter what is happiness for you. What matters is that it is possible! Zhannabelle’s group activities change the lives of all her students. Any problem they come to the class will be definitely solved.


For example, one of Zhannabelle’s students, Maria, was convinced that happiness is having her own home. For many years she lived renting a room because she could not afford to buy even a small apartment. 


And it would have taken Maria nine lives to pay off the mortgage. Like Felix’s cat.


When she came to group classes, Zhannabelle did a diagnostic and gave her special recommendations. Maria did her best, she wouldn’t miss them. She bought amulets, watched all of Zhannabelle’s videos on YouTube channel, attended seminars and a few months later received a job offer … in Paris!


She now lives in the heart of this beautiful city in her own cozy apartment and gets a huge salary! 


Small one but in a nice area near a big park. Can you believe it? You can meet Maria at Zhannabelle’s classes, and ask her yourself))).


Reason six: to avoid fatal mistakes


Why learn from your own mistakes, if someone has already done it before you)))) And you shouldn’t believe anyone who says that someone else’s experience is useless. Of course it’s useful! If we hadn’t relied on the experience of our ancestors or other people, we’d clearly be extinct like mammoths.


Zhannabelle’s group classes are a great way to learn the priceless experience of other students. 


For example, Hannah was able to save ten thousand Euros thanks to the group! During one of classes, she told her friends that she had met a wonderful person online. Maximilian was a famous Spanish football player. They began to have passionate correspondence on the Internet. 


The Spaniard was pushy, sang of his love and promised the moon. 


A few weeks later he proposed to Hannah, and offered an apartment in the suburbs of Barcelona and a villa in Marbella. To match the wedding dress he sent his bride a diamond tiara, which was once worn by Catherine Medici.


But the precious thing had to be cleared. And that’s not cheap, ten thousand Euros. Well, the tiara wasn’t ordered from the Chinese website. Of course, Maximilian said he’d pay Hannah back that amount as soon as he came to visit her.


The woman didn’t have that sum of money, so she decided to take a loan. Before that, she shared the situation with other students in a group class. They helped her see the story at a different angle. Maximilian turned out to be a classic internet gigolo.


Unfortunately, many of Zhannabelle’s students had encountered such scammers in their lives. But now they are better than Interpol to track down any scammer and not become his victim. 


Zhannabelle’s students told Hannah who Maximilian really is and practically saved her.


So do not hesitate to use someone else’s experience, because another bump on your forehead is unlikely to make you more beautiful!)).


Now you know that Zhannabelle’s group lessons can solve any of your problems. All of them are effective, but it is communication with the coach always gives a faster effect. If for some reason you don’t have the opportunity to participate in the seminars alive now, you shouldn’t stand idle. Start changing lives today – register for Zhannabelle online school


The school consists of several workshops aimed at solving different problems: with relationships, health, career, and predestination. Let this be your first step towards a successful and prosperous life. Zhannabelle will do everything to make it happen.

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