Tantric diagnostics

Tantric Diagnostics: Why do you need it?

Can you tell if you are compatible with your partner from their photo? 

They say the first appearance can be deceptive. You’ve probably experienced it more than once yourself. Especially if you’ve ever fallen in love at first sight. Unfortunately, such affairs sometimes become a great disappointment. Was it possible to avoid it? Yes! Tantric diagnostics will help you. 

Marry a movie star 

Appearance can be deceiving. Yes, it can. Hereditary white magician Zhannabelle advises to undergo tantric diagnostics not to make a mistake when choosing a partner. It is important that it not only allows you to “read” the face of the chosen one, but also determines how much you match in the energy planу. Whether a long-term and harmonious relationship is possible between you. You will need only three photos for this. The first photo has to show the face of your chosen one in close-up, the second one should be a full-length photo, and the third one should be a photo of you two together.

Having analyzed the photos, hereditary white magician Zhannabelle will tell you what your man is and whether he has feelings for you.

The story below shows well the effectiveness of tantric diagnostics.  Zhannabelle was training in Rio de Janeiro a few years ago. A girl signed up for the seminar – a nice one, but quite ordinary. As they say, with a forgettable appearance. But Zhannabelle remembered her request forever.)

The girl came with a poster of a handsome, athletic young man on it.

As it turned out, he was a famous actor in Brazilian soap operas. A star! So, Clara admitted that she dreamed of marrying him, and asked to make a tantric diagnostics for compatibility with the handsome actor. However, she did not take a single step to achieve her dream. Except for turning to Zhannabelle.

She was sitting on the sofa, watching TV series with his participation and dying of undivided love.

Diagnostics showed that they are a matching couple from the energetic point of view. However, at that moment his energy level was much higher than hers. Clara had to try very hard to reach the level of the handsome actor. She had good potential.  Hereditary white magician Zhannabelle recommended Clara a whole list of spiritual and energetic practices, group and seminar sessions. She also advised obtaining special amulets.  An incredible, fairytale beauty came for an individual consultation when Zhannabelle returned to Rio six months later. A real movie diva. Zhannabelle did not even recognize Clara in the new look! Her story could be a script for the series. Having completed all the practices that she received, Clara has changed dramatically. Both externally and energetically.

And she took action! She got acquainted with the producer of her idol at a social party, and then with HIM.

She did not have time to dive into romantic relationships with the actor yet, when Clara realized that she wanted to be with the producer … and their feelings were mutual. There was a photo before Zhannabelle again, but this time it was a photo of another man. 

Tantric diagnostics showed that Clara and Alejandro match 100% on the energy level.

It happens once in a million pairs! Obviously, the new chosen one was a more worthy man. And Clara made her choice: she married Alejandro, and once a coveted actor became an honorary family friend. Clara and Alejandro were a perfect match. Their marriage is built on mutual respect, trust and support. Zhannabelle is very pleased that she was able to make another couple happy!

Is a worthy man a dream or a reality?

What’s he like, a decent man who can make much of you and cater to your whims? Probably all women have the same requirements for Mr. Ideal. He should be manful, witty, caring…

But how do you know that the object of your interest is exactly like this?

You won’t be collecting a file on him with private detectives. The easiest way is to scrutinize the face of the chosen one. And not to be wrong with the conclusions, you need to know the basics of tantric diagnostics and physiognomy. What the worthy man consists of? Let’s try to “do” his portrait)). So, a massive square chin like Superman’s is a sign of physical power and good health. A big nose like Caesar’s is a sign of leadership. A high forehead like Einstein’s is a sign of intelligence. And bushy eyebrows, like George Clooney’s, are an attribute of authoritativeness. Of course, all these elements together give a strange face – something between primate and Australopithecus)). Your mother was right to say that a true man is a little prettier than a monkey)). Lucky for you, the combination of all these signs is rarely found in one person. Look at his chakral centers separately. Make sure you look at his lips. If his upper lip is larger, the man is creative. If his lower lip is bigger, he prefers comfortable and stable life, he has strong leadership qualities and sexual energy.  And the small squint eyes reveal a cunning, careful and secretive person. Beware this one! But it’s not just about the shape or size of ears and nose! You have to understand clearly that there are female and male chakras, subtle bodies, karma of lineage. You need to know what they mean. It is on the basis of this analysis you should draw conclusions about your chosen one.

What is dangerous in plastic surgery? 

Of course, men “scan” your appearance, too. Even if they don’t know anything about the chakras, they’ll still notice the big wide open eyes. This means the sincerity and openness of their owner. Chubby and clearly defined lips are proof of sexuality. A small nose that speaks of your modesty.  Now you understand why plastic surgeries are the most popular in facial surgery – lip augmentation, “opening” of eyes and nose reduction. Some people are so eager to emphasize their femininity that they’re ready to go under the knife of a surgeon. You must not do this in any case! Any surgical intervention violates your energy structure! Not to mention the complications that surgery can result with. Tantric Diagnostics Besides, your face “works” for you not only on dates, but also during business meetings. And then it is appropriate to emphasize your mind, power and self-confidence. You can’t have two faces: one for work, the other for personal life)). Solution: properly selected clothes and competent make-up. You should understand, there is nothing impossible!

Believe in yourself and strive to change your fate for the better.

If you have doubts about your chosen one or you are secretly in love and do not know what first step to take, come with a photo of your beloved to have the tantric diagnostics with the hereditary white magician Zhannabelle. She will help you understand what is there behind the appearance of the man of your dreams.  The power will come to you at Zhannabelle’s seminar – bring new people to her seminars and be happy!