power of your voice

How to unlock the power of your voice – the most effective way you should know

Zhannabelle will talk about the power of the female voice

Have you ever thought about what a woman’s voice can do? How does it affect our destiny, the atmosphere at home and at work? Is the voice connected to the creative and energy potential? Undoubtedly, a woman is a wonderful creature who is endowed with an important predestination. Her voice can do incredible things and work wonders. Let’s talk about the development of the Power of the voice, about the ways to be heard and the influence of the Voice on a woman’s destiny.

Each of us is born unique – with her own talents, worldview and predestination from the Universe. Women, as guardians of the hearth, create a special atmosphere in their homes, support and guide their children and spouses to achieve their goals and unlock their own “Self”. A woman’s voice plays a special role in this because it is an important part of the inner Power and magic.

What is the Power of the female Voice?

We all have our own individual voice pitch and the way we speak. We try to get our ideas across to our children, husbands, work colleagues, business partners and bosses by using the right words and diction. Some women are good at it, while others have a feeling of not having said enough and lose the “weight” of their own “self”. The reason is the Voice or rather the presence or absence of its Power.

A loud and high-pitched voice is considered unpleasant. When we hear it, we want to cover our ears and hide so that no one could find us. We developed this subconscious feeling a long time ago. And today we use a shout as a way to warn people around us of the danger and to show the way we feel about everything happening around us.

But think of a person who speaks in a low, mellow and smooth voice. It calms you down, envelops you with its power and gives you peace of mind. You will agree that you want to hear it often and surround yourself with this calming Power. A woman uses this “tool” to warn of danger, create a special energy of love and a family atmosphere and to bless you for prosperity.

Do you not like your voice? It means only one thing – you just have not unlocked all its power! It helps you get a promotion at work, step into a happy family future and acquire loyal friends and a positive attitude.

power of your voice

How to understand how developed the Power of your Voice is?

We all need to develop, improve our skills and broaden our knowledge. This allows us to unlock our own potential and to progress to achieve our predestination. Perhaps now you are asking yourself a question – “How to measure the level of development of the Power of your Voice?” It is very easy to do. It is enough to answer one question honestly.

Can you stand in front of an unknown audience and attract attention of 10 people only by the way you speak? And what if we are talking about 50 people you do not know? Can you?! You are an excellent speaker and you master the Power of your own Voice. Do not stop, improve and develop your skill. Is your answer no? Do not despair! It is certainly something you should not be doing! Pull yourself together and start to unlock your energy potential.

The power of the voice is connected with the sacral female center which is located in the womb. This connection looks like this – if there is not enough energy in the lower abdomen, then the Power of the Voice is not strong enough. That’s why we feel a lump in our throat because of unspoken words when from the very childhood teachers and parents told us: “Be quiet, do this and do not argue!”

The negative energy of something that has not been said accumulates and becomes an obstacle to  the development of Voice Power. This can and should be (!) overcome. Now is the time to say goodbye to the negative energy and the lump in your throat once and for all. Surprise others with your voice that has magic abilities and a powerful energy potential!

What was not said in the past prevents you from fulfilling your own desires. Jacqueline had faced this problem and came to Zhannabelle for an individual consultation to share her story. She was speaking in a low voice and was shy as if she were afraid to voice her thoughts. Jacqueline confessed that she had developed this shyness in her childhood. It was during literature class when she wanted to recite a poem by her favorite poet Byron that she had learned by heart. But when she faced the class, the girl felt that something was gripping her throat and she could not utter a single word. All her classmates burst out laughing and Jacqueline felt how her throat began to shrink even more.

That day she closed up and expressed her opinion never again or spoke to a large audience. More than 10 years had passed since that time, but the girl was living her life one would expect it. Jacqueline was silently and patiently working in a low-paid job of a manager in the printing industry. She loved listening to the blues and dreamed of developing her vocal talent but fear of the public stopped her. One day, her friend Liz recommended that she see Zhannabelle. Liz visited her retreat a month ago and was very impressed with the rituals and energy of the female coach. Jacqueline made an appointment for an individual consultation, during her coaching session. Jacqueline signed up for an individual consultation during which Zhannabelle saw a “malicious octopus” around her neck. It was squeezing her throat and prevented her from moving towards her goals.

Zhannabelle performed an ancient shamanic ritual of waking up the Power of the Voice. Individual practice was the beginning of a new life for Jacqueline. She attended a “Women’s World” seminar and blossomed like a rosebud. Jacqueline wears a magical amulet (earrings) which develops her creative potential and enhances the magic of her voice. New lessons had transformed her, she overcame her fear and started performing on stage. Now Jacqueline sings with a popular local band. She gets paid well and the incredible performance of the girl wins the hearts of her listeners. The tedious work is now in the past and her future holds beautiful music, big tours in different cities and such a long-awaited recognition!

The female voice is very powerful. Never give up on your talent and do not restrain the energy that the Universe has endowed you with. Ancient shamanic practice unlocks the power of your voice and gives a strong impetus to the development of creative potential and even superpowers.

power of your voice

Ritual to unlock your voice Power

A lump in the throat has been forming since childhood because the root problem is deep inside us. We are used to hiding our grievances and sorrows that destroy us in the first place from people around us. Now is the time to say “Enough! I deserve the best!” Are you dreaming of developing the power of your own voice? The ancient shamanic ritual will make your dream come true.

Since ancient times shamans have been using their own voice and its power to call good spirits to help people. The ritual to unlock the power of the female voice creates a special connection between the throat and the sacral center that is located in the womb. The practice helps the inner magical energy rise to the throat and envelop a woman.

To help you get rid of the energy block Zhannabelle uses a shamanic guimbarde. It creates a special music of transformation which rids of resentment, inner feelings of guilt and regret. Zhannabelle will remove the cause of the problem and restore the power of the female voice through individual practice. During this practice you will plunge into yourself, your own feelings and emotions. Do not restrain yourself and get rid of all the negative vibes!

Each of us needs a helper. The amulet of power made personally for you rids you of the negative experience that blocks and stops the energy connection between a woman’s sacred center and the voice. The result will be immediately noticeable – the voice becomes deep, languid and velvety. You will feel that it does not come from the throat but from deep inside.

You will agree that you need Power to solve this problem. You will definitely get it if you help 10 more women to get rid of their problems and troubles. How to do it? Bring your friends, acquaintances or colleagues to the classes at our School. Check it out – it works. The Power has helped millions and it will help you too.

Allow yourself to become real and open. Gain a sense of confidence and self-esteem. Each of us deserves the best – use individual and group practices and amulets. Open yourself to your predestination and the magical power that is hidden in every woman!