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How to prepare for the New Year and resist the coronavirus?

Challenge of Good from Zhannabelle: 5 steps that will change your life

2020 has been a challenging year for the entire world. But let’s not let things get us down! A higher power gives us nothing we can’t handle and survive. The important thing is that each of us can make the world a better place, and therefore we can make ourselves better too. This is what Zhannabelle’s New Year’s Challenge of Good is all about. Discover the 5 basic steps you need to take to become happy.

This year has brought a lot of unpleasant news and bad events. First of all, there’s the new COVID-19 virus, which has already sickened millions of people. And some people are still waiting in fear to get sick. But should we be afraid so much? Spiritual mentor Zhannabelle recommends everyone to join the Challenge of Good consisting of 5 steps. Performing each step, you will make your life and the lives of your family and friends better, and you will be able to protect yourself from all illnesses. 


At this difficult time, many may say, ‘I have no one and nothing to be thankful for’. But think carefully before you say this. It has been a difficult year, but have you never had a single event for which you can say thank you? 

Let’s proceed with the first step of the Challenge of Good. Take a blank sheet of paper, a pen and write down all the events for which you want to thank God or a family member, a friend, an acquaintance – it does not matter who. Most importantly, remember and write down all the good moments in your life during the year that are worthy to be thanked for.

Some of us may find it difficult to remember everything at once. If this is the case, ask Zhannabelle for a magical amulet. It will awaken your memories and focus on the most important things. After all, so many positive things have happened during this time, and some things are still forgotten! Hold the amulet in one hand and write your list with the other.

Keep this sheet of paper once you have written down all the events. Reread it on days when you feel bad and when you are in a difficult situation. It will give you strength and an opportunity to move on, to live and think only about good things, to believe in a better future and in yourself.


Joy is an invincible force. While despondency, sadness and denial can destroy everything, joy inspires and encourages everyone who comes into contact with it. Nowadays, people have protective masks on their faces and you can’t tell if they’re happy or sad. You should smile in any case! Know and believe that joy can heal any disease and help in difficult situations.

There is one monastery in the world, where almost all diseases can be cured, but on one condition: while you are there, you have to smile all the time. Otherwise, the monks will point out your fault and even punish you. The punishment is carrying heavy buckets of water up and down the hill. Having done this a couple of times, one decides that smiling is much easier and keeps smiling even when no one sees it.

The things is that smiling sends special impulses to the brain, which can even heal the body. Since not everyone can get into that monastery, we must try to awaken our joy on our own.

The easiest way is to stimulate joy with cheerful labels and smiley faces. These should be hung up around your house and/or in the workplace. You can draw a funny face and write: ‘Smile urgently!’ or “You’re not naughty, you’re a smiley’. Basically, let any little thing that makes you smile be in front of you all the time.

If fun stickers don’t work, there is another way. It will fit more for home than office. Turn on your favourite music and dance without thinking about anything. Give yourself over to the dance like children do. You will feel the positive energy pulsating inside you after 2-3 minutes.

Zhannabelle has a special amulet for you in the form of brightly coloured feathers. Just looking at it will make you smile! There is a cheerful spirit inside of it that will energize you with positivity every day.

New Year

But if you still can’t rejoice anything, then signing up for Zhannabelle’s retreat and doing a ritual there is the only way out. You need to do this, because without the feeling of joy you cannot move on to the next step of our Challenge of Good.


You now have gratitude and joy. These feelings can be multiplied by sharing them with others through friendliness. But it is important for you to do it from your heart. Think about it: which person’s picture you have in front of your eyes right now or who you are constantly thinking about without keeping in touch with this person? Maybe you have dreamt about that person more than once for no reason. Often it is because they need your help or support. Call, text, or meet this person! Even if you haven’t communicated for a long time or had a grudge against this person, it’s all in the past.

A friendly chat with an old friend would bring you joy and excitement. Send her the link to the article about group classes at Zhannabelle’s online school. Let her read it and decide to give it a try, too. Maybe she needs individual consultation, then tell her how to make an appointment. Provide help, be a guide for someone to the world of opportunity, and new resources will open up for you.

Be a friend to people, don’t give up on them in difficult situations, and inspire them. Then goodness will return to you. If it is difficult, amulets with assistant spirits will always help you. Put this amulet to your heart – and it will immediately help you be friendly towards others.

Step 4. Be Generous

Generosity isn’t only material, although it’s also important. For example, sharing money, clothes, and food with those in need. However, the most significant is generosity of your heart and soul. You can not measure it, but it is always immense. You can show it by sharing your joy and giving a good mood to others. But the highest degree is to share knowledge with people. It’s especially important to pass on sacred wisdom.

Share information about seminars at Zhannabelle’s online school, invite them to join mentor’s YouTube channel, where every woman is sure to find a useful and relevant video for herself. You already have this knowledge, so share it, be generous!


Faith should never leave you: believe in the future, in the best, in yourself. It’s the feeling that allows you to move forward. Without it, you can’t live life to the fullest.

Write down on a sheet of paper everything you want for your family and yourself. Next to it, write down the things you wish for the world. If you want to have a good life, you should write your wishes on a piece of paper with a huge faith at heart that everything will happen the way you want it. You are recommended to read your wishes to the music of transformation. 

Faith of each of us is very strong, anything is within our power! Faith can heal the whole world and every person. Pray not only for yourself and your family, but also for our planet.

Communal prayer has often saved cities and countries from enemies. It will also help against the common enemy of humans, the coronavirus. Write Zhannabelle via her website where you live, and we will tell you how to contact the women of Power in your city. You can’t imagine how many of us there are all over the world! Women unite in prayer for the future of the whole earth. You join us too.

Dear ladies, together we have taken 5 steps towards a new year, a new world. Share this knowledge with your family and friends; send them the link to this article. Invite new people to our seminars, and you will be lucky, prosperous, healthy, you will love and you will be loved. 

New Year

Mariika (Budapest)

‘I have been studying at Zhannabelle’s online school for a long time. I attend group classes and seminars. It helps me a lot in life: I got rid of fear of communication with strangers, overcame the fear of saying something wrong, as a consequence I met a good man and we are dating. But recently I started dreaming about an old acquaintance with whom we had quarrelled a long time ago. It’s funny to say: once, 10 years ago, I considered something she did a betrayal, because she told my parents that I was going on dates instead of going to classes. It seems so silly now, but then it was a tragedy and a dirty trick from Elzbieta, whom I considered my best friend.

When I made an appointment for individual counselling with Zhannabelle, I asked her why I was dreaming about my friend almost every night and what it could mean. She explained that Elzbieta probably needed my help and recommended me to call her. I didn’t really want to reconnect with someone with whom I had lost contact long ago. But, following Zhannabelle’s advice, I called her.

Elzbieta was pleased to hear my voice. After a couple of minutes of conversation, she admitted that she had been waiting for my call, she was afraid to call, afraid that I would slam the phone on her. It turned out that a couple of months ago she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and the recovery from a course of chemotherapy was very difficult for her. My former friend had no one to have a good talk with. She remembered our friendship, we trusted all our secrets to each other, and no one but me had ever supported her like that. Elzbieta missed me very much and constantly regretted the mistake we had made at a young age, which had caused us to stop communicating. After talking to her, I knew that I had to act immediately and I made an appointment for her for a consultation with the mentor.

After a month of continuous study at the online school, my friend had a sustained remission. She could even keep her breasts, and now she feels great! This is all thanks to Zhannabelle. I showed my concern by doing my part to save Elzbieta, for which I gained a firm friendship.