New Year

New Year: magical time when everything is possible

Set a program of success for 2020 

How a special ritual will help you to become successful, discover your predestination and find happiness and love.

How to prepare for the new year in the right way 

Miracles do happen and the new year can fulfill any of your dreams – you just have to know how to make wishes in a proper way.

So what do you have to do?

1.Review your results

Make a list of all advantages and drawbacks of the passing year. Heartily thank God and Higher forces for all good things that happened to you. And take for granted all bad things. Don’t forget that they are stones that were on your way up. You grabbed them and that’s the reason why you managed to reach the top, to achieve success and luck that were given to you in 2019.

If you have an amulet or a talisman, take it in your hands. If you don’t have such a charm, you can get it on Zhannabelle’s seminars or individual consultations. Such items keep a very powerful energy force.

Turn to it and wish to leave all bad things in the past so that they don’t bother you anymore.

Take your list and burn it. In the flames of cleansing fire you will see this past disappear. Then scatter its ashes or just bury it. And let only good things come with you to your new year.

2.Prepare your body 

Now it’s time to cleanse your body. You have to feel that your body is ready to accept special energy. Draw a bath, add three tablespoons of salt and your favorite essential oil. It may have bright orange or bergamot notes or perhaps relaxing smells of lavender or mint.

Put candles around the bath and turn on your favorite music. Better yet, the music of transformation that Zhannabelle may record for you on her seminars. At this very moment you may feel all bad things, all stresses and diseases leave your life and you are getting relaxed and filled with energy and happiness. In this wonderful state you see in the New Year.

You can change a bath for a shower. Stand under the flow of water and feel it wash away all unnecessary things, all grievances and failures.

Feel the water cleanse not only your body but your soul and mind as well.

New Year

3.Do a special ritual dance 

When you get out of the bath or shower give all your soul to dance. Let the music play, the candles burn, the pure magic energy flow and your sincere dance complete this wonderful ritual. Certainly he dance has to be special. To learn how to do it join Zhannabelle’s group classes or seminars.

Zhannabelle pays special attention to music, vibrations and dances. By the way the most powerful shaman amulets are shaman tambourine and shaman guimbard that make special cosmic sounds. If you haven’t heard them yet, come to Zhannabelle’s seminars. When you hear them you’ll be filled with this magnificent energy and will do a dance of joy and aspiration. At this very moment you’ll see what your life would be in the coming year and how it will change.

Alicia, Florence: 

‘Once my grandmother told me a story of her failed opening night in an opera theatre. A beauty with an angel voice and great music education, she suddenly lost her voice before the most important performance in her life. Why? No one could say. Doctors couldn’t find the reason.

That failure totally destroyed her career!

Grandmother devoted herself to family and children and she didn’t sing ever again even lullabies. 

But the nature took its toll and all her children were amazingly talented although my uncles built their careers in a completely different sphere that wasn’t related to art at all. One of them is a car sales manager and the other is a chef although both of them have an exquisite ear for music and could have excelled on the stage.

At the same time my mother, who was the youngest child, decided to dedicate her life to art. From her early years she had a true talent for playing the piano, the career of a pianist seemed to be meant for her.

But suddenly at the age of 18 she had tonsillitis that affected her joints and first of all joints of fingers.

Rheumatoid arthritis affected her hands and performance of every piece of music was painful and uncomfortable. Doctors couldn’t do anything and mother began to work at the library. Like my grandmother she was very worried because she had been unable to develop her gift.

That’s why when I decided to apply to the Academy of Fine Arts all my relatives began to dissuade me from doing it.

My family members were sure that women of our lineage are somehow cursed.

None of us would be able to unleash our creative potential.

I wasn’t as ambitious as my grandmother and mother but abandoned the idea of going to the Academy. Instead I went to a School of Marketing and started working but my career wasn’t going well. The first company where I worked went bankrupt. On my second place of work my salary was usually cut for some absurd reasons. In three years I changed seven jobs… I couldn’t work in my professional sphere and at the same time I didn’t let out my passion for painting.

I was very unhappy and considered myself unlucky.

But once my friend invited me to Zhannabelle’s seminar. I liked it very much! I began to attend group classes with great pleasure and after a month got an amulet of protection from Zhannabelle.

Certainly I wanted to understand why women in our family are so unhappy. On an individual consultation with Zhannabelle I plunged into the past of my lineage and found out that a long time ago my great-great-grandmother insulted one famous musician. In anger he wished her and her descendants never to know the joys of art. At that very moment our lineage was affected by a spirit of trauma that was handed down from generation to generation through female lineage. Zhannabelle performed a series of rituals and managed to free our lineage from that spirit.

And on New Year’s eve I decided to perform a ritual of making dreams come true. I cleaned my apartment, purified my soul and followed all Zhannabelle’s recommendations. Then I made my dearest wish – to have the opportunity to create.

And in a month an incredible thing happened. My picture that hanged on a wall in a restaurant where one of my uncles works was noticed by a famous art project manager. He got interested in my creations. We got acquainted and I showed him my other works.

In half a year he organized an exhibition of my paintings! The exhibition was a blast! 

I don’t work as a marketing consultant anymore, my life is totally dedicated to art. And I’m completely happy! Besides, I make a good return on my paintings. All this became possible thanks to Zhannabelle and her ritual that I performed on the New Year’s eve!’

New Year

Use well this magical time when the new year changes the previous one! O her seminars Zhannabelle teach to say goodbye to the ‘old year’ and to welcome the new year in a proper way. She explains which rituals are to be performed for a happy and successful year. Come to her events, seminars and individual consultations and you will be able to change not only your own life but the destiny of your lineage as well. Happiness will become your permanent companion!