How to deal with criticism and condemnation

How to deal with criticism and condemnation

Zhannabelle gives her recommendations

 “Never condemn a person until you go all the way in his shoes” – it was the advice the ancient sages gave their students. It is very difficult to protect yourself from rumors, from flow of false information and aggression in the modern world. Zhannabelle shares her story as an example of how to deal with criticism and condemnation.

The Story of Fear and Doubt

Big international seminar devoted to the Summer Solstice Day and the power of female energy was held recently. We have been preparing for it for a long time, inviting women from all over the world. More than 120 people were able to join us. However, not everyone came with smiles and joy in their hearts…

Zhannabelle felt that some women experienced a great inner conflict. They listened to Zhannabelle carefully, but their aura was filled with fear and doubt. What has happened?

Zhannabelle tuned in to their energy and realized that the women needed help. She approached them after a circle prayer and asked them how were they, whether they felt comfortable at the seminar. Women were confused by such a question, but they honestly admitted that they felt fear and anxiety. They even explained why.

The women turned out to have received emails saying that Zhannabelle would not help them, she was a terrible person and almost a cannibal shortly before the trip to the seminar!

Women said that after the email they could not come to their senses for a long time.

The heart said that all this was someone’s malice and envy. But they remembered the terrible pictures from criminal news.

What should they do? In all her articles and interviews Zhannabelle says that a woman should trust her intuition. So they listened to the heart and came to the seminar.

Zhannabelle thanked the students for their courage and for talking about it openly and honestly. One must be very courageous to trust their heart and intuition, not to believe dirty rumors, and not to buy into the opinions of other people obsessed with envy and evil spirits.

A couple of eventful days passed. Zhannabelle and her students conducted individual spiritual practices, performed group meditations, and learned to work with the Female Power. Before leaving, the women approached Zhannabelle and apologized for thinking badly.

The seminar relieved them of doubts and fear completely, filled them with light, happiness and love.

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The Little Tricks of the Big Lie

This story ended well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end that way. People do not know how to distinguish the false from true, deception from the truth. Evil spreads the most terrible rumors skillfully, actively uses lies, plays on people’s trashy feelings.

Evil is so masterful and powerful. The media in the whole world obey it. So it manipulates the consciousness of a huge number of people.

Zhannabelle told the students they will probability face a lot of negativity, informational dirt and rumors again when they return home. The fact is that women literally glow with happiness after doing spiritual and physical practices. They are so filled with positive energy that they are ready to remove mountains.

This, unfortunately, attracts evil people and spirits. On the very first day after the seminar, women might be tested for criticism, accusations, and insults.

They will be provoked to retaliate aggression. Therefore it is very important to maintain mental purity and not to come under influence.

The evil nature of the spirit of condemnation

The true nature of the spirit of condemnation is destruction and death. The spirit digs into the person’s aura and drinks their vital energy. Like a vampire drinks blood. The spirit, first of all, paralyzes and takes away the ability to think adequately. Criticism, rudeness, cry, low conduct are the manifestations of the spirit of condemnation.

How to find out that an evil spirit lives in a person? Zhannabelle advises to pay attention to the face. Active facial expressions and deep wrinkles are the clear signs of the demon of condemnation’s presence. The stronger it is, the more negativity and other entities from the Lower World it attracts.

The spirit of old age is an invariable companion of the spirit of criticism. It comes quietly and takes away beauty, health and female power.

How to defeat the spirit of condemnation

If you want to preserve and increase your youth, beauty and feminine power, do not give in to the demon of criticism and condemnation. What should you do? 3 simple tips from Zhannabelle:

  1. Do not allow to condemn or insult strangers in your presence. Do not give even a small chance to the demon to catch hold for negative emotions.
  2. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into “dirty” conversations. Even if you just listen to a person who is captured by the spirit of criticism, you will become its victim. Your unwillingness to conflict and sort things out will not save you. Remember that we do not have the right to condemn a person, as we have never been in their place and in their life situation.
  3. Never judge a person until you have come a long way in his shoe.

There is nothing worse than deafening silence at the moment when you should protect a person from aggression and rumors.

Getting rid of the demons of condemnation lies in a strong will and desire to defeat Evil. Each of us is able to take a step towards development and love. Therefore, Zhannabelle is waiting for women at her seminars, individual consultations, online meetings to share her unique knowledge. To help everyone  become successful, happy and healthy. You also join!