Zhannabelle talks about the importance of praise

Zhannabelle talks about the importance of praise

The influence of a good on your relationship with people 

Do you often praise people around you? Zhannabelle believes that we should use praise in our communication every day. Why? Read the article to the end – and you will learn how a sincere compliment or just kind words addressed to your interlocutor change not only your life but also the life of another person for the better.

Praise is the real key to success. If properly applied, it can open absolutely any door and melt any heart, even the coldest one. If you do not know how to find rapport with a new acquaintance or a short-spoken neighbor, or to get on the right side of your boss, then use Zhannabelle’s wise advice she is sharing with us.

Why is it so important to give praise?

We often hear reproaches, and we ourselves are used to pointing out the mistakes of others. But by criticizing someone, we only re-enforce these negative qualities because we single out and nourish the shortcoming. Furthermore, at that moment we activate our leadership center, and the person feels our pressure. But when we say nice words, inspire and give praise, all this is coming from our heart center. We are thus translating our love. Therefore, if you want to achieve harmony and mutual understanding with your friends, family or work colleagues, and wish your loved ones to achieve success and positive results – learn to say kind words.

If it is difficult to refrain from criticizing, for example, your colleague, then do it through praise. Instead of saying, “How could you not hand in the report on time?!” say, “Victor, you are one of our most promising employees! It is strange that your report is not ready yet!”

Praise, either given out loud or sent mentally, has the strongest magic properties. A pleasant word or a compliment carries a great positive energy. Not only can they lift your mood and that of the person you are talking to, but also make a huge influence on one’s character and even change their life. For example, if from time to time you praise your spoiled son for moments of peace, for a small help to his parents or for a cleaned room, you will soon notice the change. He will subconsciously strive to do good deeds more often, waiting for your approval, because he is already used to being praised, and is afraid to disappoint you. Check for yourself: cheer up your child before a test, appreciate their efforts and acknowledge success. It is very likely that they will get high scores on the test!

Share your positive energy through praise and you will notice the person changing gradually: your neighbor will start to say hello, a shop assistant will change rudeness for a smile, and a colleague will stop putting a spoke in a wheel.

Zhannabelle talks about the importance of praise

Remember: to win a favor of the person you are talking to, first of all, praise or compliment them. But you may immediately ask a question: “What to praise for? This is especially true for those whom we do not know well enough or to whom it is difficult to find rapport with. We meet difficult people in our lives, and often it is them, like no one else, that we need to make friends with (or at least establish a healthy communication). It would seem that you are dealing with a person who is absolutely unwilling to engage in a dialogue and is frowning and being irritable. Is there anything good that you can expect from this person? But Zhannabelle says that a person is being distrustful, callous or angry not because of their bad character. Or they sometimes treat us with contempt not because they do not like us at all. Remember the hedgehog that protrudes its needles when it feels danger. A person manifests their personal life problems and complexes in about the same way. Similar behavior is just a protective response. We cannot know for sure what our interlocutor is living through now. So be patient and understanding. Forgive and sympathize with them in your heart. If you no cannot think of a person’s any good moral qualities right away, then compliment them on their looks. For example, you can praise your mother-in-law’s good hairstyle or your husband’s friend’s creative drawing on his T-shirt. Even if you think that the compliment turned out to be mediocre, the person you are talking to will still be pleased, and they will appreciate your attempt.

The compliment should be sincere and come from your heart. Try to find something in a person that really deserves objective praise. Any falsity or insincerity is very noticeable!

Agata, Frankfurt

“I was having a bad streak in my life –  my husband broke up with me, and I lost my job because of depression. But, fortunately, I was soon invited to an interview. Before the interview my friend told me everything about the boss of that company. It turned out that Mr. Werner was very harsh, and he does not hire just anyone. Of course, I started worrying because I needed that job badly. I came to Zhannabelle the mentor for help. She listened to me attentively and analyzed my situation. I remember her giving me a close look and said that in order to find favor with the boss, I needed to unlock my female inner voice and learn to emphasize the good qualities of a person. She chose a special amulet for me, explaining that it reveals the energy of the throat center and increases its influence on everything around.

There were 5 days left before the interview. All that time I was improving my female skills. In the beginning, my face looked gloomy and tired and my smile looked too tense and unnatural. How come I did not notice it before?! But when I came to see Mr. Werner, I already felt self-confident. I was in a great mood and ready to reach new heights. The moment I stepped into his office, smiled and said hello, I saw a nice smile in return. As I was taking place at the table, I accidentally touched a framed photo of beautiful mountains with my elbow. The place was very familiar, and I remembered that my sister and I visited that ski resort 5 years ago. “This is Crans-Montana, isn’t it? You have a good taste. It’s a great place”, – I noted. My boss was surprised, and then his look became mischievous. Mr. Werner began to ask me when I was there and where I stayed. We talked about the beauty of the slopes and agreed that downhill skiing was still better than snowboarding. Then he silently flipped through my CV, asked some formal questions and said that I was a good match for the job. Frankly speaking, I had never been given a job so quickly!

Right after the interview I wrote to Zhannabelle. As it turned out, on that day she mentally praised me for my determination, courage and femininity. It also influenced my success.”

Practice “How to praise a person the right way”

So, you need to find 5 positive qualities in a person who you want to find good rapport with. It does not matter whether it will be your partner, child, friend or a distant relative. Write down the 5 qualities. Do not make up anything and think of the real positive aspects. This is very important because the person will subconsciously strive to improve them. Then look in a mirror, smile and praise them aloud. If you find it difficult to do this, praise them in your mind.

 You will soon feel this magical effect. The object of your praise will become more confident and calmer.  The person will feel the power of energy directed at them. They will be more pleasant to communicate with, and it will be easy to find common ground with them. Thanks to inspiring others, you will become an attractive woman who makes a good impression on absolutely everyone. Everybody will admire you and enjoy getting acquainted with you and talking to you.

Zhannabelle recommends using 2 amulets to enhance the effect. There is a spirit of a bird with a heavenly voice and the ability of attraction just by singing in one of them. There is a spirit of an owl – the symbol of women’s wisdom – that knows when and what to say in order to attract others in the second amulet. Make an appointment for a consultation with Zhannabelle, and the mentor will choose the amulet that suits you best in terms of energy. In addition, not only will you get unique amulets but also the necessary knowledge to improve yourself on a daily basis.

Zhannabelle talks about the importance of praise

It is very important to inspire a person. A magic word will help you find rapport with anybody. You will be able to make your loved one more confident. You will help him change for the better, remove tensions and become happier. Attend Zhannabelle’s seminars and consultations, and strengthen the influence of praise with rituals and amulets.

My dear, the spirits have brought you here, which means that you are on the threshold of a new stage in your life. Discover your superpowers and reveal your predestination! We are waiting for you at our next seminar.