How to be free of depression

How to be free of depression: 4 tips from Zhannabelle

Simple rules on the way to success and happiness 

Depression is not fatigue, bad mood or apathy. It is a serious disease recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), from which more than 260 million people around the world are estimated to suffer!

What is depression? 

Depression is one of the most common diseases in the modern world. Zhannabelle speaks about its causes and chances to protect ourselves from it. 

But if you think back, no one has ever treated depression like a disease before. Why not? We can say that the scale of the disease was not massive. People worked in nature actively, spent a lot of time in the fresh air, engaged in physical labor. Coming from work, they were tired.

But at the same time they felt satisfaction from the work done, pleasant fatigue, and high spirit.

They had no idea how to be free of depression, because they just did not know what it is.  

Things have changed nowadays. There aren’t many people doing hard physical work. But most people do mental work. People work in comfortable offices, sitting at the computer, practically not moving. Increased thinking activity in the absence of physical activity leads to depression. 

You must have noticed this. Imagine that you have had a hard day, you are tired, the energy is at zero and there is somebody pushing you in the street by accident. How would you react? You’ll probably start screaming, getting angry or even crying. What if the same thing happens when you’re fresh, full of energy, happy? You wouldn’t even notice that someone pushed you. And if you do, you’ll forget about it in a second.

The physical body begins to weaken, and this leads to damage of energetic shell – the person becomes more sensitive to negative influences. 

Depression is exactly the state when your energy shell is worn out. It’s like an old shirt. It’s covered in holes. Various negative entities, larvae get into your aura through these holes. They suck on you and devour your energy, your personality.

They inspire you that you are weak and worthless, not beautiful and talented, can not achieve anything and no one loves you

Believe me, even very successful people sometimes have such thoughts. They all have bad days. But if you start to believe everything that dark entities inspire you – that’s the end, you are gone. Your aura will be completely covered with larvae, your personality will be completely destroyed.

So depression, like any other disease, should not be neglected. And you have to make sure you take preventive measures so you don’t get sick.

So how can you prevent depression? 

  1. Give up bad habits 

If there is sadness in your heart, nothing pleases you, you have no power and you don’t want anything – that is, you have all the signs of depression. What do people often do? That’s right, they try to comfort eat, or drink it with alcohol, or get rid of anxiety with illegal drugs. Does it help? Never to anybody!

Any bad habits only aggravate the state of depression – they help larvas to destroy your personality.

A cigarette will not calm you down, coffee will not cheer you up, burger will not give you energy. Healthy sleep, day regimen, proper diet, sports and a complete rejection of bad habits – that’s what gives you the real Power. Energy that can defeat any dark entity.

How to be free of depression

  1. Active lifestyle 

Someone will hesitate to ask if yoga can prevent depression. Yes, it can! Yoga, dancing, horse or bike riding, swimming, long walks in the park with your dog – any physical activity, especially outdoors, is the best vaccine against depression.

Remember what we talked about at the beginning of this article.

Our distant ancestors were very active. They either ran for prey, or ran away from predators.

Yes, they did not live as long as modern people. And their life can hardly be called comfortable. But what they did not know about was the depression. 

The better your physical condition, the better your soul. Even when you have flu, you can hardly be called the most cheerful and positive person in the world, right? The connection between physiology and emotional background is very close. To keep the larvas from capturing your essence, strengthen your body!

  1. Help of Good Spirits 

One of Zhannabelle‘s students – a successful businessman and head of the largest advertising concern – Anthony, once also did not know how to get free of depression. And then Zhannabelle gave him a special magical object – a Jaw’s harp, charged with incredible power of spirits. 

Playing Jaw’s harp can be compared to a state of divine manifestation. All thoughts of a person turn off, they start creating their new life and new destiny. But the main thing is that the Jaw’s harp protects against any negative influences. It calls the forces of Good and thus blocks the appearance of dark entities.

You can buy Jaw’s harp at Zhannabelle’s seminars and individual consultations. She will also teach how to use this unique Object of Power.

  1. Lifework 

Whatever you do, you have to understand that any work must be directed towards the common good. Of course, it is not so easy to realize in real life. That’s why Zhannabelle encourages everyone to join the Field of Love group prayers. They help cure any disease, including depression, protect and help people around the world, stop natural disasters. And they make every participant happy.

If you want to join the Field of Love prayer, send an email to marked “I want to join the Field of Love”.

How to be free of depression

Anita, Le Havre: 

While my kids were little, I kept running like a hamster on a wheel. I had to take everyone to classes, cook lunch and dinner, clean the house, go shopping, pick up the kids, help with their home task, etc. When I finished it was already evening – no time to get bored.

But the children have grown up and gone, and I have nothing to do. My husband is at work all day. I’m alone in a big empty house where I have nothing to do. I started having apathy.

I got to the point where I could walk around in my robe all day. I started sleeping badly, and I had panic attacks from time to time.

Out of nothing! I am pouring myself a tea, for example, and suddenly I feel the ground coming out from under my feet.

I was diagnosed depression. Doctors prescribed me medication. They didn’t help…

A friend of mine helped me get out of this condition. One day she came to my place on the way to Zhannabelle’s seminar and, seeing me untidy in a robe, offered to go together. My husband, who was not at work at the time, literally pushed me out of the house, he really wanted me to shake up. 

At Zhannabelle’s seminar, I really felt like I was awake. She took the magic instrument Jaw’s harp and started playing a totally cosmic tune. I literally dissolved into those sounds. At the same time, she taught me to take deep breaths and breathe out all the negativity out of my energy field. This abrupt exhale throws away all the entities that harm our energy.  

That day, I really felt like I myself had the power.

I felt Zhannabelle pouring a stream of strong energy into my aura, and my aura thickens to form a protective dome around me.

It was an incomparable feeling! 

I came home with a smile on my face. I did the general cleaning of the house, I made myself look pretty and started cooking delicious food again, making romantic dinners for my husband and me. I also became a regular participant in group classes. I had an individual diagnostics. And Zhannabelle managed to correct all my energy flows. And the magical objects that she made especially for me and my husband, more than once helped us maintain our power in different situations. 

Zhannabelle helped me understand how to get rid of depression and did a lot for me. My life is now full of meaning.

I made a lot of friends, my husband and I started to travel a lot.

I love traveling to the Place of Power – these are amazing places on the planet! And I try to help with organizing events or charity events as much as I can. There’s no time for depression anymore!” 

How to be free of depression

Tell your friends and acquaintances how to get rid of depression, how to charge with positive and get powerful protection of the forces of Light. Send them the link to this article, invite them  to Zhannabelle’s seminar. She can solve any problem, help to become a happy and successful person.