How do you celebrate the vernal equinox day properly?

Tips from Zhannabelle 

The day of vernal equinox is a very serious date, one of the most energetically powerful days of the year. People may feel the energy of the world and have a significant impact on their future during this mystical time. That is on this day you can rewrite your destiny the way you want!

The day of vernal equinox will come on the night of March 20 at 03:50 GMT in 2020. The solar disk will move to the constellation of Aries, and spring will assert itself. This day has always meant so much to our ancestors. It was considered the brightest and most joyful holiday of the year. But even now it has not lost its significance. Although many traditions are a little forgotten. Zhannabelle will tell you how to prepare for this event properly. 

Step 1: Cleanse your body 

It is very important to be clean, both in body and soul on the day of the vernal equinox. The food should be light, vegetable,  not to burden your body with heavy energy. 

If you observe fasting, it will help you get a charge of light energy.

How do you celebrate the vernal equinox day properly?

Step 2: Cleaт your home 

General cleaning before the vernal equinox is a great way to clean up your home from old grudges and negativity. The clean, refreshed house is additionally cleaned with prayers, candles and special music. The main thing is to be careful when performing these rituals. You can learn how to perform them correctly at Zhannabelle’s seminars or individual consultations. 

Step 3: Spiritual preparation 

Learn to forgive. It’s not easy, but if you want to protect your Lineage, old grievances just need to be forgiven and let go. You can make a list of people who hurt you and burn it turning to the spirit of fire. 

By letting your hard feelings go to the Lower World, we automatically close all loopholes in our souls for them.

Step 4: Shape a happy future 

You should start thinking about the desired future long before the day of the vernal equinox. Think about the goals you plan to set, what to focus on, have an individual consultation with Zhannabelle and listen to all her recommendations. This will help you gather a complete picture of your future life. And you will send a request to fulfill your desires to the Universe on the day of the vernal equinox.

Step 5: Surround yourself with congenial souls 

It is very important to spend this Day with your family or in the company of your loved ones. The best option is to go to Zhannabelle’s retreat at the Place of Power. After all, she annually takes her students to such sacred places to celebrate this magical holiday according to the cosmic laws of the Universe. Join them, this retreat can change your whole life!

Inara, Riga: 

“There were a few years in my life that things have not been as joyful as today. I was very depressed. My husband lost his job and couldn’t find anything proper. He started drinking. My small income didn’t make up for our expenses, my savings were disappearing. 

And among other things, I started to have health problems. I just didn’t know how to go on living.  

That’s when, at the worst moment of my life, I met Zhannabelle. It was just before the day of the vernal equinox and I was invited to join the group on a trip to one of the most powerful places of power to meet this spring holiday. 

And I went, no matter what. And I never regretted it! I had  an incredible spiritual experience! Zhannabelle helped me set up the program I wanted for the year ahead correctly. And my life has changed a lot since from that moment. 

My husband finally got a job. What a job it was! He met his childhood friend, and it turned out that he owns one of the largest car services in the country. Now my husband is the head of one of the branches. Well, he’s done with the booze right away. We started traveling a lot. I was treated in a good clinic, and now my health is fine! 

I also continue to attend Zhannabelle’s group classes, participate in her volunteer projects. It gives me power and joy of a happy life. For my loved ones, I have acquired magical amulets so that they are always protected by the Higher Powers. 

Every year, on the Day of the vernal equinox, I go with Zhannabelle and her students to retreat to a new Place of Power to recharge my energy and success for the next year! 

How do you prepare for the vernal equinox at home? 

Naturally, it’s not always possible to get out on a trip. That’s why Zhannabelle gives detailed advice on how to meet the day of vernal equinox at home and how to prepare for it. 

  1. Preparation of the festive table

It is important to meet guests with a richly laid table on the day of the vernal equinox. Festive meals will not only decorate the table and fill the house with joy, but will also serve as the Universe’s gratitude. On this day, you need to cook dishes that have a round shape, such as pies. Put them in the center of the table, because they represent the Sun and its energy. 

How do you celebrate the vernal equinox day properly?
  1. Burn all the trouble 

If you are overwhelmed with anxiety, resentment, hard feelings, you should certainly perform the ritual of burning the negative. 

Make a doll and put  all your pain, all disappointments, all troubles inside of it. 

Dress it in clothes with which bad memories are associated, and burn it! And all bad energy will be gone out of your life, leaving room for happiness! 

  1. Spend this day brightly 

To get the maximum charge of positive energy for the whole year, open yourself to the world! Dance, relax, sing! Open the windows and let in the sun and fresh air! 

Feel free to show your creativity. The universe will send you powerful energy impulses and help you unlock your potential.  

All these secrets of celebrating the day of vernal equinox are available for everyone. If you want to change your life and finally receive  what you deserve – happiness, health, success and love – be sure to observe Zhannabelle’s recommendations. Sign up for her events, come to seminars in the Places of Power, and participate in the celebration of the most amazing energy holiday. Zhannabelle will help you fulfill your dreams, make even the most incredible goals come true and teach you to fill your home with love, health and happiness. The energy of the sun and the universe will give you a new happy fate!