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Protect your family from diseases

Why some diseases can’t be cured by pills?

Why is modern medicine helpless against some diseases? Why do children get sick so often? How do our fatigue and anger affect our family? Energy therapist Zhannabelle answers all these questions.

Protection from diseases: principles of healthy and happy life

A child caught a cold, mother complains of a headache, father suffers from angina and you yourself are in permanent stress at work. List of medications gets longer every year and doctors blame it on age and nerves. However for an energy therapist the answer is quite obvious – a person suffers from attacks of larvas, energy vampires and health eaters.

A human being is a very fragile spiritual mechanism and the causes of all illnesses go hand in hand with energy field. Besides the physical body a person has six subtle bodies: nirvanic, causal, mental, astral, vital and etheric. Before affecting our physical body a larva passes through all six subtle bodies damaging them one by one.

For more than 20 years energy therapist Zhannabelle has been examining and curing people from energy vampires. She helps even when all seems lost. Such severe diseases as oncology, asthma, sterility and others are all caused by larvas’ activities that’s why protection of the family members becomes a concern of those who understand the real extent of the problem and ready to fight an invisible and strong enemy.

Energy therapist Zhannabel

Attacks of energy vampires

When the diagnosis states the rapid progress of a disease that’s the first signal – the problem isn’t actually in a person’s body but in larvas. Alien beings force a person to hate and do terrible deeds. They as well make people hit the bottle, become addicted to drugs or gaming. Strong emotions feed larvas who then require more because such emotions are their source of life and food. How do they get inside a human body?

They penetrate us without being noticed – it all may start with a wrong choice or envy and end up with chronic diseases and death. Unfortunately expensive treatment is often helpless. How can we protect our family?

Sad to say, medicine is unable to fight larvas. Pills and treatment bring only a temporary relief. So the protection of close people becomes a concern of energy therapists. Sometimes it takes one appointment to recover and sometimes – a whole course of treatment. The duration of spiritual therapy depends on the degree of destruction of an energy shell. So it’s important not to waste time and come to a personal consultation. Energy therapist Zhannabelle is always ready to help and will tell you how to change life and which steps to take for quick recovery!

Nathalie, Antwerp:

When I heard that my body was infested by larvas, I couldn’t believe it. I’m a modern person, I live in a 21st century. Larvas? Are you serious?

I got sick three years ago. Then I felt very weak. I faded, I didn’t want to eat and I was totally exhausted. My mother made me go to a clinic but it was useless. So my sister took everything in her hands and said that the protection of her family was now her concern. She made an appointment at the energy therapist’s highly recommended by a friend of hers for me.

Energy therapist Zhannabelle got frightened by my condition. My aura was damaged by black spots like an apple spoiled by warms. She immediately warned me that treatment would take a long time. I was confused as I had never thought before of the importance of spiritual purity.

Diagnosis of subtle bodies showed that larvas had already got to my physical body that’s why I had lost too much weight and looked like a mummy. Energy therapist Zhannabelle started asking me about my life and my family to understand what had happened to me. When I finally found out the reason, I was really ashamed…

For quite a long time I had sought to make a career. I was ready to put up with irregular working hours, awful temper of my boss, rude suppliers, I forgot about my private life… But then a girl named Gretchen joined our department. She was clever and beautiful. Everything came easy to her: she signed all projects on the first try and never had any problems with deadlines. And more – she had a beloved boyfriend… Envy ate me up and I couldn’t help it.

So at that time a larva penetrated my body. At first I kept silent and swallowed my grievance but then I started to do some nasty stuff and set her up, I told the suppliers some filthy things about her. Once she even was about to be fired.

I constantly thought of new ways to spoil her life. When I got sick my frenetic desire reached its climax. The larva got to my physical body and started to eat it from within.

Energy therapist Zhannabelle performed a ritual of forgiveness and purification to take the larva out of my body. Then she insisted on my taking a magic item that will help me in my treatment. I had some more appointments to make a full recovery. People at group sessions supported me a lot and helped me to come to life.

Upon my request energy therapist Zhannabelle created another protection amulet for Gretchen…

The last step towards my recovery was our meeting. I apologized to Gretchen for my terrible deeds and gave her the amulet. I was surprised when in spite of what had happened she forgave me. Since then I have never got sick. And never wished ill to other people. Because now I know how it can end up!

Is it possible to find out on your own if you’re infected with larvas?

Certainly to get an expert opinion it’s better to check your subtle bodies. But you can do it on your own as well.

For this you need to stay alone for 10 minutes. Set a timer and start counting your breaths.

When the timer goes off remember what you have been thinking about. Hardly about your breaths. You might have lost count, haven’t you? Why? Because besides your will there’s the will of a larva. By deciding to count your breaths you deprive her of food.

But the larva reclaims control quite quickly. And this happens every time you are to do something good: start jogging in the morning, go to a swimming pool or stop eating meat.

Energy therapist Zhannabel

Taking care of child’s health

Each year the number of newborns with serious diseases goes up. Did they as well fall victims to larvas? The responsibility for the protection of family and children’s diseases lies first of all with their parents.

Which emotional state accompanies the upbringing? Do parents give love and feeling of safety to a baby? Is there support between parents? Larvas propagate easily in difficult families. Very often parents are unconscious that they infect their children with deadly parasites.

Even if a child is born healthy, when in the society he continually faces a risk to catch some larva. How emotionally pure are nursery teachers, teachers at schools and other educational institutions where send our children? To what extent are those people filled with love, happiness and joy? Do they all mean well to us and our children?

And don’t forget about another aspect of our life – information space. What do our children see from the TV screens? What games do they play on a playground? What apps do they have on their tablets? Do they have an account in social networks? The world is saturated with violence and envy that’s why the protection of your family is so important.

Energy protection of pregnant women

Energy therapist Zhannabelle asks expecting mothers to protect themselves from bad habits, unpleasant company, violence, envy and grievances.

If a woman leads an active social life, the perspective to be affected by negative emotions and catch a larva is very high. That’s why it’s important to choose very carefully your social circle. For example on our seminars we have the atmosphere of love and kindness. So it’s not only safe to attend such events but as well very useful for a child who is going to be born. And surely for his mother!

On seminars you may get as well magic items that will protect your baby from larvas and will maintain mother’s health. It can’t hurt to take care of the young father and other close people and buy protection amulets for them. The protection of your family is an integral part of your future child’s health concerns.

Millions of people aren’t aware of the existence of larvas so they go on spending money on medications and medical services. By sending this article to your relatives and friends you will help them to stay healthy.

Each of us may do good and give other people hope for recovery: invite your friends to our group workshops, help to organize meetings in your town and on the top of that don’t be afraid to believe in kindness and miracles. The protection of your family is in your hands!

It’s important not only to learn new things but as well practice your knowledge with persons who share the same ideas. We invite you to join a group of happy, open-minded and loving people on our seminars and retreats!