Zhannabelle invites you to a retreat!

Zhannabelle invites you to a retreat!

This trip can change your life

Which of us does not dream of being successful, loved, and healthy? We want to overcome any difficulties easily, live a happy rich life, not to fear of the future. But most of us just don’t have enough time to stop and think how to make these dreams come true, find the meaning of life and the true predestination. So what do we do? The best option is to go to the retreat with Zhannabelle.

What is a retreat? 

Zhannabelle understands that every person just needs to stop life whirl for a moment and get a charge of positive energy. Only by opening the energy channel can one achieve the desired results, realize all one’s ideas and get healing from serious diseases. This is why Zhannabelle organizes retreats to help solve any of your problems.  

Retreats are a special space of power. You need to observe several conditions so that retreat is effective.

  1. Place of retreat 

The place where the retreat will take place is very important. It must necessarily take place in the nature. After all, many practices simply do not work in the atmosphere of the city. Because they are based on close interaction with the forces of nature. They draw their energy reserve exactly from it. 

If there is a reservoir nearby, you will certainly learn how to communicate with the element of water and conduct rituals with it. In addition, Zhannabelle will certainly teach you how to interact with the energy of fire. They always make a big fire during the outdoor activities, next to which they perform special rituals.

And, of course, retreats are held at special points of our planet – Places of Power, where the energy of the Universe is concentrated.

Zhannabelle herself is an experienced researcher of such places. She has visited sacred places in Tibet, India, Siberia, Nepal, Mongolia and the USA. In general, there is no more experienced guide to the Places of Power.

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  1. Time of the visit 

Another mandatory condition for a retreat is its timing. Zhannabelle specifically calculates a special astrological time to choose the best moment for the universe to influence the destiny of man. She takes everything into account – the position of stars and planets, the energy flows of the Earth, magnetic waves and many other aspects.

Zhannabelle holds retreats in such special periods, with the support of space energy. 

This is a very powerful force that will allow each retreat participant to make a breakthrough in any field of activity, establish relationships with loved ones, cure of disease.

  1. Spiritual Mentor 

Last but not least, condition for a retreat. It usually takes place in a beautiful atmosphere of kindness and unity. Personality of your mentor – an unusual person with sacral knowledge – is of particular importance. Thanks to the special methods that Zhannabelle has been practicing for over twenty years, she has made thousands of people around the world happy. She harmoniously intertwines active dynamic practices that excite the inner energy of man, with soothing short lectures that open people the amazing secrets of the universe.

Zhannabelle invites you to a retreat!

Judy, Phoenix: 

“It’s only by losing our happiness that we realize we were happy. I had a beautiful family. A caring husband, children. My husband held a good position in a large corporation and we never had any material problems. 

Trouble came suddenly, my husband got seriously ill. The doctors’ diagnoses differed. They even assumed cancer… 

I was terrified. In addition, the insurance didn’t cover the whole treatment, our savings were decreasing. 

We started having problems with our kids. The teenage years were already complicated enough. And in our situation, when my husband was fading away in front of their eyes, it was very difficult for them. That’s when my friend, who knew the situation in our family, invited me to Zhannabelle’s retreat. There, for the first time during the hard year, I believed that we can cope with everything and everything will be fine. 

The retreat helped me feel my power. I felt that every ritual changes the fate of our family. I bought amulets for my family and became a regular participant in all Zhannabelle’s events. Unbelievable, but this trip resulted in a real miracle!

My husband was finally accurately diagnosed and it was not oncology

The doctors picked up the treatment and promised a full recovery within two months. But my husband returned home after two weeks. He was still weak after his illness and was already rushing to work. Our children, of course, also felt relieved. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  

And then there was a new surprise – we received a call from our husband’s work. They told us his company will pay our debts for treatment and a decent amount for further rehabilitation. 

But the biggest change was in my destiny. I volunteered for an organization that supports people who are in a difficult life situation. I have found my predestination in helping people. And that makes me happy. Someone needs to help with a charity appeal, someone just needs to hear a kind word. I’ve brought a lot of people to Zhannabelle’s retreats. 

And my wards have changed greatly! These are successful, happy people. I’m happy I had something to do with it too!   

My story is the best example of how retreats help change lives. I am grateful to Zhannabelle for making my family happy again. 

Thousands of Zhannabelle’s students around the world, regardless of age or creed, have already found a connection with the roots of their Lineage. They built harmonious relationships within the family after retreats. Peace and love became the foundation of their life purpose. And the hopelessly sick were healed. The material side of life has also changed surprisingly – at work, a long-awaited and unconditional success has come. And most importantly, Zhannabelle’s students were able to realize their highest predestination. 

That’s what Zhannabelle’s sense of life is all about. She conducts every retreat to make you happy. Attend her events, bring your friends and acquaintances and get the Power and support of the Universe!