How to get rid of phobias

How to get rid of phobias?

Rituals that will help you overcome even the most powerful fears 

This amazing story happened five years ago on one of the open seminars conducted by Zhannabelle. No one could have guessed how the event would end…

A woman with a gray face 

At the end of the seminar, Zhannabelle felt that someone in the audience needed her help but did not dare to say so… She asked the audience, “Who is so exhausted that they need help? Maybe you are tired or sick, or you have serious problems in your family or at work? Don’t be afraid to ask the spirits for help.”

No one answered, but the spirits themselves showed Zhannabelle a woman who was sitting quietly at the very end of the room. She looked like a very sick person, with black circles under her eyes, a gray face and a nervous look.

Zhannabelle gently spoke to the woman, who, as if struggling to get over herself, said quietly: “I’m really afraid of dying in my sleep…”

When night falls 

For the past ten years, Maria’s life (that was the woman’s name) had been a nightmare. During the day, there was nothing, she worked, talked with friends, did shopping, basically, led a normal life. But at night…

Every night, she woke up with the feeling that someone was following her and wanted to strangle her. She jumped up from suffocation, the air did not enter her lungs, everything was blurred before her eyes, her body was covered with a sticky sweat. She stumbled to the window and flung it open to let fresh air into the bedroom… 

Her heart was pounding. She lit all the lamps to make the hated shadows disappear from the corners. She went to the kitchen and drank cold water. Gradually, after a few hours, she calmed down. In the morning, she went to bed and fell into a short, dreamless sleep. And the next night it all started again.

The fear was so strong that Maria dreaded the coming of night. She was afraid to fall asleep, even to close her eyes.

A year later, she suffered from chronic insomnia. She lost 15 kilos, her complexion turned gray, and black circles formed under her eyes.

Six months later, she gave up and went to the doctors. She was recommended to see a psychologist who prescribed sedatives, walks in the fresh air before going to bed and sports. The woman did everything the doctors advised, but the night tortures continued…

A psychotherapist, who Maria consulted in the third year of her torment, tried to find the causes of night phobias in the woman’s childhood. But he didn’t succeed. He prescribed strong tranquilizers, which only made the choking attacks worse. Maria decided not to continue the therapy.

She was just waiting for death. Never doubting for one second that one day she just wouldn’t wake up…

How to get rid of phobias?

A fateful trip to Asia 

If you have had insomnia at least once in your life, you can imagine what it’s like to feel slack, with a poorly thinking head and weak arms and legs. But what does a person feel who has barely slept for 10 years?!

Of course, Zhannabelle understood that Mary was in terrible danger and that she needed to find the true cause of her phobia.

She invited the exhausted woman for an individual diagnostics, during which she learnt the following.

10 years ago, Maria read an article in a magazine about spiritual retreats in Asia. The article was written so vividly and interestingly (the author, apparently, was a talented person) that the woman got enthusiastic about the idea of going on a similar trip to the Place of Power.

On the Internet, she found a list of such places, chose one, bought tickets and flew to the other side of the world. On her own!

A fateful mistake! Places of Power can never be visited without a guide, without a spiritual mentor. Only he knows where you can go, what spirits live and where, how to build a dialogue with them, to appease, if necessary, and get permission to visit the Place of Power.

An ordinary, spiritually unprepared person risks incurring the wrath of the spirits of the Lower world. This can cause health problems, financial failures, and even death… but the naive Maria, of course, did not know this. Her meeting with the hereditary white witch Zhannabelle would happen only 10 years later…

During the fateful trip, her curiosity encouraged Maria to go to an old, dilapidated temple, where she accidentally disturbed the peace of the larva of fear.

And then the dark being attacked the woman’s aura, depriving her of sleep and almost depriving her of reason…

Don’t be afraid, take a step! 

The time for serious trials came. Zhannabelle saw the larva of fear had woken up, sensing the danger from the presence of the white witch. It was necessary to help Maria cope with the spirit on her own. 

There are many ancient rites and rituals to get rid of the fear of death. Zhannabelle is happy to share them during the seminars and trainings. She can perform the ritual individually for any person. But Maria’s case was unique – it required the most powerful ritual. And the support of spiritual associates.

That’s why Zhannabelle asked all the students to gather in the hall where the seminar was held and support the dying woman with a prayer.

And Zhannabelle told Maria to do something unusual – to take off her shoes and walk on glass.

Oh, how Maria’s heart sank with fear! She was having a panic attack, tears were rolling down her face, and her body was trembling treacherously. The larva had captured her entire body in its tenacious tentacles and did not allow the woman to make the first move. Then Zhannabelle gave Maria a special protective amulet, and took the shaman’s drum…

Not many people know that the shaman’s costume and drum are not just a tribute to a beautiful ancient tradition, the spirits-helpers and defenders of the shaman live in them. When meeting with beings and spirits of the Lower world, the shaman receives help, support, and additional power to perform the rite.

All this time the audience remained silent. More than a hundred people performed the “Field of love” prayer to help Maria defeat the dark being.

But when Zhannabelle, seeing the fear and doubt in the woman’s eyes, took her hand and asked her to walk together along the path of broken glass, the audience started to shout,

“You can do it! We believe in you! Don’t be afraid and take a step!”- shouted Zhannabelle’s students.

All this time the larva tried to stop the woman. “I can’t walk on glass. I’ll cut my feet! I’ll hurt myself! I don’t want to! I don’t…”. And then Maria put her right foot on the glass… She waited a second and stepped up on the path with her other foot. Another second… The last second of doubt, and the woman took a step!

An incredible sense of joy and unity enveloped all the people in the hall. The power of their love and prayer, the power of the most ancient ritual, the help of the spirits of the Upper world, who Zhannabelle resorted to, did their job – the larva was defeated!

How to get rid of phobias?


The next day, Maria came to Zhannabelle’s master class. Happy and radiant, she thanked the white witch for bringing her back to life. “Yesterday I came home and went to bed for a little rest. It’s incredible, but I slept for 10 hours! I didn’t wake up from suffocation, I did not have nightmares.” Maria could not believe that the problem that had been plaguing her for 10 long years, just disappeared.

Five years has passed since then. During this time, a lot has changed in Maria’s life. Feeling the healing power of ancient practices and seeing with her own eyes how great the power of rites and love is, the woman has decided to help Zhannabelle organize the seminars. She helps other women, as they once helped her…

By joining Zhannabelle’s seminars and participating in group classes, you save the lives of not only yourself and your lineage, but also people in need. We are waiting for you in the circle of our large family!