A story of a miraculous recovery of sight

A terrible story with a happy ending 

The most fragile thing in the world is human life. Especially if it is threatened larvae – the evil, terrible essence of the Lower World. They can do a lot of things, such as deprive you of vision. Today, we will tell you about such situation from the experience of the hereditary white magician Zhannabelle.

I can not see anything…

One day, a young woman, very thin and exhausted, came to see Zhannabelle. Salma did not come alone, but with her mother, and was constantly holding her hand. It’s quite strange: a grown woman, but she walks holding her mother’s hand. The explanation came very quickly – Salma could not see almost anything.

It all started a couple of years ago. Salma had a lot of problems. Very difficult divorce in the court and threats from her ex-husband.

He threatened to kidnap the child if the court ruled against him.

Salma was frightened, worried about how it would affect her daughter’s mental state.

The woman also worked very hard: she had to pay for lawyers and prepare a back up option in case she moved (Salma was so afraid of her ex-husband that she was ready to run away with her child to the other side of the world).

Of course, she was very tired and under constant stress. Her head and eyes often hurt. Especially eyes. But everybody around her said: “Take some vitamins and try to sleep – it’s nothing and it will pass. Salma was taking vitamins, although she guessed that they would not help. 

The woman felt that her illness had a different, creepy reason.

At that time she didn’t know what a larvae was, but decided she was cursed. By who? By her ex-husband, of course, – he was a sadist and a manipulator.

When Salma told her mother about her guess, she was scared. He mother thought that her daughter was exhausted, and she made an appointment to see the guru of psychiatry. The guru prescribed tranquilizers, took his huge fee and wished her luck…

Salma didn’t have time to start taking her medication. The next day she woke up in the morning and… could see nothing!

Now her mother was looking for an ophthalmologist. Medical tests, examinations, a few weeks in the hospital did not bring any result.     

Her eyesight didn’t come back, although doctors couldn’t find any reason for her blindness.

And Salma kept speaking about the curse. Now her words did not seem crazy to her mother. Luckily, her friend was the Zhannabelle’s organizer in their town. The women discussed the situation and decided that Salma needed to meet the magician. Zhannabelle was the family’s last hope…


Time won’t wait 

Zhannabelle needed to look at Salma only once to see that a woman was being eaten by larvae. Diagnostics helped her to understand the reason. Salma was right – she was cursed!

She was cursed to death – a very strong negative energy.

The black shaman, who was paid by Salma’s ex-husband, cursed her…

A woman’s life had to be saved right away! There was very little time left. The aura of death hovered over Salma…

Zhannabelle, the hereditary white magician, knew they had to hurry. She asked for help from the spirits and began to prepare an ancient wax casting ritual.

Wax casting ritual 

Zhannabelle warmed up the wax in a special bowl and approached Salma to begin the ritual. And then she felt the strongest resistance from the spirits of the Lower World.

Evil creatures and larvae prevented her from performing the ritual in every possible way: they pushed her, even knocked the  bowl of molten wax out of her hands!

Hot wax spread in different directions, hitting Zhannabelle’s skin, leaving painful burns. But the magician did not feel pain or simply did not pay attention to it. She had to put all her strength, superpowers, to defeat the resistance of evil entities.

Zhannabelle saw that the most terrible larvae clung to Salma’s eyes. But they held on tight and did not seem to give up.

And then the magician said the strongest prayer, called for help the power of her magical amulets, turned to the spirits of the Upper World. She accumulated all the powers that were given to her by the universe, and … “pulled” the evil entities out of Salma’s eyes. The larvae were defeated and destroyed!

Salma looked at the magician and said: “Before, I could only feel, but now I can SEE, what an amazing woman you are, Zhannabelle. And burst into tears…


Towards a new life 

That’s not the end of the story. Salma’s aura was very weakened by the larvae. Her energy field was so weak and unprotected that it had to be strengthened. Zhannabelle performed special rituals and practices, made the protection of Salma’s life and health. 

It was a big work. Additional individual consultations and special protective amulets and prayers were needed. And, of course, Salma began to study in a group to maintain the level of energy, not to let the larvae stick to her again.

Fortunately, it all ended well. Salma has fully recovered physically and spiritually.

And she didn’t have to run to the other side of the world.

Her ex-husband was arrested for financial fraud. Now he is serving his sentence. And Salma is starting a new life, which she looks at with her eyes wide open…


This story once again proves that you should never give up. No matter how difficult your problem may be, it can be solved, especially if you ask for help while you are there. Come to individual consultations, register for seminars and retreats. Zhannabelle has been helping women around the world all her life. She will also help you!