How do you fulfill your wish?

How do you fulfill your wish?

Tips from Zhannabelle

Regardless of age and social status, we all have dreams. Some want to build a huge house on the ocean shore, others want to start business, still others want to realize their predestination. And many people do it! But, for some reason, others fail. How does the power of thought work? What is the secret of fulfilling your dreams? Zhannabelle will tell you how to achieve your goal.

The secret of wish fulfillment

“Is desire only enough to achieve a goal?” you ask. We are not saying that it is enough wanting something and every wish comes true at once. There is a serious spiritual work behind every wish.

Zhannabelle recommends our readers to watch the film “The Secret”, which reveals the secret of innermost thoughts and the way to achieve them. It is a wonderful motivational movie for people looking for their predestination. 

While you add the movie to your bookmarks, Zhannabelle will share the three conditions that will help you fulfill your desires. 

1. Strong Thought

Our mind and logic act within personal experience. It is unique, but it does not always see the world of great opportunities. Wanting is not enough for a dream to come true. It is necessary to take a step towards its fulfillment. The thought of fulfillment must captivate you and push you to decisive action. 

The power of thought is always supported by particular actions and filled with positive energy. 

Zhannabelle warns that you and her have different paths to follow if you “dream” of revenge. After all, negative energy is destructive. It can not only hurt you  but your loved ones too.

Energy therapist Zhannabel

2. Good aspects

The special arrangement of the planets is an important condition for dreams to come true. 

Each person is unique, as well as a unique map of the location of the planets on their birth day – the so-called cosmogram. 

Astrology will help to determine the best time for acting, planning a business or personal meeting, or, on the contrary, for postponing the planned and spend the day meditating and helping those in need. 

During individual consultations, Zhannabelle will make your natal chart, point out the planets that affect your destiny most of all and explain their affect on your life.

3. Support of your loved ones

“You’re not going to make it. You can’t do anything great.” Stop! No matter how hard you try, it’s very hard to make your wish come true under the pressure of such negativity. The support of close and like-minded people is a necessary condition for the realization of your dream. 

“You can do it. I believe in you. I will support you.” Such simple words create a strong energy protection and help a person to follow their dream!

That’s why Zhannabelle invites everyone to join group lessons. Only in a circle of positive, tuned on the same wave people, you can reveal all your skills and fulfill your plans! To make your wish come true, you should study regularly and follow all the recommendations of the mentors.

Anna, Berlin:

“What is the power of thought? How do the planets affect my life? How do you make your dreams come true? I came to Zhannabelle’s seminar with a lot of specific questions. I wanted to change my life dramatically: get a promotion, move from a small apartment in the outskirts of Berlin closer to the center, to meet my soul mate and… I had a lot of desires to fulfill))). But how? 

Zhannabelle is a real magician. There was diagnostics of predestination, making a cosmogram, group classes and seminar sessions. Do you think it’s ridiculous? 

While you doubt, I’m already moving to a prestigious block with my loved one! A spacious, bright apartment with a fireplace! 

Dreams come true, trust me))). 

There is no dream that you can’t fulfill! But for that, you need the help of a special person. Zhannabelle will help everyone. That’s the main mission of her life. Do not postpone meeting your dream to tomorrow, register for Zhannabelle’s classes!