The Ways to Find Your True Love: Practices from Zhannabelle

How to find your soul mate?

5 tips from Zhannabelle

How and where do you find your chosen one, the perfect other half, next to whom you feel protected, happy and realized? Is there even such a cosmic harmony in real life? Maybe it’s just fiction? Zhannabelle is sure that the perfect soul mates exist. She tells us how to find true love.

Tip No. 1: Visualization of Image

What’re they like, your soul mate? How do you imagine them? Have you thought about it yet? Now would be a good time.

Take a piece of paper and write down the qualities you’d like to see in your partner. you might come up with 20 points, or maybe 100. Quantity is not important. The main thing is to visualize the image clearly. Take into account everything: physical health, emotional state, hobbies, social status, spiritual qualities (pay special attention to them). 

Every detail matters. Take the list as seriously as possible.

One day a girl named Paola attended Zhannabelle’s seminar. She wanted to meet her soul mate as soon as possible. This is why she didn’t take visualization seriously, she didn’t have time to write lists. She only noticed: rich, generous, kind, cheerful, handsome… 

However, she forgot to mention a very important point – health. 

After the seminar Paola met a rich, generous, kind, cheerful and handsome men. But he turned out to be a cancer patient. When Paola found it out, she brought her beloved man to Zhannabelle. They were very lucky because Zhannabelle is a strong healer. She was able to heal the girl’s beloved man and save their relationship that just started.

That’s why it’s so important to make a list carefully. You may need more than one hour and even more than one day. Take your time, listen to your intuition

Tip No. 2: Bring light and happiness

So, the portrait of your perfect chosen one is ready. What about yourself? How do you fit in to be the companion of such an amazing man? To bathe in love, you have to radiate joy and emotional light. But where do you get them? Zhannabelle gives her students special spiritual practices for this purpose.

They fill a woman with positive energy, thanks to which the whole world considers her requests and helps her realize her desires.

At seminars, women always ask Zhannabelle: “Why do we always feel happy and joyful after your classes? ” No, these are not magic pills. It’s simple. You always had this joy in you. It’s just that point it fell asleep at some. It was awakened again by the spiritual practices during the seminar.

Tip No. 3: Compatibility of Planetary Types

Which planet affects your life and destiny? Venus or the Moon? Ancient cosmic knowledge about planetary types makes it possible to understand what talents are hidden in you and what kind of partner you need. 

To understand planetary compatibility, you need to join a special retreat that Zhannabelle conducts at one of the Place of Power. You will be able to discover this ancient knowledge in a sacred place only.

Tip No. 4: Altar to the goddess Umai

Shaman goddess Umai helps every woman find her happiness. To get her support, you need to make a small altar in the western part of your house or apartment. There should be a picture of the goddess and a bouquet of fresh flowers on it. 

Zhannabelle also recommends putting magical amulets brought from the Place of Power, your favorite jewelry and a list of qualities that you want to see in your soul mate. 

You can do the magical ritual only after you have established the altar and made the list of qualities.  

Tip No. 5: Conducting a magical ritual

The first and main rule of performing a magical ritual is a conscious desire to change your life. The ritual is performed at the altar of the goddess Umai.

1. Put a shaman ring and Umai’s amulet of love on your left hand. In some cases, Zhannabelle recommends putting on the amulet that was created personally for you.

2. Take a comfortable position while sitting or standing at the altar.

3. Prepare to accept the energy flow of the “meeting”. Take a deep breath, exhale.

4. Put your hands together in front of your chest, where the right hand symbolizes the male and the left hand is the female. The two divine halves. Listen to your heart. Feel a great love in it.

5. Now you can address to the goddess Umai  and ask her: “Goddess Umai, mother earth, help me to find and meet my divine half.

Feel the goddess responding your request right in your heart. She approaches you, touches your head gently, and gives you her blessing.

Keep breathing peacefully and direct your thoughts towards your wish.

6. Imagine you move into a special space, into a clearing covered with fragrant flowers and fluttering butterflies. Lift up your face and look at the endless blue sky, the sun that gives warm and gentle rays.

Feel the wind blowing gently and playing your hair. Feel the coolness of the grass with your bare feet. You are free and light. Ask the goddess Umai: “Make the qualities I wrote down in the list come true”. 

7. Now it’s time for visualization. Particularize the qualities from the list slowly and create an image of your chosen one. If you forget something from the list, don’t be afraid to have a look at it.

8. With each word, the outline of your chosen one will become clearer and stronger.

9. Imagine that you hold hands. Feel the warmth of the touch.

10. Come closer and embrace each other. Can you feel the emotional kinship? You’ve finally met your soul mate! The feeling of total happiness fills your body. You feel the blessing of the goddess.

Ask Umai as sincerely as you can: “May my other half find physical embodiment in this world. I want to meet this man.”

11. Take a deep breath and exhale, thank the goddess Umai. Inhale and exhale again. Now you can open your eyes.

You should be feeling filled with positive energy and spiritual harmony at the end of the ritual. Zhannabelle recommends doing this magical practice for 21 days. If you do charity work at the same time, help others, attend group classes in your city, it will increase the energy of love.

 Alice, Paris:

“I can’t speak of myself as of a miserable woman.  I’ve had bright affairs in my life. And my career was going well. But when I decided that I was ready to have a child, it turned out that there is no one near me, with whom I could establish a harmonious and happy family. Still, these are different: a short, though torrid romance, or a permanent serious relationship.

I wanted support in everything, emotional warmth, harmony. But where can I get them? Or better say: can all these qualities be combined in one person?! I didn’t believe in it.

And I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t attended Zhannabelle’s seminar. She explained what it takes to get the perfect partner in my life. I followed all Zhannabelle’s recommendations, made a small altar in the apartment to the goddess Umai, performed practices and rituals.

I also joined the retreat at the Place of Power, where we all participated in a strong ritual to attract the soul mate. And you know what? Six months later, I met my true love! We’ve been together for seven years, raising a daughter and very, very happy.” 

Attend Zhannabelle’s online workshops and offline seminars, where you will be given more practices, learn how to fill your female power with energy. Each woman is worthy to meet her other half. The more happy people, the more love and harmony in this world!