What is happening in the world now

What is happening in the world now?

Zhannabelle explains the causes of disasters in 2020

Everyone knows what terrible events are happening in the world nowadays. Military actions, pandemics, natural disasters, protests and rallies keep the whole mankind in fear. In this article, Zhannabelle explains the causes of what is happening and also gives recommendations for the people to get rid of the troubles and misfortunes sent to us.

Do you know that the negative phenomena that have recently occurred on our planet happen for a reason? They are the intrigues of dark spirits. But why the 2020 was marked by so many bad events? 

About the cause of world disasters

Zhannabelle says that 2020 is a tipping point in the fate of the planet. The age of dark forces is coming to an end right now and the transition to a brighter time begins. But evil spirits do not want to give up power over people and therefore try to leave behind as much hatred, destruction and aggression as possible. 

It is the dark spirits instigate people to the acts of terrorism, rallies and discrimination. Their purpose is to divide mankind to seize the power over people again. Therefore, we just need to help this world to pass into the bright times. 

What can we do?

Things that are now happening in the world should have happened. Because in the fate of the planet, dark forces would sooner or later lose to the bright side. Today they do not want to give up their power over us. Therefore, we must help our world get rid of the dark forces as soon as possible. 

What can we, women, do? How can we influence this situation? Taking up arms and use it to counteract the negativity is certainly not the solution. It will sow even more hatred and aggression around. 

Our most important weapons is the power that luies inside each of us. By revealing it and directing it in the right direction, we will be able to create beautiful things.

And now imagine: if we unite the power of a whole group of women, we can save all of humanity! When we unite the positive energy of our hearts, when we give people faith and hope, when we help those in need and pray sincerely, we protect our planet from anger and misfortune.

Zhannabelle urges you not to come under the influence of the spirits of fear, aggression and irritation, depression or panic. They will try to penetrate into your heart and sow there seeds of divisions. Because the person filled with light energy is a great prey for evil spirits. Each of them does everything possible to lead us off our path, to fill our hearts with darkness and obscurity. 

If you suddenly feel that fear, self distrust inside of yourself, and there is unreasonable anger towards everyone in your actions, just know: these are not your emotions and feelings. These are the intrigue of dark forces that are trying to influence you, to break and take you off the right path. In no case come under their influence! If you feel that you are about to break, do a practice or meditation that Zhannabelle teaches at her seminars.

Helping others or doing charity also cleanses the heart and fills it with kindness, compassion and love. Do not linger! Start taking care of those who need your support now! Feed a stray cat, help an elderly neighbor to bring food from the store, take old books to the nearest library, thus making this world a little better.

Trust us: it’s a lot. Every good thing we do starts a cycle of good deeds. For example, you simply compliment your colleague, she will subconsciously consider it her duty to compliment another person, and the latter, in turn, will pass on this positive message. You can’t even imagine how many people you can make happier!

Open your heart to the light and love, because the more women gather in the places of Power, the more positive spiritual energy is created in this world, the less chance evil spirits have to enslave other people.

All the positivity, all the light that you share at Zhannabelle’s seminars, goes to those people who can’t get a hold of themselves and start fighting evil. Just think: a person obsessed with evil spirit, who already wanted to bear arms, say something bad or even cause a conflict, suddenly gets your positive energy. His heart is filled with kindness and love. He starts realizing the terrible things his actions could have caused. At one moment he exclaims: “Oh my God, what have I almost done! You will help him finally throw off the slave chains of dark forces.  

If we unite, our light will reach every living being on the planet. There will be much less violence, murder and betrayal in the world. Your positive energy will have a strong impact on humanity.

It is very important to use the most powerful, strongest female weapon – positive energy. And our communal prayer and the strongest rituals can do real wonders. Attend Zhannabelle’s group lessons and become part of something beautiful that will save our planet, our children and grandchildren from evil and destruction! 

Linda, Stuttgart

“Like everybody else, I was greatly scared by the coronavirus epidemic. I began to worry terribly as soon as I heard that they wanted to quarantine my city. I was panic stricken. I was afraid of losing my job, because I saw what was happening to my friends and acquaintances, the business was collapsing. When the pandemic had just started, my salary was cut as much as twice! I had to save a lot, though I tried to do everything so that this saving would not affect my daughter in any way. But still, I had no opportunity to lead the life as I used to. Now if I go to buy food, I buy only what I need, otherwise it will not have enough money to pay my bills. Even on my daughter’s birthday I had to buy her a more low-budget toy, a horse, instead of the  Little Pony she dreamed of. 

This situation was killing me. Knowing that this should not continue, I asked Zhannabelle for help. Since they introduced quarantine, we could only meet online. The mentor said that now it is hard for the whole world, because the dark forces are trying to do as much harm as possible. She advised everyone to attend online seminars and special training sessions on saving the planet. Having listened to her, I have been attending her events for several months. All this time we prayed, sent our energy to “obsessed” people and performed special rituals. And you know, there was a result after a while. 

They did not return my normal salary at work, so I decided that I have nothing to do there anymore, I have to keep developing. Once I found an excellent job on the Internet. They even paid me a decent salary. Since then I have more free time, I became calm and found harmony, which I lacked all this time! Having received the first advance on salary, I immediately bought my daughter the pony she wanted and gave her the gift for no reason. However, there a reason: our big victory over all the negativity that ruined a happy life!

I believe that Zhannabelle’s seminars will help to save this world and to rid it of its troubles.

Become a member of the mission of protecting the world!

Let us pray together, radiate light, give happiness and love. Let’s gather in the places of Power, let’s attend the seminars, healing this world, so not to let the dark forces get into hearts and minds. Let’s make sure that our children live happily, that we let them go to school and we are not afraid of anything – we will know that they are safe.

We, women, have a great power – the power of our love. That is why it is so important to unite and pray together for everyone’s well-being. Yes, it is often difficult for us to cope alone with difficulties, and it is so important to be in a circle of understanding people. In our classes and workshops, masters create the Field of Love, Understanding and Friendship, where everyone will feel free and safe. Become a part of the Field of Love in our training and retreats!