How to grow your lineage tree and find happiness

How to grow your lineage tree and find happiness

Zhannabelle talks about two key steps towards a profound transformation in life 

Half of our life is filled with the energy from our Lineage: our genes, health and recurring life situations. The roads leading us to success are directly related to our Lineage. Invisible ancestors even push our life partners towards us. All this can be corrected to be passed on to our descendants. Awareness and ability to accept our roots are among the important elements to be able to work with the lineage tree.

Our genetic material and appearance are passed on from our ancestors to us. You can’t escape them. Everyone “works through” their genealogical program during the entire life. Sometimes we just live the unfinished life situations according to the scenario of our ancestors. We even choose our life partners according to our birth program.

On the way to  happiness people often ask how to establish good relations with the lineage to get most energy for one’s life and not to get bogged down in the lineage problems? At her seminars Zhannabelle teaches the steps that help you establish contact with your loved ones and solve the individual lineage problem on the way to your happiness.

The first step is to turn to our roots and build relationships in the family 

According to ancient shamanic traditions each lineage has its own tree. Its roots are our ancestors and memory. They are an important part of life. The lineage tree also has a trunk. This is our life and our loved ones who are now living together with us. What does the tree crown mean then? The crown is the future and children who will be born in our family.

The roots of the tree go deep into our generations. We can get great talents and abilities from them as well as severe diseases and even negative emotions that our ancestors experienced. All this because we have lost contact with them.

At the first stage you will need to appeal to your roots mentally. This step is meant to express gratitude to your ancestors for all the life lessons.

What your life will be like depends first of all on your roots.

It is then important to begin to create the conditions for the correct growth of your lineage tree. It is necessary to help it come to life and blossom so that it can get a worthy place in a beautiful garden. For that to happen you need to develop not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally. When even one branch starts growing, it pushes the entire crown to grow. The same is true for your lineage – it will grow further forming itself anew. It will become happier, without diseases and misfortunes. This is because it will get the necessary life-giving energy.

How to achieve this? You can do it only with the help of your female wisdom, patience and love. Strive to build respectful and good relationships with each member of your family. No matter how difficult it may sometimes be! Only after building a solid foundation in relationships with your loved ones you can build relations with the world around you.

Your relationships should become a source of power for you.

Start by just wishing the good to everybody in your mind. It is of utmost importance that you should not feel hatred, anger or resentment. It happens that mother and daughter fight over nothing and then do not talk to each other for years. And this is not an isolated case. The relationships between a parent and a child are not always smooth. That’s why it is important to show true love. It is true that it is not always possible to find the right words right away, but any issue should be resolved without cursing or using offensive language.

Elena, Bonn

“Things were going well in my life. I got married and gave birth to a son. I had an interesting job and traveled a lot. When my son grew older, I divorced my husband. Since then I could not find common language with my son, he did not hear me and it was impossible to communicate with him. He was also depressed because he could not realize himself in life.

When attending Zhannabelle’s classes at the online school, I learned that it was necessary to start with building relationships – to show respect, support and care. She also made an amulet and directed magical power at my son. You know, we made up and I hadn’t heard a single curse word from him ever since. Once my son told me, “Mom, forgive me for everything. I was so wrong and cruel to you!… And after a while he found his calling and started a profitable coffee business. He even paid my vacation to beautiful Croatia with the first money he earned. I have since been feeling warm-heartedness and peace of mind.

You will notice how your loved ones become healthier and happier. It is important not to stop there but to improve yourself constantly.

The second step is to diagnose problems and strengthen the power of the lineage

Initially you came into the family that you needed karmically to learn the right lessons and to become stronger. Diseases, recurring troubles and quarrels with loved ones – all these problems have their origins. As a rule, everything comes from the ancestral archive that is inside each of us. If we turn a blind eye to it and do not try to analyze the situation, we doom ourselves to constant suffering and reliving unpleasant events.

We were born when two lineages united. Our left side represent our mother’s lineage and the right side represents our father’s lineage. Thus, we work with the same side where we are feeling pain in our body. For example, if you have heart problems, you need to look for the cause in the mother’s lineage. And if, for example, a person’s right hand is seriously injured or he has liver problems, the father’s lineage is diagnosed.

It is impossible to get the necessary information from the ancestral archive by yourself. Only experienced shamans can do it. They know how to get this wisdom from the depths of the lineage so that your life could change. If you ask for help, you will finally manage to find out why you are still unable to fulfill your creative potential or what could have prevented you from solving a housing issue with your relatives.

Our ancestors send us signals all the time. So, learn to recognize them and listen to them.

Let Zhannabelle help you learn the experience of generations of your lineage. This will enable you to learn to hear the signals from your roots and to stop repeating bitter mistakes. Trust me, you will learn and understand a lot about your life!

How to grow your lineage tree and find happiness

Gloria, Milan

“There have always been friendly and hardworking people in my family. But we have always had bad luck. Despite all our efforts, my family was constantly experiencing financial difficulties. It got to the point that two years ago we could not pay our daughter’s college term tuition and had to ask my brother-in-law for help. At that time, I had no idea of what could have been the real cause of all the problems.

I have been looking for solution for a very long time. Somehow, I found myself in one of Zhannabelle’s classes. This amazing woman told me how important it was to have a deep understanding your lineage. She told me that a powerful energy flow might have been broken. And it is that flow that shapes our life. It turned out that there were serious problems in my lineage on the women’s side. Zhannabelle performed several rituals and purified my genealogical roots. After attending her seminars and individual classes I was able to achieve material prosperity. We paid all our debts and even bought our daughter a car of her dreams to celebrate her successful graduation. The main thing is that I’ve learned to pay tribute to the memory of my deceased relatives who had given life to successive generations. We should always feel grateful to them. It is the only way you can achieve personal prosperity, joy and love.

When a person manages to understand their lineage tree, the person gets vast resources to restore family happiness. Previous problems, such as illnesses, poverty, quarrels or lack of understanding will not repeat themselves in their life.

A woman is the beginning of the lineage and its continuation. She is a unique creature that has a huge reserve of energy. It is she who gives birth to a new life, prays for the lineage and develops it spiritually. That’s why Zhannabelle is waiting for you at her seminars to help you realize your dream of being happy. You can sign up for both individual consultations and online meetings.

Each of us deserves a better life and prosperity of our lineage!