How to protect your energy

How to protect your energy: 4 powerful secrets from Zhannabelle

Let’s  reveal the secrets 

Many people would probably like to have superpowers, wouldn’t they? It’s great not to get sick, always be in shape and have a huge amount of energy! What is the secret of this state and predestination? Let’s learn how to recharge the battery with energy from Zhannabelle. She needs only one glance to charm and help those who need it. For many years, she has been travelling around the world and she is always full of energy.

Secret 1: It hurts where there is no energy

When our body senses danger, it gives us signals in the form of pain and rashes on the skin. This happens due to a reliable alarm system installed into the body. Do not ignore these signs that your energy defense needs to be strengthened.

Remember! It hurts where there is not enough energy! Certain organ is directly related to a particular sphere of activity.

For example, if you have an upset stomach, you should pay attention to problems in business. Ordinary angina will indicate insufficient realization of your creative potential. If there is an injury it’s probably a sign that you’ve chosen the wrong path.  Stop, listen to this sign. It is better to direct your concentration in the other direction.

Some do not understand what their predestination is and why they came to this world. Place confidence in Zhannabelle. Her strength and her unique gift allows you to contact the subconscious during the individual session and seminars with Zhannabelle. All this is due to effective practices, sacred knowledge, she possesses.

You can get better results if you take the first step towards self-improvement. And, thanks to the opening of the online school, you can do this without leaving your home. All you need is a tablet or smartphone.

Perhaps the examples of some of Zhannabelle’s students will help you believe in the effectiveness of such online classes.

Martha, London

«From the first moment of being at Zhannabelle’s class, I felt relief. I was confident that I would get better. I’ve lost positive energy in everything lately. When I came home after work, I had neither the strength nor the desire to do anything. I didn’t even want to talk to my family… Rapid fatigue and irritability have accompanied me in life.

You can hardly call workload «life at full power», probably I had «life with last bit of strength», fraught with nervous breakdowns.

I was rescued by a letter that came from Zhannabelle’s assistant. It said I was invited to an online school. I was able to find my strength and begin to learn. Zhannabelle’s wise advice and knowledge during lessons helped me. I have learned to find the interconnected harmony of the work of all four energies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I have finished classes in online school, and I know how to manage my energy! »

Katrin, Barcelona

«Over the years, I began to feel that I was losing confidence, that my communicative skills were simply disappearing. Quite by chance, I saw my friend’s link to online school. Why not try? I made up my mind, and I don’t regret it.

Mental energy also determines our lives and development, providing an opportunity to focus on the important problems and challenges we face. Instead of hiding from the world and crying… It was the studying at  Zhannabelle’s  school, her individual sessions that I took advantage of, that just pulled me out of a deep depression.

Secret 2: Charging the battery

It is necessary to regulate the energy level all the time. You know well that when the battery at your gadget dies, the device first beeps, then it turns off altogether. You don’t run straight to the service for repairs. Charging is enough. You can do the same with your body. The medication you take will certainly relieve the pain, but nothing more. So you have to, and you can, regenerate your energy if you lose interest in life, when the negativity settles in your head. Our body often  screams in pain.

So where do we get this energy?

For her students Zhannabelle offers the following affordable energy sources:

  1. Practice of energy level. This includes special exercises that help to mobilize our internal reserves: physical, emotional and intellectual state. Make sure you perform them regularly. It is useful to practice with a group of like-minded people, so the law of progression works. When the effect is amplified proportionally to all participants. You can learn the basics in Zhannabelle’s online school for women or visiting her retreats and seminars.
  2. Sources of Power – in the form of natural places with accumulation of energy. People have been using such places since the advent of civilization. Only it is important to understand that not everyone can open energy treasures. According to Zhannabelle’s advice, it is better to go there together with real shamans and spiritual mentors. After all, only they keep the communication link with the spirits of the area.
  3. The possibility of receiving energy through a guide. As we know, energy can flow from a filled container to an empty vessel. There is no distance for energy. Therefore, when we are next to a person filled with vital energy, we feel great, as if we are filled with positive energy. On the contrary, we feel bad after communicating with someone who is ill or in poor health.

Life-giving energy is transferred to you during the rituals and practices conducted by Zhannabelle. Health problems are solved, business and relationships are established. A person is able to realize their maximum potential. That is why such lessons are so important. A huge number of feedbacks from Zhannabelle’s students is a proof.

Secret 3: Stay alert because you’re being hunted

Don’t forget, there are always those who seek your energy. You must learn to protect it properly. Don’t think you’re intimidated. Zhannabelle says you should be careful and vigilant not to become a victim. You don’t want to be one, do you?

If there is no Light, then there is a time of Darkness. Thus, it will try to live in all ways and absorb your inner World and Light. You have probably noticed it when you are attacked by jealousy or greed. Any negative manifestation is a hunt for your energy. Therefore, each of us should be able to use energy methods of protection, to master the methods of purification. To learn this is not difficult at Zhannabelle’s on-line classes, seminars and retreats.

Secret 4: Direct receipt of reliable protection from the Spirits

If you have not yet mastered the most sacred methods and practices, but you are full of inspirational ideas, Zhannabelle recommends using magical objects. Because many know about the amulets charged with energy. Zhannabelle is the keeper of ancient knowledge on using magical objects. Remember the pharaohs, because the rulers too possessed such power. People used special objects in all times; it is difficult to imagine leaders without them.

Think about protecting your loved ones and yourself. Only with knowledge in this area, you can protect yourself from the negative and be always charged positively! Share this article with your family and friends. You can contact Zhannabelle directly. After all, helping others is her mission and wish!

Why is wearing amulets important, and how do they help in different life situations?

Significant dates and rituals 

Habits become an important ritual and tool of energy management in our lives. Most of us are used to celebrating events according to the calendar set by the state. Then we’re surprised that this kind of pursuit of fortune becomes a state of mind for us.
As Zhannabelle says, many cannot get help from the Higher Powers because of this tradition

«When you celebrate your birthday according to calendar, you celebrate the important dates in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Therefore, you lose the necessary power to control your own life. Changes are just out of reach».

Remember, any celebration is a ritual directly related to astrological points. There is a specific day of power for each person. According to Zhannabelle, you can use this date to change your life for the better. Receive this knowledge from Zhannabelle to make them work!

The most part of her life, Zhannabelle and her students have been brining harmony and success into our world. All this is due to the ability to cooperate with the cosmos. Their examples once again prove that there are a lot of successful people, that you can live without quarrels. Understanding and interacting with nature is especially important.

Do you have a desire to join the ranks of successful and happy people? Attend Zhannabelle’s seminars. She performs rituals helping us become happy. Only by learning to manage the energy there will be more kind, creative people in the world!

Pay attention to the close people around you, perhaps they also need positive changes. Share a piece with them – share this article. The dream of a better life is a reality!