womb cleansing

The importance of the lineage womb cleansing. How to do it?

Zhannabelle talks about the importance of the ritual that every woman needs

Why do energetic and young women feel tired all the time? Some women are not even able to give birth to a child? The reason is the contamination of womb on the energy level. After all, it is through the womb a woman receives strength and powerful energy of her lineage. It is necessary to cleanse the womb energetically if there is adverse environment there. A woman should preserve her beauty and purity. This is what Zhannabelle teaches at her classes.

Being a mother is the most important role of a woman

Beginning of a new life on the planet is one of the most mysterious and important events. Of course, the role of women in it is very important. The female principle was apotheosized since the time of our ancestors. After all, women’s health is closely linked to the power of her lineage. There is always an inextricable connection with the world of spirits through the womb.

Only female wisdom can influence the gifts received by the Higher Powers. Whether they were accepted correctly or not it will influence her future children’s health. It will also influence the prosperity of her husband’s business and affairs. It is important to become spiritual, so as not to hurt yourself and not to destroy your lineage.

A woman reveals many hidden skills and powers when she becomes a mother. She becomes an energy source for the whole family. When the baby is still in the womb, the mother-to-be can hear it. She can feel it’s every movement and opens the world around to it. Even after cutting the umbilical cord, the connection between mother and child still remains.  

A woman can always feel her child’s state with her inner world. Even a long distance and age cannot destroy this subtle energy thread.

The same is true for the relationship with sexual partners. You have a lot of energy to give it to your man, to share positive energy with him when you are healthy. Therefore, such couples live in harmony, every day for them is filled with meaning and sincere love.  

Powerful energy sources: woman and man

How important is the role of womb when it comes to the division of energy between two opposite sexes? Nature is an energy source for a woman. It is the one that gives her sexuality and fertility energy. Wisdom, that every woman has, allows her to keep harmony in the family, giving a part of her energy to all her lineage, all the time. 

It is totally different for men. The strong sex gets filled with energy, drawing it from a woman’s womb during sexual intimacy. Then, the man simply transforms the energy it into his success and career.

Veronika, Moscow:

Like most girls, I was dragged into daily family routine right after I got married. Everything was good, even great for a long time. But one day my husband lost his income because he lost his job. He was not successful to earn some money doing any kind of job. So, he got depressed. As a loving woman who couldn’t bare it, I saddled these responsibilities on me. 

But it didn’t improve the situation in the family; everything started to fall apart slowly. It was hard for my husband to do the household and work with children. I had to work. In the evening I had to hurry home and do the household chores. Then, I started having problems with my health, namely, women’s health. 

I could not stand anymore taking pills that I used to mask the pain. At that time I could not even imagine how important the womb was for a woman’s health. My friend advised me to contact Zhnnabelle. Though it was not easy for me, I made up my mind and attended several courses from which I learned to build my life for the prosperity of my family. Everything that Zhannabelle said was simple and clear for me. I acquired amulets of power. Most importantly, my husband and I realized each of our own predestinations. 

I do not work for two anymore. My husband finally found a job. He spends more time with me, giving me care and tenderness. There is love in the house, and I do not have health problems. I still want to go to the Places of Power with Zhannabelle to strengthen my family. 

The best result is obtained from the ritual of womb cleansing after group women’s classes, as well as during retreats to the Places of Power.

The womb is a unique vessel that is filled with positive energy

Some women, subconsciously, saddle the entire family routine on their female shoulders. But do not forget that we are ethereal and delicate creatures. Zhannabelle recommends telling very young girls how important the role of the womb is, and why it is necessary to cleanse it regularly. 

Experience has proven that, those women who start doing all family duties alone, often have health problems, and the whole female nature is destroyed at once. Therefore, women get sick, especially when it comes to the important reproductive function. So, the womb is the strongest center where the energy of the whole lineage is accumulated. 

If a woman is full of positivity and happiness, the period of conception and childbirth is always easier for her. But it also happens vice versa, when we try to protect ourselves from negative influences, but we fail. 

Frequent stress, envy, negative thoughts – all this exhausts us, accumulating in the form of negative energy in our womb.

It is important to understand that the womb can get contaminated not only from the intimacy of your ex-partners. It suffers from negative effects that can be transmitted through the female line of your lineage. Some people do not even know about the tragic events of the past that influence their lives now. That is why they can not meet a worthy partner or give birth to a baby. And they begin to blame themselves for all this. 

Inga, Munich:

My personal life was not very successful. I did not have long-lasting relationships. In addition, I had to go through psychological violence. As it turned out, my mother and grandmother also had such a problem. In spite of this, I met a young man and got married.

Everything was fine until our daughter was born. I received a new strike from my husband; he just left our family. And again, I was nervous and mentally exhausted from divorce. I was no longer able to be on medications and sedatives. I was killing myself with a painful depression. Zhannabelle became my savior. My sister could not see me in a terrible condition, so she made an appointment for an individual consultation. And I am grateful to her for it. 

The main recommendation from Zhannabelle was womb energy purification. Following her advice, I felt relieved immediately. Besides, I learned the secrets of female power. I performed individual practices. There was no trace of depression left. I am full of energy and strength again! Most importantly, I met my beloved man with whom we have a strong family relationship.

Rituals to preserve women’s youth and health

Follow Zhannabelle recommendations and clean your womb every day not to accumulate negative energy there.

Water for cleansing

Women’s energy requires not only purification of mind, but also constant care for the body. Baths with salt, essential oils and herbs have a good and positive effect. Pamper yourself with a warm bath, adding a few drops of your favorite oils. 

Such procedures have a truly magical effect. It is better to perform them regularly. You will notice that you are becoming younger literally before your eyes and feeling great. Meditation is also important to maintain health and beauty. You can learn in group or individual classes with Zhannabelle about the best choice for meditation. 

The clothing you wear

Of course, every woman loves to catch men’s glances and receive pleasant compliments. Such positive emotions make a woman blossom and look younger. It is natural. But there is also the flip side of the coin. Not all men have light thoughts. Therefore, women’s energy is often killed by the power of lust. 

You also get soaked with low energy when you catch glances on your open body parts. As a result, depression and poor health. Therefore, cover your stomach and neckline zone with clothing. 

Female energy accumulates exactly in the zone of the lower abdomen.

Many smart women in ancient times, and even now protect themselves with various elements of clothing. It may be a wide belt or a dress decorated with embroidery. At her seminars, Zhannabelle tells how to decorate your outfits properly, using protective symbols. You can also wear such a dress to attend group classes or go to retreats, after which to wear such clothes in your everyday life, protecting yourself from the negativity. 

Womb cleansing

Every woman should perform a regular cleansing ritual. This should be done by those who broke up with a man or had to divorce, becoming a victim of betrayal and cheating. It is better not to try to perform the complex ritual by yourself. An excellent effect is achieved by womb cleansing in group classes for women. 

After these class you will have no pain in the lower abdomen, fatigue will go away, and only vital energy will remain. The most important thing is that the negativity, which accompanied you for many years, will simply disappear. Many women show hidden talents after retreats, they realize their longstanding plans. There will be only mutual feelings in your life, and wellbeing in the family. If you have a long-term relationship with a partner and you have a strong desire to give birth to a child, you especially need womb cleansing.

It is possible to get rid of the genetic past and restore your natural energy! The best help is shamanic rituals, which should be performed together with Zhannabelle. Especially the ritual of womb cleansing. Only after that the lost power will return to you. And you will understand what the womb is and how important it is!