What does the Day of the Autumn Equinox hold?

Zhannabelle’s shares her knowledge

The Day of the Autumn Equinox has a special meaning. One should not miss this moment because everyone can use this magical period in the best way possible. This energetically powerful day of the year will help to balance any area of your life. That is, the best opportunities to build a new happy life will open during this period!

In 2020, the Day of Autumn Equinox will come on September 22 at 13:31 GMT. This is one of the fateful points of the year and one of the four sacred holidays (along with the vernal equinox, winter and summer solstice). The vernal equinox played a significant role for our ancestors. It was a period of gratitude to the gods for the harvest and prosperity. Although today not everyone remembers old traditions, Zhannabelle will tell you how to properly prepare and celebrate this wonderful event.

1. Spiritual preparation: thanksgiving and forgiveness

It is important to thank all those who supported you with warm words, advice, or their help on the Day of the Autumn Equinox. Remember to mention what you had this year, what you have achieved. You should be thankful for all the joy, positive moments that have added you confidence and strength to move forward. Even if there were difficulties on the way – this is also a valuable experience, without it you cannot build a bright future. 

Say thank you for all the good and bad things that have happened to you.

Also, the point of the autumnal equinox symbolizes the transition to winter. There comes the time of falling asleep and dying. Forgive and let go of those who have hurt you, let go of your grudges with them. Make a list of people who have hurt you, and turning to the spirit of fire, burn it.

It is good to perform ritual of purification – from simple cleaning and taking a shower, to making a list of everything that interferes with your life, and burn it afterwards, on this day.  

2. “Harvesting”

Our ancestors organized festivities to celebrate the harvest festival on the Day of the Autumn Equinox. They offered their gratitude to the forces of nature for their generous gifts. It’s time for you to sum up too!

Think of the achievements you have made until this date? You can take a piece of paper and write a few words about your goals and their achievement; analyze the events. Highlight the main one for yourself:   

  • what “seeds” (compare your actions, ideas) have sprouted and produced good results?
  • why haven’t some “seeds” sprouted?
  • what needs to be done next time so that your actions do not go in vain and succeed?

Try to look through your plans. You might be excluding something from your life. Think carefully about the goals you plan to set for yourself. Have an individual consultation with Zhannabelle, listen to all her recommendations. This will help to make a picture of life for the future. It is on the Day of the Autumn Equinox that you should send a request for execution of wishes to create a desired future.

Paula, Dresden:

“My life was filled with joyful moments and prosperity for several years. I started noticing that this is not enough for me, and I just jump into the race for a successful future (perhaps not even my own), without appreciating the moments I was living. It turns out that I was devaluing my own achievements, constantly comparing my success with someone else’s. Instead of being happy for others’ achievements, I perceived someone else’s success as a personal failure. Instead of being happy, I wanted to become better. In my case, I was not even thinking of being inspired by the results of other people. I feared to be worse than others. I felt envious.

And at that very moment I got acquainted with Zhannabelle, just before the Day of the Autumn Equinox. At an individual consultation, she advised me to describe the life that I dream about on a piece of paper. She also told me to reread this description every day. In addition, I agreed to celebrate the day of the autumnal equinox, surrounded by like-minded people, on a retreat, together with Zhannabelle.  

I never regretted that I celebrated that day with a group of women like me. Zhannabelle inspired me to go my own way, helped me lay the correct life program for the next year. You know, I received more energy! Now I have no desire to run to where “the grass seems greener”. I have my own road and my own success! I was promoted to the position of chief architect in one of the large companies. My projects are in demand, and this makes me happy.

3.  Remember the deceased women of your lineage

It is not necessary to get in touch with them. It is enough to wish them happiness. We just remember and bless them. You may arrange a symbolic altar. Put autumn flowers, preferably of red shades, there. A bunch of rowanberries, autumn fruits and apples will do the best. It is necessary to light a few candles.

4. Go to the Places of Power

It is important to meet the day of the Autumn equinox in a family circle or surrounded by like-minded people. One of the best options is to attend Zhannabelle’s retreat at the Place of Power. She goes to such sacred places every year with her students to celebrate this magical holiday according to the cosmic laws of the Universe. Anyone can join, and anyone can change their life after this retreat!

You rest, get filled with energy, enjoy peace in the Place of Power. Staying there as long as the soul requires it, you will immediately feel the moments of happiness returning to you.

How group activities change your life for the better

Olga, Brussels:

“When my and my still-to-be husband was just taking shape at that time, we were both filled with a sense of admiration and joy. We invested a huge amount of energy into the still fragile relationship. When we got married and lived together for a while, there appeared a sense of stability and security. We stopped wasting energy on developing our relationship. As a result, I started to feel cold from my husband; he just became not interested in me as a woman.

I began to think how to strengthen our marriage and love. Like many women, I shared a problem with my friend. It was on the eve of the Day of the Autumn Equinox. She advised me to attend Zhannabelle’s retreat. For the sake of establishing relations with my other half, I joined the group and Zhannabelle took us to the Place of Power. 

I did not regret that I went. My soul shines and radiates, I feel warm and joyful, and easy. Relations between me and my husband became stronger. He takes care of me and every day gives me kisses. We feel closer to each other. And love matures in our hearts again.

5. Make a candle of abundance 

Take a candle. If you want to work out the financial aspect of your lineage, you will need a green candle. You will need a yellow candle to acquire the power of ancestors. If you need to strengthen the relationship in the family, your loved one, take a red candle. You will need a white candle for to reveal your talents and realize yourself. 

Those who want to develop all four spheres of their lineage should take 4 candles. The main thing is not to light them! Bring them to Zhannabelle’s seminar. You will need to write your name on each candle. This will be the initial stage of preparation for the Day of the Autumn Equinox.

You are recommended to leave the daily routine during this day, not to think negatively.  The autumnal equinox is a great time for any change in life!

Preparation for the Autumn equinox at home

Of course, it is not always possible to get out on a trip. Zhannabelle gives recommendations to meet the Day of the Autumn Equinox at home. Since the holiday symbolizes the harvest, it is common to bake pies for the well-being of your family:

  • cabbage pie – if you want to improve your welfare and financial side;
  • berries pie – for family happiness and love;
  • meat pie – success in business, work.

The festive preparations will decorate the table, fill the house with joy, and serve as a gratitude to the Universe. It is better to put pies in the center of the table, because they represent the energy of the Sun. 

When the table is richly laid, it means that the whole next year will be rich in harvest and full of energy.

Each of you can learn all secrets of celebrating the Day of the Autumn Equinox. Be sure to follow Zhannabelle’s recommendations. You can sign up for her retreat, attend seminars in the Places of Power, and take part in the celebration of this strong energy day. Zhannabelle will help you make your dreams come true and your home will be filled with love, health and happiness!