Zhannabelle: “Crown is a symbol of ego”

Zhannabelle: “Crown is a symbol of ego”

How not to get infected during the pandemic

Who should beware of coronavirus? How to save yourself and your lineage from the epidemic? Why is it so important to reveal your abilities and ask other people for help? Zhannabelle tells us about it.

– Zhannabelle, probably, the main problem that occupies the minds of almost every inhabitant of our planet is why a huge number of people got infected with coronavirus?

Zhannabelle: Yes, my students ask me about it all the time. Before I answer, I would like to elaborate on the astrological aspect of this issue.

Many people know that at this time the planet Saturn is in the constellation Capricorn. This arrangement of planets has a serious effect on us, creating very strong restrictions. This is exactly what is happening everywhere: borders are closed, flights are canceled, people can’t travel. And in most countries of the world where the quarantine regime is installed, people cannot even leave the house. Freedom of movement is now limited.

But our internal limitations look much more serious. Imagine, for example, that you want to do something good for this world, to demonstrate your talents and abilities, but you can’t.

You may have always dreamed of singing. But there is an internal barrier inside you that does not allow you to do this. An inner voice whispers to you: “Why do you need this? You’re singing terribly!” Why did this voice appear in your head? Probably in childhood someone dropped a remark that you were worthless singer. And you heard and believed in it! And we have a lot of similar internal limitations.

– Such examples happen quite often. But they affect the life of only one person, not the whole humanity.

Zhannabelle: I would like to touch on exactly this topic.

Suppose you want to accomplish something meaningful and to help people all over the planet. Or maybe you dream to help animal shelters. But they dissuade you from doing this: “What kind of whim is this? You can catch an infection, you can get sick! Please think about your own health, about your life. Think of yourself.” And you involuntarily listen and do not implement your plans into reality. And the world will not get a certain share of goodness, love and compassion, because you have abandoned your goal.

Our reality is cruel and selfish. And the whole society is saturated with this egoism, everyone thinks only of himself.

If you examine this virus under a microscope, you will find it resembles a crown. And the crown has long been considered a symbol of ego.

It is a pity that only for a small part of people in the world do thoughts about universal well-being, about the fate of our planet, about love for all living things matter. That is why coronavirus has a strong influence on people whose ego runs high. Because like seeks like.

– So, some people are not affected by the virus?

Zhannabelle: Of course! Students often write me now that they are afraid of getting infected with the coronavirus and even more worried that their family will get sick. I try to reassure everyone: “Don’t worry! If you do the opposite of your ego, then there will be no chance of getting infected.”

For example, from time to time I visit places where many people with serious illnesses are concentrated. I never worry about catching a virus. I hug these people, take their hands and I’m sure that nothing will happen to me. Because it has never happened to me. I am very grateful to God and my tutors who have given me the ability to neutralize my egoism.

That is why, if now you gather in a circle of like-minded people, pray together, stimulate your development, think about others, you and your lineage will easily avoid infection!

– How to get together under quarantine?

Zhannabelle: This is a very urgent problem now.

Saturn seriously set out to divide us. In some countries, people were forbidden to approach each other closer than two meters. People have to stay at a distance, each is caged up within four walls of their homes. What can be done? Unite and stick together!

Yes, we have such an opportunity! Along with the full-time classes, we have an online school, and every Sunday we make an online prayer Field of Love at 14:00 GMT.

And those who take part in all these important events and prayers are people with a special mission. Their fate is to become the saviors of our planet.

In this difficult situation, the Lord instructs us: “Deny selfishness, help others, begin to develop yourself, benefit the world. Unleash your abilities, demonstrate them to the world so that people can feel their impact. Because if you keep your talents to yourself and don’t share their creative power, this is also a kind of egoism.”

After all, God endowed each of us with unique talents. Someone got a huge kind heart, someone got the talent of a vocalist, someone got the ability to acting, and someone got the desire to help other people. And we must put all this to use.

– You say that in this difficult period women fulfill a special mission. What is the reason for this?

Zhannabelle: Yes, it really is. Do you know why my course is called THE WOMEN’S WORLD – THE RETURN OF WOMEN’S POWER? What is the true female power? In love!

Therefore, I do not stop reminding everyone: if you make prayers, if you give good to people, help others, you will not get infected! Because your immunity is tempered by love. Love for your immune system is like nutrition for a living organism. At our events, trainings, consultations, we create a powerful Field of Love. This is possible by combining our energy, doing special rituals. And this radiant energy of love is transmitted to your lineage, city, country.

Women of Power have the ability to create this power of love like generators. And it serves as a miracle cure against a deadly infection. After all, the vaccine against coronavirus has not yet been developed.

But those who try not to miss my seminars, develop unrealistically strong energy immunity. It completely prevents any infection.

Jesus Christ was an enlightened Master. He could heal people during periods of raging epidemics, but he never became infected. Therefore, his energy level was of a completely different level and his immune system could withstand the onslaught of any bacteria and viruses.

Any virus is a manifestation of dark power. And if you already have inside a focus of such powers like envy, malice, negativity or condemnation, then you are unlikely to be able to protect yourself from coronavirus. And if you make prayers, support the needy, if you are always positive, then the virus is not a problem for you!

– What recommendations can you give our readers so that they have the opportunity to protect themselves and their lineage from the virus?

Zhannabelle: This will require three simple actions.

1.You need to refresh all your talents and abilities in your memory and write them down on a piece of paper. Remember what you were fond of as a child, what worked best, for what you were praised. I already told you, for what purposes it is necessary to reveal all your abilities. Send this list to me by e-mail and I will teach you in detail what to do with it.

If it suddenly seems to you that you are an absolutely untalented person and have no idea why you came to this world, I can advise you an individual online diagnosis of predestination. Send me a message and I will certainly give you an answer.

2. Think about those who have difficult time during this difficult period. Perhaps these are your relatives, friends or neighbors. Most people at the moment are writhing with obliged loneliness, they feel fear of uncertainty, and even think about suicide. The situation presses on them so much that they are completely immersed in a depressed state and see no way to escape from infection. They are disconnected and cannot see each other. It is depressing.

But helping them is in our power! When we offer our prayers, we will definitely remember these people, all your friends who feel lonely and need help and support.

3. If you feel insecure, you feel bad, you are scared or feel despair, do not hold it in yourself! Write me about it! And I will contact everyone and help!

Modern people have poorly developed ability to ask for help. And this also has a fair share of egoism.

The ego implies an arrogant desire to do everything by yourself, but more often it does not have sufficient support to cope with your plan. And when we ask someone for help, we open our hearts and thoughts, our souls, thereby counteracting the selfish Saturn.

And that is why, I urge you to this opposition: open yourself to the world and ask for help from people, from spirits, from God. This is one of the most important qualities of Woman of Power!