Zhannabelle: “I have been accused of cannibalism!”

How to respond to the most iniquitous indictments  correctly

A few days ago I started receiving a huge number of letters from my students, who were, to put it mildly, in a great puzzlement. Someone who had decided to remain anonymous made a mass mailing about Zhannabelle being a cannibal. In this article I will tell you how I reacted to it and what I advise to do in such situations.

How I became a cannibal

It’s not the first time I’ve been accused of incredible things, but something like this never happened before! Zhannabelle is a cannibal! It sounds so incredible and ridiculous that I even laughed at first. Someone worked hart to make up such a fantastic story about me! What a rich imagination some people have!

But then it felt very unpleasant. I read the article and realized that the person trying to slander Zhannabelle is ultimately trying to lead astray the women who want to discover their female power and find their place in life. 

If it was just me, I would laugh and forget. 

But the juicy “details” of how I eat people (right during the seminars, according to the author!) can scare my students.

I was also scared for the person whose inflamed brain generated the idea of the article. One must have so much pain in their heart to do something like this?! 

Evil had to spend so much strength and energy to prevent women from becoming successful, happy, and loved. 

To prevent them from revealing their talents and finding their predestination.

Then I asked my students not to open such messages and links sent to them by email or in social networks. Because even a common message is enough to let the Dark Forces in their lives. 

By the way, my students, who were the first to receive those messages, said that when they saw the subject of the message, they immediately had a feeling of something terrible. It felt as if some dark entity had crawled into their hearts.

My mission is helping people

That’s why I encourage all my students: if you receive a message though which someone tries to slander Zhannabelle, let me know immediately so I can protect you! 

After all, when such a leak information occurs, and dark energy enters your life, different troubles begin to happen to you immediately. You begin having health problems, problems in relationships or at work. 

The evil stops at nothing. It tries to make women lose the desire to develop spiritually, to look for their place in the world, to go to the Light.

When a woman wakes up, awakens her feminine Power, there is a lot of positive female energy in the world. It is this energy that stops wars, aggression, illness, grief. Our united Power can defeat even the coronavirus. The world gets filled with love, wisdom and compassion.

I trust in the Higher Powers and I pray all the time. I realize that I will never turn away from this path! This is what I, Zhannabelle, came to our planet for! 

This is the path of helping people. The path that my ancestors have been going for 10,000 years and that I have been practicing for over 20 years. 

I have always persisted in my mission, and will continue to do so. Evil cannot break me.

Trust your heart!

I pray all the time and call upon my students to pray for all those souls that exude evil and have become agents of dark forces in this world. In fact, it is not the fault of these people that their hearts have absorbed so much pain. 

I offer my prayers for them and ask you to pray with me, because no one will be able to stop the work of Light. Whatever the reasons of my competitors are (and this article, of course, is their work), I will not give up. 

Nowadays there are so many pseudo teachings that are trying to penetrate into your life. It’s in them where the evil forces search for loopholes.

I have a mission for which I live on Earth. For the sake of this mission, I, Zhannabelle, will continue my work, help women discover their female power, remove their fears, fight the spirit of trauma, and bring true Light and Good to this world!

Do not believe in libel. Join my online classes. You will see for yourself that I do not eat people during the seminars. Nor do I eat them another time.)))